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The best Remix is the Deep Tunnel Remix by RadiuZ!

Cheats / POKEs

  • Level Warp (5 different Methods)
    • Press and hold the following keys: Left Arrow+CTRL+RUN/STOP+Z+X.
    • Hold down SHIFT(or press SHIFT/LOCK) while on the inactive joystick, press down-left and push the button.
    • Press the keys A+R+M+I+N at once (for Armin Gessert). A+R+M+N or A+M+I+N will also do the trick.
    • Press the keys M+A+N+R at once (said to be for Manfred Trenz, but the same A+R+M+N).
    • Press the keys Z+X+A+W at once.
    • This also works with the homebrew port for the DS by pressing LeftShoulderButton+Down+A.

  • Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting the program. (Just the POKE, not the dash or what comes after it)
    • POKE 5083, 5 - adjust Walkingmovement
    • POKE 8207, 173 - After loosing a life your extras stay
    • POKE 4242, 42 - alternate jumptek
    • POKE 6664, 96 - Bridges don't go away.
    • POKE 2213, 164 - Giana is always punk and can always shoot
    • POKE 7450, 95 - Longer Timelimit
    • POKE 7236, 27 - no collission detection
    • POKE 7326, 173 - unlimited Diamonds
    • POKE 2446, 255 - unlimited lifes
    After you entered one or more of these POKEs you enter SYS 2098 to close the command.

Giana Sisters Font

Of course nowadays the Giana Sisters font used in the Giana Sisters Menu is available as a truetype font so that you can style everything more like Giana Sisters. Like for example the headline above this paragraph.. And you can even download it here...



Giana Sisters:
Fangames, Clones & Hacks

on the C64

Giana Sisters II / Mirror @ Gamebase
Giana Sisters II Giana Sisters II Giana Sisters II Giana Sisters II Giana Sisters II Giana Sisters II
Giana Sisters with more Levels from TNW (The New Wave). TNW also delivered a trainer for the game, quite helpful from Level 29 (combined) on. There is always a new level and then one from the original game. The original Levels have the same layout, but every now and then more enemies than normal appear. TNW also added some new bonuslevels (underground screens) and warp blocks and even a remix of the Giana Sisters Theme. All powerups and warp blocks stayed where they belong in the original levels.
And the one jump in Level 12 (only new levels) sucks, but level 13 is where it starts! And it somehow ends in Level 34 with an impossible jump. If you know what to do there leave a comment please ...
Joystick: Port2

Frankies Horror Trip I / Mirror @ Gamebase
Frankies Horror Trip 1 Frankies Horror Trip 1 Frankies Horror Trip 1 Frankies Horror Trip 1 Frankies Horror Trip 1 Frankies Horror Trip 1
A hack of Giana Sisters by Sandy with new levels, some of them are mean. Somehow after every mean level there is an ridiculously easy one. But the hidden path that is the right path in level 24 is mean, as is the warp block in level 25 that is hard to avoid when going for the first bonus cave and then it teleports you back to level 22. And there is an interesting color scheme to the levels and some music tracks are new or remixes.
33 new levels at all.
Joystick: Port2

Frankies Horror Trip II / Mirror @ Gamebase
Frankies Horror Trip 2 Frankies Horror Trip 2 Frankies Horror Trip 2 Frankies Horror Trip 2 Frankies Horror Trip 2 Frankies Horror Trip 2
Another hack of Giana Sisters by Sandy with more new levels, and the game is sometimes refered to as Giana Sisters 4. All levels are mean again, but somehow I felt that Frankies Horror Trip I is harder. Well, either Sandy ran out of mean leveldesign ideas or I'm just getting used to all the mean things. But don't get me wrong, these levels are still hard hard hard.
Especially when the path parts and only one is the right one and if you get in the wrong one you have to wait until the leveltime is up. You don't need Giana Sisters skillz for this.
Speaking of this, this hack is only for professionals knowing exactly what to do and how and where to start which jump...
Again the classic number, 33 levels in this levelpack.
Joystick: Port2

Power Sisters 1 / Mirror @ Gamebase
Power Sisters 1 - 1 Power Sisters 1 - 2 Power Sisters 1 - 3 Power Sisters 1 - 4 Power Sisters 1 - 5 Power Sisters 1 - 6
Another Giana Sisters hack with new levels and again by Sandy. Also not bad but you will notice that Sandy got softer. Before some normally impossible jumps there is help for you! For example if you have to jump a huge gap and on the other side the fire is already burning and you only have a few pixels there to land in this hack there is a disappearing bridge in front of the fire to help you. So very often the hardest part of this hack is to withstand the temptation to collect all the diamonds in one place and then find out to be trapped in a hole where you can't get out. This is nice but takes away a lot of the totally meanness of the levels, but it's still fun to play.
Again 33 new levels.
Click through all options while the trainer menu shows with N or Y (or Z) to start the game...
Joystick: Port2

