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The solution for Zak McKracken
a Lucas Filmgames... uhm, game(TM)

This is the solution in txt format. Absoluetly oldschool.
You can find a solution in html format with links and chapters here.

                                   __                  ,' __/._    |`-._
           _                 ,.  ,' _|       .----. .  | (_. | |,'-. ,._|
          / \           |`.  | `.| (_,.      | |_) )|`-._.__`.   ,'| :-.
    _,-. / A \  )`-,    |  `.|   `.._,'_,  ,'|  ,-' | |. `-. | , `.| :'_ ,  .
 ,-'   |/_,-._\/ /_,-'\ |      ._  `,|  |,'  ,`,_`-.| ,-'-./ `-'`.-``-.// \ |`,
 \,-.  |,-'|  /  , ,-'` |  |`. | `.-'|     ,''-' `.'|_|                / , \/ /
    |   _,-' `-.'| \   _|__|_ `'     |  ,. `-._                       / / \  /
    |,-'         '-'                 |  | `._,'                      `-/   \/
     .-.     _  ---    _  .-.      _       .  .      _  _  _      _  _  _  _ TM
     |_||\ || \  | |_||_  |_||  | |_ |\ |  |\/|||\ || \|_)|_ |\ || \|_ |_)(_`
     | || \||_/  | | ||_  | ||_ | |_ | \|  |  ||| \||_/|_)|_ | \||_/|_ | \._)

    __ _,    _____________
 ,-'  (\`),-'/#/          ```--.
<_______,/  /#/  _     _     _;|
|       || |#|              |  |                 (c)1988 LUCASFILM LTD.
|       || |#|              |  |                  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

          FAQ & Walkthrough    ---     Version 1.05
           Last update: 01.04.2005
                System: for Amiga, Apple, Mac, Commodore64 & PC
                        the game is the same on all of them, only the Graphics
                 Autor: selmiak, also called anarcho_selmiak!
              Filesize: 60.455 bytes (59,0 kb)

              more info
   and lots of screenshots:       

            Table of Content ............................ [HERE]

            Controlls & Characters ...................... [CTCH]

            Walkthrough ................................. [WLKT]
            Questions and Answers ....................... [Q&A]

            Version History ............................. [VERH]

            Disclaimer .................................. [LGLS]

            Thanks to all ............................... [THKY]


                       Controlls & Characters

This Chapter is placed  ahead of the actual Solution  to Zak  McKracken and the 
Alien Mindbenders, because it is quite short  and very helpful  and gives you a 
good insight into the game.  Browse around here  and you will learn a lot about 
the controls  and about the  four main characters  in the game.  That's why the 
chapter is called Controls & Characters, if you hadn't figured yourself...

This Chapter is split into several subchapters:
        ----------------- -----------------------------------------------------
------- a) Controls -----------------------------------------------------------
        ----------------- -----------------------------------------------------
------- b) Characters ---------------------------------------------------------
        ----------------- -----------------------------------------------------

And we start with the controls:

              ----------------- -----------------------------------------------
------------- a) Controls -----------------------------------------------------
              ----------------- -----------------------------------------------
So, when you are playing Zak on your old  Commodore 64 Machine it is no problem 
to play with the joystick,  and when playing on PC you  get the luxury of being 
able to use a  mouse to play.  The stupid thing is,  when playing on the PC the 
Mouse is never activated!


When you are  playing the game  on a Windows XP OS  there is something new  out 
there. You can use the nice ScummVM Tool.  With this DOS Emulator the  Mouse is 
always  activated  and with ScummVM  you can  also  play  all SCUMM-based games 
like  Zak McKracken,  Maniac Mansion,  Monkey Island,  Beneath a Steel Sky,  or 
Simon  the Sorcerer,  or... any other adventure again on your modern Computer! 
That's cool, eh? You can get the tool there:



The  controls  are based on  the  already  mentioned  Scumm Engine, which means 
Scrip Creation  Utility for Maniac Mansion and elevated the textadventures from 
the stoneage of getting your input by entering the orders letter by letter over 
the keyboard to the nice and simple Point 'n Click Adventures.
You just click on one of the verbs on the lower half of the screen and then put 
it together with an item or a person to a complete sentence (well, your english 
teacher wouldn't  call it a sentence, but Zak understands it) and tell Zak what 
to do,

e.g. pick up + wallpaper
and Zak tears the wallpaper off the wall

or e.g. Use the torn wallpaper with the plastic thing under the desk.

and Zak will pull  out his CashCard from  under the desk ( he got it under 
there I wonder...)

After delivering your first artifact to Annie you can also change the Character 
you want to play with, and they are all described in the next Chapter.

              ------------------ ----------------------------------------------
------------- b) Characters ---------------------------------------------------
              ------------------ ----------------------------------------------

  The folowing Paragraph is a list of all the Main Characters in the Game Zak
  McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. There are not that many Characters but 
  even more text. There are some interesting Informations in the text so feel 
              free  to  take  a  look  and  read  into  it!

