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The following Paragraph is a list of all the Main Characters in the Game Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. There are not that many Characters but even more text. There are some interesting Informations in the text so feel free to take a look and read into it!


zak Zak is the Main Character in the game Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, which occurs obvious after looking at his name, because the game is named after him.
Zak is a reporter for a tabloid nwespaper in San Francisco and has the duty to raise the Prints for his boss (as always) and he has to do so by writing a report about the vicious twoheaded squirrel. The squirrel was seen at the Mt. Rainer in Seattle, so Zak has to Check out the location there, but in the night before his depature Zak has an exciting dream about Aliens, that want to make the world stupid, other Aiens that want to prevent the first aliens from doing, what they are up to do, a beautiful young lady and a lot of other confusing stuff. In the end it sums up to Zak saving the world from the aliens (the first ones) by collecting the artifacts left on earth by the aliens (the second ones) and building a skolarian drive out of these artifacts.
He can only do so with his new friends I will introduce to you in the following lines:


Annie Annie works for the Historical society of Silent H.., uhm, of San Francisco of course and collects artifacs of all kind. She already had a TV Appeareance on national Television and told the public about her work.
You can say, that she is Zaks dreamwoman after she appeared in Zak's dream, and Zak's mother has the same opinion.
Annie is very eloquent in antik languages and can read old scrolls and Hieroglyphs that no one else can read! She's a real hot exciting dreamwomen.


marsmädel Melissa is a student, who decided, after a strange dream, to transform her VW- Minivan into a spaceship. And instead of driving to Ft. Lauterdale for spring break she decided to fly to Mars with her newly build spaceship. She's the one with the blue spacesuit, don't confuse her with her friend Leslie, who decided to come with Melissa to Mars and is waering the pink spacesuit.
Melissa is the one of the two girls on Mars with the most Cash on her Cashcard so in case you meet the girls on Mars it's good to know who can buy the Tokens for the Marsexpress!


Leslie is the student on Mars in the pink spacesuit who has travelled with her friend Melissa in a transformed VW-minivan to mars.


elvis The Aliens like to wear black sunglasses and a horrible and stupid looking Hat to hide their ugly visages behind this.They plan to make all the humans stupid by sending a stupidray over the telephone net.
The Central of this Telephone Company is right under Zaks appartement. What a lucky guy he is, so he can / has to save the world from the Evil aliens (the first ones).
The Boss of the aliens is a big Elvis fan and cruises around space in his cadillac like looking spaceship and is waiting for humanity to turn completely stupid and then take over the world (filled with stupid humans, what a goal is that? Sounds like an average TV Comercial).

That's it for the Characters in Zak McKracken, there are no more main Characters, the rest is only there for looking good (and making a goodstory of course!)

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