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As a little kid I loved playing Ghosts n Goblins and even were a bit afraid of the Zombies. But even more I hated the flying devil past the first hill, as I died there almost every time. As far as I can remember I never made it past the first level as a kid but I still loved the game and tried again and again. This was probably because of the nice looking pixels that Chris Butler made for his conversion of Ghosts n Goblins for the C64 or because of the really nice soundtrack by Mark Cooksey.
And yes, after 2 decades I used an emulator to finally beat what I never did as a kid. While doing so I also created level maps of all the levels that you can see here now. May they be helpful for you when you are about to do somethink alike. Enjoy!

Here are the maps for the levels
All 4 levels and the end can be viewed here, just click on the shrunk previewimage!
Ghosts'n Goblins Level 1
Level 1
Ghosts'n Goblins Level 2
Level 2
Ghosts'n Goblins Level 3
Level 3
Ghosts'n Goblins Level 4
Level 4
Ghosts'n Goblins END

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