 Zak is the Main Character in the game Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders,
 which occurs  obvious  after looking  at his name,  because the  game is named 
 after him.
 Zak is a reporter for a tabloid nwespaper in San Francisco and has the duty to
 raise the Prints  for his boss  (as always)  and he has to  do so by writing a 
 report about the vicious twoheaded squirrel. The squirrel  was seen at the Mt.
 Rainer  in Seattle,  so Zak has to  Check out  the location  there, but in the 
 night before his depature Zak has an exciting dream about Aliens, that want to 
 make the world stupid,  other Aiens that want to prevent the first aliens from 
 doing, what they are up to do, a beautiful young  lady and a lot of other con-
 fusing stuff. In the  end it sums up  to Zak saving  the world from the aliens 
 (the first ones) by collecting the  artifacts left on earth by the aliens (the 
 second ones) and building a skolarian drive out of these artifacts.
 He can  only do  so  with his  new friends  I will  introduce  to you  in  the 
 following lines:

    <> ANNIE LARRIS <>

 Annie works for the Historical society of Silent H..,   uhm, of  San Francisco 
 of course and collects artifacs of all kind. She already  had a TV Appeareance 
 on national Television and told the public about her work.
 You can say,  that  she is  Zaks  dreamwoman,  and Zaks  mother has  the  same 
 Annie is very eloquent in antik languages and can read old scrolls and Hyrogl-
 yphs that no one else can read! She's a real hot exciting dreamwomen. 

 Melissa is a student, who decided, after a strange dream, to transform her VW-
 Minivan into a spaceship. And instead of driving to Ft.  Lauterdale for spring 
 break she decided to fly to Mars with her newly build spaceship. She's the one 
 with the blue spacesuit, don't confuse her with her friend Leslie, who decided 
 to come with Melissa to Mars and is waering the pink spacesuit.
 Melissa is the one of the two girls on Mars with the most Cash on her Cashcard
 so in case you meet the girls on Mars it's good to know who can buy the Tokens
 for the Marsexpress!
 Leslie is the student on Mars in the pink spacesuit who has travelled with her 
 friend Melissa in a transformed VW-minivan to mars. 

    <> THE ALIENS <>
 The Aliens like to wear black sunglasses and a horrible and stupid looking Hat
 to hide their ugly visages behind this.They plan to make all the humans stupid 
 by sending a stupidray over the telephone net.
 The Central of this Telephone Company  is right under Zaks appartement. What a
 lucky guy he is,  so he can / has to save the world  from the Evil aliens (the 
 first ones).
 The Boss  of the aliens  is a big  Elvis fan  and cruises around  space in his 
 cadillac like looking spaceship and is waiting for humanity to turn completely 
 stupid and then take over the world (filled with stupid humans, what a goal is 
 that? Sounds like an average TV Comercial).

That's  it  for  the  Characters in  Zak McKracken,  there  are  no  more  main 
Characters, the rest is only there for looking  good (and making a goodstory of 


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  HERE THE SOLUTION STARTS  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
________________________________________________________... not the revolution!


         Introduction to the story:           .............::::::::::::

In the night Zak has  a weird dream all about agyptian signs, a beatiful woman, 
the Mars and aliens (the first and the second ones)

The next morning in Zak's Bosses Buero:

Zak and his Boss  are having an  argument about him not wanting to make up sto-
ries anymore, so he ha s to find out what's going on around Mt. Rainer  and the 
twoheaded squirrel.

         .::..     San Francisco     ..::.

Zak starts (t)his  adventure in his room next to  his bed (the first time I was 
playing I thought  he just woke up and is  already dressed after waking up from 
this weird dream)  and just thinks wow,  what a crazy dream I had this night, I 
have to draw the map I saw in my dream somewhere!

So look out for the Plasticcard under the desk,  the green thingy  on the right 
side, this is Zak's CashCard, which is a VERY important  item in this game, you 
won't get anywhere without it so you have to get it now.
You can get the card into your inventory by ripping the wallpaper from the wall 
next to the door and putting it under the card to get it out of there.
:alternate strategy: You can  also use the  butterknive to  scrap the card out, 
you will get the knive later.
Now open the deskdrawer and take the Kazoo with you. Play it if you like.

Next thing to take  with you is  Sushi in the bowl.  Just take the bowl, it may 
get wet in Zaks  pockets but he  can handle it. Under  Sushi's Bowl  is another 
drawer. Open it and take the phone bill with you.

If you want  you can turn  on the answering machine,  but you don't have to. If 
you do so there will be some fun messages on it later in the game.

Now leave Zak's room.

                                 *    *    *
After the cutscene introducing  your enemy in this game,  the Aliens (the first 
ones) you will find yourself  in Zak's livingroom.  Take the pillow next to the 
TV and plug the powerchord into the fitting device.
Now lift the other pillow to find the  TVs remote Controll.  Use this to switch 
on the TV and  see a  well known  Dreamwoman on TV,  who collects  all kinds of 
artifacts in her mailslot.  Well, okay then,  let's search for  an artifact and 
we'll have a date with her.  Oh, darn, the boss wants you to have a look at the 
mysterious things happening at Mt. Rainer and the twoheaded squirrel.

So let's go on,  walk to the sink,  open the door  under it and take the yellow 
crayon. Out of the poor fridge you need the egg. What else?

Now just take the butterknive  and the small key  for the letterbox  and we can 
go out on the streets.

                                 *    *    *
Lets walk to the left now and ring the bakery's bell.  With the stupid frenchie 
not acting like we want him to, let's ring that bell once more.  Well, ring the 
bell one more time and pick up the bread coming atcha.

Now we enter the  TCP Telephone company and take the appilcation for the King's 
fan club.  Don't walk behind the counter,  because under your flat there is the 
headquarter of the Aliens,  that want to turn the human race into a stupid kind 
of being and  are not amused when  a stranger like  Zak enters their headquater 
Use the  yellow crayon  to fill out  the application.  As you already  have the 
yellow crayon in your hands let out all your artistic talent and skills and use 
it to draw the map you saw in your dream on the torn wallpaper.

Now leave the telephone company and use the small key to open up your letterbox 
and stick the completely answered application for the king's fan  club into the 

Now walk to the right until you can walk to the background, which leads  to the 
14th street.

