Giana Sisters

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The music from the Giana Sisters

What can I write about Chris Huelsbeck's great soundtrack, that hasn't been written a thousand times all over the internet? Just have fun with this collection of music from the great Giana Sisters.


The best Remix is the Deep Tunnel Remix by RadiuZ!

The Castle Bosslevels in a Houseremix.

Machinae Supremacy Metal Version that is also used in Twisted Dreams.

The Classics Collection

The C64 SIDs in quite good soundquality.
Hall of Fame Music @ 3:37 - Level Music @ 5:24 - Main Screen Music @ 7:05

The same in an orchestrated version.
Recorded by the WDR and called Symphonic Shades.

You can also download the Giana Sisters Soundtrack as mp3s. I don't offer the Symphonic Shades for mp3 download here, you can get it from all online music stores.

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