Gitty's Dreams I / Mirror @ Gamebase
Gitty's Dreams 1 - 1 Gitty's Dreams 1 - 2 Gitty's Dreams 1 - 3 Gitty's Dreams 1 - 4 Gitty's Dreams 1 - 5 Gitty's Dreams 1 - 6
Written Gitty's Dream's in the scrolltext at the beginning, but this is no english. This hack features some more Giana Sisters Levels from an unknown person.
The levelpack features 33 new levels for Giana Sisters Fans with a normal to easy difficulty setting that get a bit harder with higher level numbers. So this is good for beginners.
Click through all options while the trainer menu shows with N or Y (or Z) to start the game...
Joystick: Port2

Gitty II / Mirror @ Gamebase
Gitty's Dreams 2 - 1 Gitty's Dreams 2 - 2 Gitty's Dreams 2 - 3 Gitty's Dreams 2 - 4 Gitty's Dreams 2 - 5 Gitty's Dreams 2 - 6
Gitty 2 or Gitty's Dreams II brings you more Giana Sisters Levels to your C64. 33 all new medium difficult levels with some few mean parts. Some parts are just annoying, like the hidden holes (and a (frequent!) warp back to the level that excessively celebrates this). And the exit to level 5 is really where you think it is, but you have to jump to reach it. Some other times the exit is just small little black square.
Click through all options while the trainer menu shows with N or Y (or Z) to start the game...
There is another release of this game, with the same levels but without the trainer menu at the beginning. But there are some additional greetings in the start screen of the game. This is called Giana Remix then and was released by Brego (of Paramount). Of course a trainer is useful with all the bonus levels featured here and this version has none, which is rather lame...
Joystick: Port2

I want more diamonds / Mirror @ Gamebase
I want more diamonds - 1 I want more diamonds - 2 I want more diamonds - 3 I want more diamonds - 4 I want more diamonds - 5 I want more diamonds - 6
I want more Diamonds is a completely newly written Giana Sisters Clone by Gábor Gaspar. The main character looks like Giana and collects diamonds. That's about it with similarities, the gamephysics, the enemies, the whole gfx, everything else is different. Sometimes you think you know some of the nemies but still it is different. You have a different shot that you get by collecting strange blocks, the ball and the punk Giana are not in this game. But the graphics are nice, as is the new soundtrack. The difficulty is okay at first, even though you will have a hard time to find out what is a level design element and what is an enemy. Also the rather clunky controls and gamephysics but also the mean collission detection make it harder than it actually is.
And finally the hovering rocket in level 17 or the superfast rockets in level 19 take away the rest of fun you might have found in this game. And having to slowly shoot through walls only totally kills the game. All in all you get 31 new level that are rather annoying than a real challenge.
Fun fact: There is even a hack of this clone out there, called Mario goes diamonds.
Joystick: Port2

GIANA II (7A3) / Mirror @ Gamebase
Giana 2 from the 7A3s. Side B includes 2 demos, the first demo is a rolling demo where you can do nothing but watch, demo 2 lets you play 4 Levels. Side A is somehow broken, I couldn't start anything on it.
Joystick: Port2

The Great Giana Sisters III / Mirror @ Gamebase
A vertically scrolling shooter that was made with SEUCK. Not very interesting or Giana Sisters like. Only the sprites are similar. Just mentioned here for the sake of completeness.
Joystick: Port2

Little Sara Sister 1 / Mirror @ Gamebase
Another Jump n Run Clone, this time from Team Ice. Cannot reach the original, strange controls, bad graphics, but the soundtrack is nice.
Joystick: Port2

Little Sara Sister 1.5 / Mirror @ Gamebase
The Sequel for Little Sara Sister 1. Now even worse and with a soundtrack that is even more happy (but in an annoying way).
Joystick: Port2

Super Mario / Mirror @ Gamebase
A hack of the original which is a clone of the Super Mario Bros. original. It's a vicious circle. Well, Giana was replaced by a Mario Sprite, all diamonds are coins, every coinblock has a questionmark on it, the green scorpion like enemies are turned into Koopas and some more new sprites, but the levels are still the same Giana Sisters levels everyone knows only in a Mario style.
Joystick: Port2

on the PC

Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams
The new Giana Sisters. From the company that once was Armin Gessert's Spellbound. Giana Sisters in 3D and colorful. Will be tested hard!
Contrary to all other titles on this page this is a commercial title by the original rights holders.