                                 *    *    *
Enter the shop called Lou's Loans,  and start fullfilling your  girlfriends wet 
dreams, start  with buying all the  things you see, doesn't  matter if you like 
them or not.
Buy the  golf club,  the toolkit,  the hat,  the false glasses  with  nose, the 
guitar and the divingsuit.

Open the toolkit  and find  out what  nice and useful  things  you can  find in 

Walk to the  end of the 14th  street and get used to handling the wirecutter by 
using it on the   bobby pinz  sign.  Whohah  cutte'd off  and  taken  away that 
gigantic hairironthing.

Now get back to the 13th street, the one Zak lives in.

You  sure have  noticed  the bus  here!  But  you can't  enter  it because  the 
busdriver is asleep.  So, let's wake him up.  Play a nice  melody on your kazoo 
and he will wake up at once. You can try to play some heavy metal on your Kazoo 
but Zak only knows one song.

Now enter the bus and pay with your cashcard and let's go to the airport.

                                 *    *    *
At the  airport  you give your  Cashcard  to the  devotee  guy and  get a  book 
about true enlighning (raising your consciousness and lowering your golfscores) 
from him.  You don't need a ticket  by now, as you boss pays for your flight to 
Seattle to Mt. Rainer, so enter the plane now.

                .::..    Inside the plane    ..::.

The Stewardess  is coming and hands you your  food in form of some peanuts in a 
small bag and tells you where to sit. 
About fucking time to do something!

But to be able to do something  you first have to  distract the stewardess that 
is guarding the whole plane with her eagleeyes.

So,  let's go  to the  toilet at first  at the back  end of  the plane. Use the 
toilet paper in the sink and clock it that way. Now turn on the water and watch 
the sink overflow. Call the Stewardess by pushing the callbutton and now run to 
the front  end of the plane.  Open the Microwave oven and put in  that egg. Now 
you just have to turn on the microwave oven and you  will have all the time you 
need to do what you want to do and the stewardess won't interupt you anymore as 
she is quite busy.

Take all the  time you  need  to take the first  seating  cushion  and also the 
lighter that drops out once you  lift the cushion. Now  open all the things you 
store your luggage  in above  the passengers  and in the  last one  (yeah sure, 
always the last one, no matter what you do!) there is the oxygene tank we need.

Now you can wait for the plane to land or  if this takes too  much time for you 
(as for everyone else probably) you can press the two mouse buttons at once and 
you will get  the plane landed.  The two mouse buttons are  a standard in Lucas 
Film and in Lucas Arts games to skip cutszene you already know or don't want to 
see or for stuff like this.

Once the plane has landed and  you didn't manage to do all the things mentioned 
above or you just read them and  didn't know about this you will be able to get 
on the plane  everytime you start  another flight  until  you do all the needed 

                 .::..     Seattle     ..::.

Once you reached the airport in Seattle you already  leave this  one and get to 
Mt. Rainer.
Now you can do your first digital act of destroying nature.  Pick up the branch 
of the huge tree there.

The two headed squirrel attacks you once you come  close to it so  tame it with 
the peanuts you got on the flight.
:alternate route:  beat it to  death with the  branch  or the  golfclub or  the 
butterknive or anything else deadly.

Now we still need a story about the  twoheaded squirrel,  so, no matter if dead 
or alive dig your way through  the huge pile of mud with the  butter knive. You 
will ruin the knive that way, but other people will love it that way.
:Alternative route:  use the  golfclub  or the branch or  the bobbypinz sign to 
dig, but that's not as good as is using the butterknive, you will see later on.

As it's very dark inside the cave we need a fire.  If you killed the two-headed 
squirrel  you can  just  take it's nest.  In case you love  digital animals all 
that much get your nintendog  tamagotchi now and play with it,  pet it, take it 
to bed with you and... no, wait forget  it they both are boring  and suck, just 
use the "what is" function and scroll around until you find the abandoned bird-
nest. The nest is at the beginning of the  cave very high up. It's  so high up, 
you will need a large object  to push it  down like the golf  club or the bobby 
pinz sign again.
You can also turn on the lighter to find it even better. Or look at the screen-
shot on my website (
Once you got it  throw it into  the firepit  together with  the branch from the 
tree in front of the cave and light it up with the lighter.

Now there should be light. As there is light now you can see the strange yellow 
markings on the wall.  So play around  with them,  take your yellow  crayon and 
connect the dots. 


A secret  door  to a  even more  secret  room will  open up  and you  will gain 
entrance to the very first artifact room  in which you can find the mystic BLUE 
But the Crystal is locked, so use your  TV's remote controll to  let the safety 
thing open up and now take the Crystal with you.  Let's go back to the airport.

 |  Seattle, WA              SEA-TAC  |   
 ||   to                           Abr.       Price      ||
 ||   Miami, FL                    MIA        $407       ||
 ||   San Francisco, CA            SFO        $260       ||
Here we want to get back home to San Francisco.

         .::..     San Francisco     ..::.

Dropped of from the bus we start marching to the 14th street already and search 
for the red door with the slot for the archiological society.

Open the slot and drop the Crystal in and  now wait for Annie to  react to your 
action and see the Crystal. After a short moment of nothing...  Annie will open 
up her door and tell you everything you need to know.


So try this by now and change controls to Annie.


Lift the flat thing on her Desk and take your CashCard with you!


Give the  butterknive to  Annie (if  you used it  for digging  and/or if  it is 
damaged). If you used another Item for  digging you can of course still give it 
to Annie, but this will do nothing for her.
Give her the Guitar too.

Get back to Zaks home now.
If you are lucky there is already an answer from the Elvis Fanclub in your mail
box, if so unlock it and take the Fan Club Card with you.
Now walk up the stairs and  enter Zak's home.  
Under the  sink there  is a pipe.  Use  it to  smoke some  wee...  uhm, use the 
monkey wrench to get rid of the pipe.
Now put the dry bread in the sink and turn on the disposer. The dry breadcrumbs 
will fall out of the  place the pipe once was at. Now take them with you. 


