Hello dear interested visitor!

Welcome to selmiak's design site. Here you can find a selection of different designs i made for various uses. That is, besides the designs you can see on the different parts of my website already that are sometimes interesting sometimes more functional. I chose some designs that I like very much and there is something to tell about.
And of course the page itself is here to show off and show an interesting design...

AGS Mastermind


Shade coded it all and I made some nice images for AGS Mastermind. Well, some is easy to say, actually everything you see in game was made by me. The game looks good, is fun and challenging, we added lots of customisations to make it harder or easier, and it is also free, what are you waiting for?

Indie Adventure Blog


This is a banner for the spanish indie adventure blog by Mati256. The whole thing is created to blend in with the background and some of the current heros from AGS games are seen on it.

AGS Stream

AGS Stream

A logo for AGS Stream by Joseph DiPerla. This App is used to play all supported AGS games on your Android devices. As the AGS logo is the blue cup, the logo for the app is an Android with a Blue Cup body.



This is the header image for CBM8BIT. Because I'm a cool badass I even animated the whole thing (with alpha transparency). The animation is supposed to symbolise the good old C64 cursor. For that I did some hard investigative research in the depths of the net (that means: read AT LEAST 5 minutes on wikipedia).
But the webmaster doesn't use the animated version, who knows why... But we are allowed to use the cbm8bit webspace to host the website for an Indiana Jones Fanadventure, which is also nice.

Emu64 Logo


A new logo for the Commodore 64 emulator Emu64. The letters together form an old C64 monitor on wich you can see the C64 bootscreen. Nice, isn't it?
The logo will probably be introduced with the V5 release of the emulator, that will also run under linux then. But nobody knows when this version will be released officially. But you can get some snapshots of the current state of Emu64 V5 already.
I also designed a really nice Landingpage for the Emu64 Homepage, go check it out and be amazed how fine it looks!

Wakas Zockerbude

Wakas Zockerbude

The first logo for Waka's Zockerbude. The page probably needed and deserved it.



The reworked illustration for the enter page or portalpage of the my very own website.
Took me something between 30 and 40 hours but it was worth every minute, it looks so unbelievable better than before.

That's it for the designs that I did and that are actually used, there is more to come once there is more to show. If you want to see more of my works and stuff check out my DeviantArt page. If you want a nice banner or header image for your website just drop me a line, we can surely find some agreement...