Giana Worlds 0.83
no further developement since 2001. Also called Giant Worlds. On this page are even more Giana Sisters Clones.

Giana's Return
nice remake from a demoparty.
You can find all level passwords and hints for it on this page.

Giana Family
For Windows. Another nice clone. Sadly the color scheme is totally off when playing under win7. The controls are good, but not as good as the original. And the 2 included levelpacks are rather strange with a lot of leaps of faith. But there is also a level editor included so you can create you own levels that are better than these mentioned right now.
And netplay is possible too.

on the DS

Giana Sisters DS
The whole game as it should be on the DS. Don't confuse it with the new version on the DS. To be able to play this homebrew version of the game on your DS you need a flash module for your DS so you can start homebrew code.


Giana Sisters Flash Version
play it online

even more and more up to date (because it's easier to update there...)
check it out!


Great Fansite
made by the Kim Lemon!
Looking great and with lots of text and animations and downloads!

another Fansite
by Adam Lorentzon!
With images of 3 levels, some pictures of the enemies, some of the hacks also featured here and the original game for download.


Giana Sisters Construction-Kit
By Sandy & Professor Knibble - Release: 1992 - Licence: Public Domain - Controller: Port 2
Finally a Giana Sisters leveleditor. You can read the Instructions for the Giana Sisters Mapeditor in german in the C64 Wiki! This is a good thing but sadly you can't create a standalone game from the levels you created in the Construction Kit. Otherwise there would be really a lot of fan levels out there. Maybe some day someone will write some lines in assembly to allow everyone to make his/her own giana sisters game with this Giana Sisters Leveleditor.

Giana Sisters Levelpack for Mari0
Superjustinbros made a Levelpack with all the Giana Sisters Level for the Super Mario Bros vs. Portal mashup called Mari0! It's a fun game even without the Giana Sisters levelpack, but with the levelpack it is even more fun.
The maps for the Levelpack are based on my maps, that you can also see here.

nice fan sprites
made by Flarfy!

The Great Giana Sisters @ the C64 wiki
even more infos and highscores =)

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user comments:

1) Superjustinbros      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2012-04-27 21:58:53

Could you rip the maps from some of these hacks, mainly "Giana 2" from 7A3?
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2012-04-30 21:41:19

let me just say... maybe!
I made the maps screenshot by screenshot so I need good motivation to start creating levelmaps for fangames.
3) TNG      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2013-07-20 22:12:39

Just some nitpicks about the hacks:

- Gitty 1 and 2 are really dull. Very little effort have been put into them. I like stage 10, 27 and 31 from the 2nd one, because they look cool. The 1st one is only interesting for the warp block which is basically essential to advance, so stage 23 is only reachable with cheating.

- Power Sisters looks rich, but the gameplay is bland. Somehow all of them felt the same. There are some surprising warp stages in stage 15. Stage 23 seemed to be the hardest, stage 24 seemed to be the best looking.

- Frankie 1 starts soft, but the difficulty raises sharply after state 10, which is mean. Some nice levels overall, particularly stage 22, which looks beautiful, but not much to say about gameplay. Stage 15 and 31 are very hard, and I don't like THAT warp block.

- Frankie 2 is the most adventurous of all, I like it. If you play smartly, you can advance mean levels like stage 10, 14, 22 with waterdrip on. Stage 27 sucks for its micro jumpings while 32 is the hardest level of all Giana games in the C64.

- Giana 2 has been made with a different engine, closer to the original game. Some levels are hard because they are polluted with monsters, but I think this version is rather dull and buggy.

- The 7A3 Giana II is great, many new levels, enemies and features like jetpack and swimming. Loved those bat things. Some levels needed trial and errors, others are based on engine flaws. The ball level (stage 30) and the hell level (stage 35) are hard, but stage 39 is the meanest of all.
4) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2013-07-23 23:19:20

Now that's the kind of comments I like to read =)
Thanks a lot for your nitpicks!
5) djonas      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-10-19 22:15:45

Hi there! There are more stuff in iana-sisters-lost-levels (Gitty's News, Knibble Girls), which you can research. Regards, Daniel
6) JensDC      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2022-01-16 20:37:21

Mal ne kurze Frage:
Gibt es eigentlich inzwischen was neues, wenn es um Stage 34 in Giana Sisters 2 geht?
Ich hab nur mal ein Video auf YouTube gesehen, dass danach noch solch ein "unmöglicher Bonusraum" kommt, aber eine richtige Aufklärung gabs da auch nicht.
Es scheint, als ob der Spieler sich nur durch einen Cheat (Tastenkombi) in Stage 35 gewarpt hat.
Schönen Gruß, Jens


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