Walk into Lous's Loans and sell the Guitar and the bend Butterknive, ...pardon, 
the silver statue and get some good money for this stuff!

Now get some action going  and walk to the 13th  street to the bus and wait for 


Also go to the bus and wake up the Busdrive with your Kazoo, enter the bus with 
Annie & Zak, use both Characters to pay and off we go to the airport.

Once at  the Airport there  is a  sad goodbye  for the two,  but they  are just 
pixels, so buy a ticket to  London and from there fly to Katmandu.

         .::..      Katmandu      ..::.

In Katmandu  we walk to  the very right  of the scene  and see the pile of hay. 
Hey! Come on bay, light my fire, and fire up the hay.  The guard will be coming 
there and screaming loud for help. 
As he now is  at the fire he  has left his prison unguarded  so we walk back to 
the very left of the scene in highlandish Katmandu.
See that nice Flagpole above the door to the prison.  Take it with  you as the 
prison guard is  distracted by the  fire and you are free  to steal  everything 
from him. You learn something new everyday.
Note: If you should try to pick up the flagpole without lighting the fire first 
the guard will  throw you in the prison.  Now you need Annie to fly to Katmandu 
and give her the  lighter and light the fire  (come on baby) with  her and free 
Zak with the cellkey.  But if you read  this you should be doing fine and don't 
need Annie in Katmandu.

Back to the fact,  now you walk up to the guardian  in front of the  temple and 
give  him the  book about  enlighting  written by the  guru he  guards.  So the 
guardian will let you enter the gurus place!
Enter the Gurus chamber and he will explain to  you how to use the blue crystal 
and what to do with it and how to play with animals' minds with tzhe use of the 
crystal and some other interesting gurutalk.

Now stick your  cashcard in  the yak's arse  and you'll be  on your way  to the 
airport. From there you can fly over London to Miami.

         .::..     Miami      ..::.

Here we  meet  a bum  who's just  drinking  the  whole  day long.  He's missing 
something so let's give him the  book we got from the devotee in San Francisco.
He will be very happy with this and give up his drinking and you his bottle of 

Miami is out of order and closed for repairs, so we fly to the bermuda triangle 
because it's quite cheap from here on, 99$ is not the world. So buy your ticket 
now and take off.

         .::..      Bermuda Triangle      ..::.

Just after the pilot  finished  his bad jokes, Zak and  the pilot get beamed up 
to the space caddilac of THE king.
The pilot enters  a comination of on these colorful shwitches  that  you better  
remember. Just push "space" once he pushed a button and note down what color he 

there are 4 colors in this combination.

So the pilot asks you if you are comming or if you want to wait.  Of course you 
wait on the right  side of the screen at  the door. Once the  pilot is gone you 
push the doorbell. 
The king's guard will take on you and  bring you to the king  himself. The king 
(himself) is not very amused to have  you in his spacecaddy,  so he wants to do 
do some bad  things to you.  You can chill  his mood by giving  him the fanclub 
card or the guitar  (only if you still  have it of course)  and he will finally 
be pleased to meet a fan. His guard will bring you to the door now  and enter 
another code. This one is not that important but you better note it down too. 
Check  back inside the  spaceship and  take a good  look at the Lottomat at the 
very right of the screen and note down the Lotto numbers. They are very usefull 
in the future of the game.

Get back to the landingzone with the  colorbuttons and enter the code the pilot 
entered.  This is the  first code  you noted down.  The pilot's  code lets  you 
spawn directly above the open sea of the  Bermuda Triangle. The code the  alien 
entered takes you back to your room in San Francisco.

After you entered the  Pilot's code you  will be falling  towards mother earth. 
While you are falling you should open your prachute.

What a stroke of luck you have your floating  cuission out of the airplane with 
you.  Have a good seat on it. The  animal in the background is not a shark  but 
a dolphin  who  is very interested in  the melodies you can play on your kazoo, 
so you can lure him  near with  the kazzo.  Now do so and  play a melody on the 
kazoo.  Do it, you know just do it. In no time he's here. 
Now it's time to  practice what the guru told you,  so use the blue crystal  on 
the dolphin and  within the blink of an  eye you are  the dolphin.  How cool is 
that, eh.  The bad thing is, the aliens  get alerted  once you use  an artifact 
like the blue crystal,  so dive down under the surface fast. 

Swim to the very right of  the screen and nibble away the seagras from in front 
of the opening. 
The now exposed glowing  object is very  interesting. So take it, just take it, 
don't ask just take, I said TAKE IT! Now swim back to the  surface and give the 
object to Zak.

Now there is nothing else to do than swim from left  to right and the other way 
round. Wait for  the alien to appear and take you into the mindbender. Here you 
will get your mind bend and all your objects from  your inventory will be taken 
away and you will loose all your abilities. Finally you'll be thrown out on the 

         .::..     San Francisco     ..::.

On the  streets of  San Francisco  you have  to wait until  the  "put on"  icon 
appears  again  on the screen  and then you  can put on  the hat and  the false 
glasses and get straight back into the phonecompany and take back the stuff the 
alienbastard  stole from  you.  Your stuff is  stored  in the  backroom  of the 
office, you enter there through the door behind the counter.
As you are  here now,  just use your  phonebill with the  computer in the first 
room of the phonecompany and get your phonebill paid.

