The the world is getting stranger and even more crazy every day so I don't want to miss the bus and keep you sane anymore, so, here we go, let's go crazy broadway style09:58 23.09.2006!

So don't get confused with the big letters above here, all the content in here was made and selected with lots of time, so don't rush through here, take your time, relax and enjoy. Respect the Links!

And because I like it so much there is an extra chapter about psychedelic games at the end added!

And if YOU know something else as crazy and colorful that has to be in this list, just send me a link, I will check it out, I promise! But I can't promise that it will end up in this list though...


The Zoomquilt
Just click where there is 'start' written and then press the left mousebutton and move the mouse up or down.
To get back here please use the back function of your browser! (If you actually want to get back and are not fascinated by this picture!)

The Zoomquilt II
Because 2 are better than one, here is Zoomquilt Number 2. Relax and Enjoy!

Zooming Out
And while we are at the zooming, there have been artists that were having the same thoughts before the internet and computers. But without Flash technology it's just half as fluid, but twice as creative.

Vintage Zooming Out
Another confusing zoom, this time in black and white

The Bus
by Paul Kirchner
Very surreal Comcs with and inside and around a bus!

a wonderful visualisation that looks really trippy. And all of this right in your browser. But you browser has to support WebGL for this. made by Barry Martin.

Gif Melter
Melt ever animated GIF and go crazy watching it. The really colorful and the simply black&white GIFs on the page look best when melting, but of course you can melt every GIF you find.

In this marvelous Video you can see shapes and music blending together. It's just wonderful.

Animated art
Taking Grafitti to the next Level!

dancing colorful dots
Just like a mirrorball seen through a kaleidoscope. Or something like this. Actually this are just some colorful dots that are animated with flash and you can even control the visuals with different parameters.

Moving pictures
A nice collection of colorful and creative Videos!

Seņor Smoke
Just a small animated gif with a low colorcount I made myself and used as a background image for the linked page. Quite interesting therefor, don't look right into the center or it might have the effect you get when diving by 0!

Mestre Fungo
Some colorful and stylish trippy gifs that are very trippy when tripping!

Pinwheel of death
Download it and start it (Virusfree!). Look at it as long as you can, from as close as you can and then look at an one-colored surface. Enjoy!

Pinwheel of death No.2
Download it and start it (Virusfree!). This program has a lot of features for you to fiddle around with, but it doesn't look as good as the other one, but the features compensate this.

Shake that ass!
What do you think this is?

Wobbly Worm
Grab the slinky worm and shake it real good

Chromatic Caleidoscope
Turn on your Sound for this. A very crazy kaleidoscopic optical as well as an accoustical experience of mathematics and speed.

Just play around with the hundreds of options and forms and colors and yeah! Great stuff!
Found on deviantArt

Flubby Flobber
A nice and relaxed atmosphere invite you to play around and color your screen. Forget about lavalamps, this is the real deal. Have phun!

Foggy Flubby Flobber
The same slimy mess as above but with more shining fog!

Animated Dragon Ball - Basilisk
This is one crazy heap of code that creates a weirdly woven tube that can also be animated. You can even apply texture and lighting. This time the tube features archaic dragon skin texture. Of course this is very hypnotic.
created by NegativeFeedback!

Colorful Particles
Just a small application that is really colorful. Looks great in full screen mode too (F11). When you switch to full screen later you might have to reload the page or the frame.

Colorful Pixel Arkanoid
A trippy Arkanoid version. It's a bit lame at the beginning but once you have shot a passage into the blocks everything works out on its own and fills the screen with beautiful colors. Nice particle effects and fireworkmood!
The same author also wrote the spiral, well worth checking out, but an ugly framerate and other infoscreen is in the screen but it's hypnotic nontheless!

Electric Sheep
Do Androids dream of electric sheep? That's the question Philip K. Dick asked in the title of his so titled book on which the movie Blade Runner is based.
To answer this question Scott Draves stood up and coded this magnificent screensaver of abstract psychedelic bliss that renews itself over the internet.

So you found it. Here you will find all the craziest and strangest and most colorful games ever! You will find free games from all over the web to commercial games covered.

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