Welcome to selmiak's Website

After way too many years of a boring uninteresting unchanging look this very startpage with a rough TOC now got a well earned facelift and looks a lot better now, I hope you like it.
But not only the overview is new, I also repainted the Entrypage, you might have passed this portal moments ago, but most visitors come from the depths of my little website to this TOC, so take a look at the new portal page, it is worth it!

Having and maintaining a website may seem outdated in times of facebook but I think it is important especially because of that. So that you don't give to a corporate network only but enrich and share with the whole web.
But whatever, this is about my own website, and I really love playing around with html, php and css. You can see the result here.
And there is a lot to see. Especially solutions and walkthroughs for cool games that I made in endless nightshifts. I hope they are at least a bit helpful. In case they are and you actually spot and advert here... click it and I'm happy. There are only cents to be earned but then I keep building and writing. Anyways, if you click on Games in the navigationline above here you will reach the overview of all the games I've covered here with a superbe walkthrough.

In case you like really freaky, colorful, absurd, strange, crazy, weird and psychedelic stuff check out the Crazy Stuff Section, there I collected quite some nice stuff.

Under GameFAQs you can find a lot of tips and hints and tools that help you create walkthroughs in text format, this is what GameFAQs hosts the most. This page is where I published my first guides, but creating my own website is now more interesting and way more fun and I have more control over the style and layout. So it is uninteresting for the average visitor here, but if you came here via GameFAQs or you are really interested in creating your own txt guide this is where to start. You can also always send me your solutions, I'd really love to publish them too.
GameFAQs is also the place where the SMS FAQ Completion Project originated. Some authors of the countless walkthroughs came together and had the vision to have a complete guide for every SMS game up. At the beginning in 2009 it all was very nice going, lost a lot of momentum in 2011 and came back to the old pace and even better in 2012. Close to the half of 2013 the project is completed and every Sega Master System game now has a complete guide. And in 2015 some authord decided to trake down their guides so this project is still not completed in 2016. One day it will be complete!
And I learned a lot from coding the page, there is a loginsystem for users, the users can claim the game they want to write for then so that no two users work on the same obscure game at the same time and waste time and energy there. And the Admin Control Panel lets you set a lot of settings, just like it should be. There is a lot of PHP and time in this and it works really good.

The Forum is a wild collection of a lot of crazy stuff and webculture and videogames. Drop in, write something and be happy =)

The rest is there just because I started it once, have a look, but the most important stuff is found under the already mentioned topics.

And in case you are still reading here and didn't click on one of these shiny links already and you really want to write me about whatever is on your mind, may it be about a game that desperately needs a guide, praises, critics or unmisunderstandable nude pictures of you (preferably if you are a woman), then please use the Feedback Form. Usually I reply to every mail I find in my inbox.

(: Deutsche Version der Seite :)