:alternate strategy:  Get into  Zaks room  and open up the rug,  use the monkey 
wrench  on the  boards  and tie the  rope to the door  and climb down  into the 
secret room and take back your artifacts. But you can't pay your phonebill that 
way, as you can't get  behind the counter  without getting  arrested and ripped 
off again.

Get back into Zaks Room after you paid your phonebill and turn on the answering 
Now don't forget to play lotto  as you are here,  so go to  Lou's loans  in the 
14th street and use the command  "buy lotto sign"  to play lotto. You are asked 
to enter four numbers, guess what, you enter the four numbers  you got from the 
space caddy, this will higher your chances of winning the jackpot by... a lot.

If you haven't already cut and trashed the  bread this is the last chance to do 
so, so if you haven't done so,  do so,  then  continue with  reading  from here 
on. At that time you should also flush Suhsi into the trasher!

After all the womanswork is done with the sink drive to the airport  and fly to 
Lima, Peru.

         .::..    Lima     ..::.

Enter the Jungle in Lima! All paths  here are totally random  so don't even try 
to remember where you came from or think about where you should go. 
Just continue into the Jungle until  you reach the platform with the birdfeeder 
deep inside the Jungle.

Put the dry  breadcrumbs on the  birdfeeder and wait  for the  bird to  arrive. 
Guess what, exactly,   you need the help  of an  animal again,  so use the blue 
crystal on the innocent birdy.

As the bird  you fly  to the  left  eye of the  gigantic Aliensculpture  in the 
background and  take the scroll with you.  You have enough  time to take a look 
inside the other eye but it doesn't matter you can't do anythere here. At least 
not now ...!

So, head back to the valley and give the Scroll to Zak  and then switch to Zak. 
Now there should be enough time for you to get away from the alien.

Now there  are three options for you now,  the first is, to get  caught by  the 
aliens again and then getting stuffed into  the mindbender again, the second is 
you just fly back to San Francisco,  and once you are back in San Francisco you 
can collect your Lottery price from Lou's Loans.
I think the second one is faster, as you don't have to wait all the time in the 
mindbender, but I haven't actually compared the time it takes to do both paths.
The thirs option  ist to just  continue without getting extra  money with  this  
out of  plan route and take a flight to Kinshasa. From San Francisco it is best 
to take the route over London and Cairo  to Kinshasa, but if you  collected the 
money from the Lottery the price doesn't matter anyways...

         .::..     Kinshasa     ..::.

Find your way through the random Jungle  (again) and then enter the door to the 
witchdoctors hut.  Give him the Golfclub and he will be  very thankful and show 
you the dance that is said to "open the door to the head". Sounds cool, eh, but 
when you find out  more about it you'll be even more surprised.  Just like with 
the color  combinations the pilot in the bermuda triangle did you note down the 
combination these dancers dance as this is another code you need later.
Make an X inside  the empty space  into the  following  table and  keep  it for 
further reference.  The best thing is  to print out the table before making the 
x's, or your dad  will get mad when he sees  what you have done to his monitor.

       |  medicine  |   middle   |   right    |
       |    man     |   dancer   |   dancer   |
       |            |            |            | 1st step |     
       |            |            |            | 2nd step |
       |            |            |            | 3rd step |    
       |            |            |            | 4th step |
       |            |            |            | 5th step |    
       |            |            |            | 6th step |    
Now there is nothing left to do for  you here so find a way back to the airport 
through the Jungle and make your way to Mexico.
The fastest way from Kinshasa is to Cairo to London to Mexico.

         .::..     Mexico     ..::.

And again another Jungle!
Fight your way through the jungle and find yourself in front of the Temple! Now 
find your way around inside the temple. The best thing to do here is to use the 
map I  drew and  posted here:

With the  map you will  find your way to  the statue with the crystalshard, I'm 

Once you're there let Zak  be whatever he wants  to be and switch to Melissa on 

         .::..     Mars     ..::.


Take Melissa  into the  Van and  open  the  glove  compartement.  Take  the two 
Cashcards and the DAT Tape out of the radio and also the  Ghetto-blaster called 
Boom box.

Give Leslie  her CashCard  and then walk  past the youth hostel to the Monolith 
(from 2001?) and buy a token.

Then enter the Youth hostel on Mars.


Also enter the Youth Hostel with Leslie


Use the token as a screwdriver and  open the metal plate next to  the door with 
the token. Girls can do that too! Take the  burnt fuse and  and replace it with 
the new  one from the glove compartement.
Close the door  to the Marssurface  now and  open the door  to the  rest of the 
youth hostel. Take a look around in there. 
Now you can also take off your helmet. This way you can save oxygen and prevent 
the girls on mars from suffocation. (Only  take  off your  helmet when the door 
to the surface is closed!!!)

On the one locker inside the Youth hostel on Mars is a little piece of ductape, 
take it with you. Inside  this locker is a flashlight that you'll need too,  so 
take it, TAKE IT! 
There is noone (human) around you to be against it. 
At the end of the room there is a ladder  that belongs to noone so just take it 
and now it's Leslies turn, because she's got the better nerves.


Open the  covers of the bed  in the youth hostel  and take the broom alien with 
As you are a woman now do something  useful and enter the pressure chamber, put 
on your helmet and open the  door to the surface of planet mars.  Now leave the 
Youth hostel and use the  newly discovered  broom on  the sand in  front of the 
Youth hostel to uncover a solar panel.


Put on  your helmet and leave the hostel to  the Marssurface. Walk to the right 
until you reach the gigantic head.  Lean the ladder against the door and search 
for your notes on the  combination the medicinman in Kinshaasa  showed you with 
his dance.
Push the buttons  on the door in the same order the dancers  moved and you will 
open the door at once. Now take the  ladder with you again and  enter the Mars-
face. Enter with Leslie too.

