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Part 1 - The Blue Crystal

Introduction to the story

In the night Zak has a weird dream all about agyptian signs, a beautiful woman, the Mars and aliens (the first and the second ones) The next morning in Zak's Boss' Buero:
Zak and his Boss are having an argument over him not wanting to make up stories anymore, so he ha s to find out what's going on around Mt. Rainer and the twoheaded squirrel.

San Francisco

Zak starts (t)his adventure in his room next to his bed (the first time I was playing I thought he just woke up and is already dressed after waking up from this weird dream) and just thinks: wow, what a crazy dream I had this night, I have to draw the map I saw in my dream somewhere!

So look out for the plastic card under the desk, the green thingy on the right side, this is Zak's CashCard, which is a VERY important item in this game, you won't get anywhere without it so you have to get it now.
You can get the card into your inventory by ripping the wallpaper from the wall next to the door and putting it under the card to get it out of there.
alternate strategy: You can also use the butterknife to scrap the card out, you will get the knife in Zak's kitchen.
Now open the deskdrawer and take the Kazoo with you. Play it if you like.

Next thing to take with you is Sushi in the bowl. Just take the bowl, it may get wet in Zaks pockets but he can handle it. Under Sushi's Bowl is another drawer. Open it and take the phone bill with you.

If you want you can turn on the answering machine, but you don't have to. If you do so there will be some fun messages on it later in the game.

Now leave Zak's room.

After the cutscene introducing your enemy in this game, the Aliens (the first ones) you will find yourself in Zak's livingroom. Take the pillow next to the TV and plug the powerchord into the fitting device.
Now lift the other pillow to find the TVs remote control. Use the remote to switch on the TV and see a well known dreamwoman on TV, and find out that she collects all kind of artifacts in her mailslot. Well, okay then, let's search for an artifact and we'll have a date with her. Oh, darn, the boss wants us to have a look at the mysterious things happening at Mt. Rainer and the twoheaded squirrel.

So let's go on, walk to the sink, open the door under it and take the yellow crayon. Out of the poor fridge you need the egg. What else?

Now just take the butterknife and the small key for the letterbox and we can go out on the streets.

Lets walk to the left now and ring the bakery's bell. With the stupid frenchie not acting like we want him to, let's ring that bell once more. Well, ring the bell one more time and pick up the bread coming at you.

Now we enter the TCP Telephone company and take the application for the King's fan club. Don't walk behind the counter, because under your flat there is the headquarter of the Aliens, that want to turn the human race into stupid people and are not amused when a stranger like Zak enters their headquater uninvited.
Use the yellow crayon to fill out the application. As you already have the yellow crayon in your hands let out all your artistic talent and skills and use the yellow crayon to draw the map you saw in your dream on the torn wallpaper.

Now leave the telephone company and use the small key to open up your letterbox and stick the completely answered application for the king's fan club into the letterbox.

Now walk to the right until you can walk to the background, which leads to the 14th street.

Enter the shop called Lou's Loans, and start fullfilling your girlfriends wet dreams, start with buying all the things you see, doesn't matter if you like them or not.
Buy the golf club, the toolkit, the hat, the false glasses with nose, the guitar and the divingsuit.

Open the toolkit and find out what nice and useful things you can find in there.

Walk to the end of the 14th street and get used to handling the wirecutter by using it on the bobby pinz sign. Well, there you cutted off and took away that gigantic hairironthing.

Now get back to the 13th street, the one Zak lives in.

You sure have noticed the bus here! But you can't enter it because the busdriver is asleep. So, let's wake him up. Play a nice melody on your kazoo and he will wake up at once. You can try to play some heavy metal on your Kazoo but Zak only knows one song.

Now enter the bus and pay with your cashcard and let's go to the airport.

At the airport you give your Cashcard to the devotee guy and get a book about true enlighning (raising your consciousness and lowering your golfscores) from him. You don't need a ticket by now, as you boss pays for your flight to Seattle to Mt. Rainer, so enter the plane now.

Inside the plane

The Stewardess is coming and hands you your food in form of some peanuts in a small bag and tells you where to sit.
About fucking time to do something!

But to be able to do something you first have to distract the stewardess that is guarding the whole plane with her eagleeyes.

So, let's go to the toilet at first at the back end of the plane. Use the toilet paper in the sink and clock it that way. Now turn on the water and watch the sink overflow. Call the Stewardess by pushing the callbutton and now run to the front end of the plane. Open the Microwave oven and put in that egg. Now you just have to turn on the microwave oven and you will have all the time you need to do what you want to do and the stewardess won't interupt you anymore as she is quite busy.

Take all the time you need to take the first seating cushion and also the lighter that drops out once you lift the cushion. Now open all the luggage storages above the passengers and in the last one (yeah sure, always the last one, no matter what you do!) there is the oxygene tank we need.

Now you can wait for the plane to land or if this takes too much time for you (as for everyone else probably) you can press the two mouse buttons at once and you will get the plane landed. The two mouse buttons are a standard command in Lucas Film and in Lucas Arts games to skip cutscenes you already know or don't want to see or for stuff like this.

Once the plane has landed and you didn't manage to do all the things mentioned above or you just read them and didn't know about this you will be able to get on the plane everytime you start another flight until you do all the needed stuff.


Once you reached the airport in Seattle you already leave this one and get to Mt. Rainer.
Now you can do your first digital act of destroying nature. Pick up the branch of the huge tree there.

The two headed squirrel attacks you once you come close to it so tame it with the peanuts you got on the flight.
alternate solution: beat it to death with the branch or the golfclub or the butterknife or anything else deadly.

Now we still need a story about the twoheaded squirrel, so, no matter if dead or alive, dig your way through the huge pile of mud with the butter knife. You will ruin the knife that way, but other people will love it that way.
Alternative solution: use the golfclub or the branch or the bobbypinz sign to dig, but that's not as good as is using the butterknife, you will see later on.

As it's very dark inside the cave we need a fire. If you killed the two-headed squirrel you can just take it's nest. In case you love digital animals all that much get your nintendog tamagotchi now and play with it, pet it, take it to bed with you and... no, wait forget it, they both are boring and suck, just use the "what is" function and scroll around until you find the abandoned birdnest. The nest is at the beginning of the cave very high up. It's so high up, you will need a large object to push it down like the golf club or the bobby pinz sign again.
You can also turn on the lighter to find it even better.
Once you got the bird nest, throw it into the firepit together with the branch from the tree in front of the cave and light it up with the lighter.

Now there should be light. As there is light now you can see the strange yellow markings on the wall. So play around with them, take your yellow crayon and connect the yellow dots.


A secret door to an even more secret room will open up and you will gain access to the very first artifact room in which you can find the mystic BLUE CRYSTAL!
But the Crystal is locked, so use your TV's remote control to let the safety thing open up and now take the Crystal with you. Let's go back to the airport.

Seattle, WA SEA-TAC
to Abr. Price
Miami, FL MIA $407
San Francisco, CA SFO $260

Here we want to get back home to San Francisco.

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