So you found it. Here you will find all the craziest and strangest and most colorful games ever! You will find free games from all over the web to commercial games covered.

Plasma Pong (7.5MB web) - (free)
Plasma Pong is Pong in a whirlpool of colors. You shovel the ball to your opponent through ektoplasmatic sewage and listen to a spaced out soundtrack! Priceless!
Once you get used to the fluid mechanics the game gets really challenging and is not only about the colors and beauty...
home of PlasmaPong

bird (3.1MB web) - (free)
bird is more an experience than a game. Wierd sounds and optics for the lunatic and it's stull funny to 'play'! After 5 minutes max it is all over...
Why the 3.1MB download turns into 110MB on harddisc is as wierd as the piece of code.
home @ AGS

SOUP (7.7MB web) - (free)
SOUP is a colorful 3D world you can travel. Also with your head under your knees. As soon as you bump into the wall you warp to the next funkey room. Pure crazyness but a bit boring.
home of SOUP

Yume Nikki (40+MB web) - (free)
Yume Nikki is not that colorful but an atmospheric RPG with platformer elements and a disturbing Indie Game. Try it, it's free!
The game is so Indie it doesn't even have a homepage, but there are lots of mirrors all over the web, just like when you click on the name of the game.
totally indie - no homepage

Igneous (115MB web) - (free)
Igneous may be dark but it is brightly lit every now and then, just like the name implies. The game is full of action and never keeps you bored for a second. It will challenge you visually as well as your reactions. Sadly it is way too short.
home of IGNEOUS

Avida Dollar$ (6.58MB web) - (free)
Avida Dollar$, or Avida Dollars is an anagram for Salvador Dali. The master of the surreal got his own game. Well, the gamemechanics are not that great but because Dali is the craziest person to ever walk the planet this game is now also featured here.
home of Avida Dollar$

Hexagon (Flash web) - (free)
Hexagon was made by Terry Cavanagh on a single day. Therefor is is really cool confusing and keeps you focused! Very addictive, be cautious.

Commercial Game that are far out!

Tube (1Mb) (PC)
Tube was creaded by Bullfrog Productions as a test for a new employee and never further developed. This is really sad, as the Game is cool, challenging and confusing at the same time and addictive as hell. The game is more than abandoned so you can download it here.
To play Tube you either need a really old Computer with DOS still running on it or you'll need Dos-Box
Screenshots: 1 2 3! 4

Soundself (?Mb) (PC Mac Linux Oculusrift)
Soundself is a total trip that you control yourself and it's different every time. And you can get it totally in your face on the Oculus Rift!

Beat Hazard (PC/X360)
Child of Eden (PS3)
Echochrome (PS3)
internal:Section (PSX)
REZ (PS2/DC/X360)
Space Giraffe (X360)
Space Invaders Extreme (NDS)
Tempest 2000 (Lynx)

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