Nevertheless you go  to the  first big door  with Melissa  and lean  the ladder 
against  the  pedestal.  You strap the  Vinyl tape on the  DAT Disc  and put it 
inside the Boom box. (yeah,  you had to do  it this way in a  time where  no CD 
Burners were available and noone ever thought about a DVD!) Switch the boom box 
to record and push the crystal sphere on top of the pedestal.

With this record you can open all three doors in the Marsface without having to 
climb up the ladder or having problems with broken crystal spheres.
So enter the  middle door in the  gigantic marsface  chamber and  get the  ankh 

Now open and enter the last door in the great chamber and stick the ankh in the 
place it fits. Now turn on the projector and  listen to the Skolarian's message 
telling you that they recorded this messages so many years ago, ... wait how do 
they know that you will see it this time past the recording..., no matter, they 
are aliens and know everything.  And they want to help  you defeating the other 
(the first?!) aliens,  that's good  enough for me,  so pick up the  keys on the  
wall  and  leave  this place to the Mainhall and give the flashlight to Leslie.


enter the first big door.
Now  I refer  to  my  map  posted here:

Go and find the room labeled "levers" and activate the machine. Once the levers 
are on  top there is oxygen inside the  Marschamber  and you can  take off your 
helmet inside the Face on Mars  and breath fresh marsair.  So, now I ask myself 
what this will smell like.

Now use the map again and find a way to the "maproom". Look at the maps and the 
signs on the wall. You'll need them later on at the sphinx.


Take off you helmet too and  go to the  second statue in the Main hall and take 
a good look at the Markings  at the statue in the mainhall. Zak need these now!

         .::..     Mexico     ..::.


Zak is still in the Jungle and standing in front of the gigantic Mexican statue 
with the crystalshard in it's hand and he's waiting for the symbol Melissa just 
saw. Use your yellow crayon and  draw the symbols on  the socket of the statue.

Now the statue will release  it's grip  and you can  take the other half of the 
yellow crystal with you.  The light turns off,  but that doesnt matter now, you 
got the crystal shard,  that's all that counts.  Use the map again and you will 
be out of the temple in a second.

Run through the Jungle back to the airport and take a flight to London.

         .::..     London     ..::.

Here yo park ZAK and let him wait for Annie.


Fly to London with Annie.


Give the whiskey to Annie.


Get out of the airport and get the guard as drunk as you can and the switch off 
the electric fence.


Leave the airport  and use the  wirecutters to cut  a hole in the  fence. Enter 
stonehenge and stick that flagpole into the crypt.
Now lay both crystal shards on the altar and give the scroll to Annie.


Read the scroll out aloud. Kaboom, the two Crystalshards will blend together to 
only one whole crystal.


Get the Yellow Crystal and fly back to the medicinman in Africa.

         .::..     Kinshasa     ..::.

Find your  way through  the Jungle (again) and  talk to the Shaman.  He will be 
very short but clear in explaining how to use the yelow crystal. So, use it and 
beam yourself to Southamerica inside the one eye  of the Gigantic figure in the 
rock and take the candelabra with you.

         .::..     Cairo     ..::.

Beam Zak to Egypt  and activate the switch in  the pyramide.  Now you can leave 
the Pyramide without a problem and  can move to the  right foot of  the sphinx. 
Here is another yellow marking,  just use the  yellow crayon  to complete it so 
that it looks like the one found just minutes ago in the sphinxroom on mars, in 
which Leslie is standing at the moment, so, if you want to look again switch to 

Wait for  the door to  open and  after the door is open,  enter the  Sphinx and 
follow the  superb card  that can be  found here:

or just walk through a walkthrough (with  the use of this walkthrough  I guess) 
on  which you can see a sun above.
If you managed (however though) to get into a  dark room in which  you can hear 
strange sounds just leave as fast as possible,  because this is the room of the 
guardian of the sphinx. The guardian is  sleeping there and he has a very light 

Once you reached the room with the 3 buttons do nothing until Annie arrived, so 
switch to Annie immedeately now.


Enter the same room in which  Zak is in at the moment and read the Hyroglyphics 
above  the  buttons. Then,  surprise,  press  the buttons  as described  by the 
translation of the Hyroglyphics and there you go, there is a secret map opening 
up behind the wall on which  the mars pyramid and the face on mars can be seen.


Remember the markings, that are on the top right  of the map and use the yellow 
crayon to draw the rest of the map on your recent map.  To do so you first have 
to take a look at the map in the  shinx and then just  use the yellow crayon on 
the map an now you will  be able  to beam Zak  to Mars inside the  huge Face on 

         .::..     Mars     ..::.


You are  inside a  room with  three doors  on Mars now.  Use the  middle one to 
perform the first Marsgrafitti in history and go  crazy with your yellow crayon 
on it. Try to make it look like the sign in the sphinx in the end. 
If you can't quiet remember how the sign in the sphinx looked like, just switch 
to Annie and take at look  at it with her  until you can  remember or take some 
notes and then switch back to Zak and draw the sign on there with him.

Once you  completed  the sign and  it was  correct  the door will open  and you 
can leave through the doors.  Just refer to the Mars  Face Maze map I mentioned 
before.  Keep  in mind,  that  the doors in  front of you are labled 1,2,3 from 
left  to the right and the numbers  on the map are from right to left, which is 
logical,  because you are standing in  front of the doors  and looking at them. 
Where the doors  lead you is not that logical,  but I'm sure you  can manage to 
get the right one.  But it is better to get the  left one.  Once you are in the 
maze just walk out to the main hall.


Meet with the girls  in the Mainhall  of the  Marsface.  Make the girls  put on 
their spacesuits and helmets.


Now we need  a spacesuit for Zak.  We do this by using  the oxygentank from the 
plane, the divingsuit from Lou's Loans and the fishbowl  from sushi. Put on the 
stuff. Now you'll see, that the fishbowl is leaking,  so use the ductape to fix 
the holes. Now you can go out with all three of them.


Now move them all to the spacebug and let them refresh their oxygen. After this 
move on to the monolith and buy tokens without an end.  Make sure that Zak owns 
at least one token and Melissa and Leslie both own 2 tokens.
Now use a token with everyone of the three character on  the Marstram and leave 
the landig side with all three of them, because you  need all three over at the 
Now move to the Pyramide with all of them.


Use the  broom Alien  to get rid of that sandpile  in front of  the door to the 
mars pyramide.


Lock the door open by using the Bobby  pinz sign in the gigantic keyhole. After 
this you all can enter (at your own risk).


With the girl, that doesn't have the  golden key (most likely Leslie)  push the 
sarcophacus'  feet. This opens  up a door and you  can walk up  the stairs with 
Zak and the remaining student.

Open the small box on the right with the golden key.  Now position Zak in front 
of the white crystal and switch to the other student up there.  The next action 
has to  be done  very fast,  but I'm here  to help you  here too.  Just use the 
keyboard to do  the commands.  Push the  button with  the student,  then switch 
to Zak and pick up the white crystal. The button "b"  on your keyboard  is used 
to switch  between  characters,  and the  button "d" activates  the command for 
"pick up".


Walk to the  Tramstation with  both of  them and  throw in your tokens to drive 
back to the Landing site.
Pick up the fuse you put into the  youthhostel on mars  and then  put it inside 
the spaceshuttlebug.  Enter the bug with  both of them and once  you plugged in 
the fuse start the bug with the controlls and Blast off to space for a save way 


Beam back to mother earth and into the Pyramide in Cairo.

         .::..     Cairo     ..::.

Now we want to build the Skolarian drive.
To do so,  you take  the glowing  object and  put it  on the  socket,  then the 
Candelabra on top of it, then the 3 Crystals on the Candelabra and voila, there 
is your new and improved Skolarian drive.


Leave the Labyrinth of the Sphinx and enter  the Pyramide. Here you should find 
Zak, who just beamed  down from Mars. Now activate  one switch of the scolarian 
drive with Annie to activate the Machine halfways.


With Zak you can now activate the last switch  in this game to  be used and the 
scolarian drive will  be activated and  the earth will  be saved from the alien 
mindbenders and their evil plans.

so this is ...
                                  ... THE END!




This  chapter deals  with the most  common and of course  _f_requently  _a_sked 
_q_uestions  about  Zak  McKracken &  the  Alien  Mindbenders,  thats why  this 
section is called FAQs. If there is still  another open unsolved question, drop 
me a line at : faqs [at] gmx [dot] de
hey ho, Let's go:



So I got  this  hypermodern  Zillionen Gigahertz  Computer  with  Windows XP or 
another  modern  Operating  System  on it,  and  Zak McKracken  and  the  Alien 
Mindbenders won't  run on it, damned!  So what  on earth  can I do  to save the 
Earth from the Alien Mindbenders?


To save the world  from the  Alien Mindbenders  is your main  task in the game, 
about how to manage to do this,  you just have to have a look at the whole file 
above, but before that you have to get Zak running on your modern PC. 
To do so,  you need a  nice little  emulation programm called ScummVM. The guys 
behind this programm wrote a nice rewrite of the old SCUMM engine that lets you
play  all the  old textadventure  games  on your  newer  computers.  To get the 
programm just surf  to the  following url,  download it,  install it  and start 
playing, so here's the addresse:




I'm at the Guru and he says I have bad Karma. What's up?


You have to close your gamefaqs  Useraccount immedeately and format and destroy 
your harddrive!  Actually,  no,  this is because  you did  something bad,  like 
killing  the  doubleheaded squirrel.  So you just  have to wait  until your bad 
Karma has gone away.



I'm at the bird in Lima  and don't have the  breadcrumbs because I shredded the 
bread and turned on the water without removing the pipe.


I'm sorry, but you're stuck!
There is no  way to regain the  breadcrumbs  and complete the  game by now. You 
will have to restart and better remove the sink's pipe next time.


Can I die in Zak McKracken?


Of course you can!



okay, so how you freaking huggybear?


There are a lot of possibilities, here is a small collection, I don't know if I 
covered all of them:

Use the parachute  too late when you  are falling down  from the Space Caddilac 
towards earth.

Sit over 1 hour on the cuision in the water in the bermuda Triangle.

Step on the Marssurface without a helmet or take it off. This won't kill you at 
once but very fast indeed.

Stay on the Marssurface for too long without refreshing your oxygen tank.

Take of the oxygentank while you are in your spacesuit.

Push the buttons inside the sphinx in the wong order.

Stay for too long in the room of the  guardian of the sphinx or disturb him too 



I got the Marsface on my Wallpapermap  but when I'm using the yellow crystal to 
beam Zak there I can't beam up there.


First make sure you click on the Marsface, not on the Marspyramide.
Second, you got to know that you can  only beam Zak  somewhere,  where there is 
oxygen around. So it may  be that you haven't  activated the  levers on Mars or 
just  activated  one of the  two levers, so  switch to Leslie  and activate the 
Levers on Mars.  The thing with the Oxygene around is also the reason you can't 
beam to Atlantis  in the Bermuda Triangle, because  the beam platform  is under 
water and for normal reasons  there is  not that much oxygen under water.



So I'm on  Mars and want to put on the Fishbowl but I still have Sushi in there 
and have to put Sushi somewhere. Where?


Sorry, you have to get back to Zaks apartement. To do so, just beam back to Mt. 
Rainer and take a flight to San Francisco and  pour her (?) into the sink. Then 
you can beam back to Mars, but now you have  to go through  the labyrinth there 
once again.  Just use the Maps I made  an mentioned  in the Walkthrough already 
quite often.


                          Version History
This is  quite boring stuff here,  only for those really interested in creation 
of this document (I doubt someone is) and for me to see that I actuall proceded 
and do not stay stuck somewhere. Read on on your own risk, It could be that you 
will start sleeping  within the next ten seconds.

              >  Version 0.01  ----  23.09.2005  <

Just started translating the  FAQ from german to english.  Not much done,  only 
the table of contents and the header. Well, I wanted to show good will  hunting 
where he belongs. Or something like that!
Okay, I also shrunk the guide by deleting the Airport guide section  because it 
is already posted as an independent FAQ in english language on gamefaqs.

              >  Version 0.80  ----  05.10.2005  <

a lot of progress in translating all the stuff in the walkthrough.

              >  Version 0.90  ----  13.10.2005  <

Just one  more thing to be done,  that is translating  all the FAQs,  the thank 
yous and the disclaimer, then it's done, but not today!

              >  Version 1.00  ----  14.10.2005  <

So, finally the translation is done, and the file is submitted to
Let's hope  the file gets accepted  there and you  all can read it,  if not you 
won't be reading this anyways.

              >  Version 1.xx  ----  xx.xx.2005  <

will surely follow up,because I always discover that many mistakes as soon as a 
file is online, and I couldn't see them before, dunno why, but there will be an 
1.xx higher than 00 release I'm sure.

              >  Version 1.01  ----  22.11.2005  <

Finally there is the long awaited update!
Just a small overhaul!  Some spelling error eleminated,  but surely  not all of 

              >  Version 1.05  ----  01.04.2006  <

Done a  huge  correction  reading  session  and  reworded some  of the  strange 
sounding stuff. I got sick from reading some of the stuff I had rushed in here, 
so I took my time and changed it, to get in the mood of the game again, so this 
is  now a even  better guide  for Zak McKracken,  I hope you like  it this way. 
Well who wouldn't like an improved guide. For a game more than 15 years old!




This FAQ is written by me, selmiak,  just for the purpose to help you,  so that
you are allowed to look at it, download it or print it out.
The only websites allowed to host this FAQ are:
If you want to host or  publish this  guide you need my permission.  I'm a nice
guy (most of the time, not always, and not in this FAQ...) and will most of the
times say yes, but hosting my guide without asking me  is stealing my work, and
you commit a crime.
Same is for claiming this guide  as your work altering it's content, selling it
without my permission and what  else you can  think of to  profit from my work.

If you find Typos  or other constructive  criticism,  different pathes or other
stuff that should be in this guide drop me a line at:

  !!! please make sure that you have the name of the game in the subject !!!

--->    faqs [at] gmx [dot] de

If it's not obvious, the [at] is for @ and the [dot] replaces .

I replaced these  symbols because of  robots scanning the web for  email-adres-
ses and spamming my account.

Help for hungry guidewriters ;)

If you think,  this FAQ helped  you out, then  please be so  kind  and type the 
following url in your browser an click on one of the ads there.

You can't  loose anything by doing so,  except half a minute of your time and I 
get some tips  and write more guides!  Even little money  is money!  Thank you!

If you think one (or more) of my statements posted in this guide make you sick,
embarresed or are against your nature, please mail me at:


So, that's enough to my position of right, that means:
you have no right! :P


okay, now the the very last paragraph in this nice Document...


                          the Thank You's

Thanks to Jens Reisenweber for the ASCIIArt picture at the beginning and at the 
end of the FAQ. I found this on the Tentaclevilla,  a german website  dedicated 
to all the old Lucas Arts Adventure games. Check it out Baby! 
do so here: ...

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to Lucas Arts,  former (and at  the time of  publishing this Game) Lucas 
Film Games,  for  making  such  a  mystic  and  outspaced  game,  that  already 
fascinated me on my very first gameingthingy, the good old Commodore 64 and now 
with ScummVM and antialiased graphics having another prime.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to Pero, Harry and Gonzo,  who introduced me into this  game back in the 
eighties when the Commodore 64 was the state of the Art.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to  the guys over  at ScummVM for  the cool engine,  translationmachine,  
whatever, maybe I confused something there, sorry clem.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to the online dictionary of the technical  university munich for helping 
me with some words I didn't know. The dictionary is found at: 

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to CjayC and Gamefaqs for hosting my guides and providing us gamers with 
these massive amount of information and messageboards and stuff.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to you for still reading this.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to me for writing all this.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To find more FAQ to other great games penned by me go to:

                   or check out my website

there are also some helful maps for Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders and 
other neat stuff written by me on!

now to the very last and least:

Help for hungry guidewriters ;)

If you think,  this FAQ helped  you out, then  please be so  kind  and type the 
following url in your browser an click on one of the ads there.

You can't  loose anything by doing so,  except half a minute of your time and I 
get some tips  and write more guides!  Even little money  is money!  Thank you!

         Copyright (c) 2005-06 Selmiak

                     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\)      (//////////////
                      ___________            ___________
                  ,--',-------..._`. ,--. ,'_...-------.`--.
                  `-./   ..:::::..`.\.__./,'  ..::::::..\.-'
                    ||.::::::::::::||    ||.::::::::::::||
                    \\  ''::::::'',';    .'. '':::::::''//
                     \'.______,-_,,'|    |`.._-.______,'/
                      `-------''   /:    :\   ``-------'
                                 ,' :    : '.
                                |   :    :   |
                                `.__:    :__,'

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