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Part 2 - The Glowing Object

San Francisco

Dropped of from the bus we start marching to the 14th street already and search for the red door with the slot for the archiological society.

Open the slot and drop the Crystal in and now wait for Annie to react to your action and see the Crystal. After a short moment of nothing... Annie will open up her door and tell you everything you need to know.


So try this by now and change controls to Annie.

Lift the flat thing on her Desk and take your CashCard with you!

Give the butterknive to Annie (if you used it for digging at Mt. Rainer and/or if it is damaged). If you used another Item for digging you can of course still give it to Annie, but this will do nothing for her.
Give her the Guitar too.

Get back to Zaks home now.
If you are lucky there is already an answer from the Elvis Fanclub in your mail box, if so unlock it and take the Fan Club Card with you.
Now walk up the stairs and enter Zak's home.
Under the sink there is a pipe. Use it to smoke some wee... uhm, use the monkey wrench to get rid of the pipe.
Now put the dry bread in the sink and turn on the disposer. The dry breadcrumbs will fall out of the place the pipe once was at. Now take them with you.

Walk into Lous's Loans and sell the Guitar and the bend Butterknive, ...pardon, the silver statue and get some good money for this stuff!
Now get some action going and walk to the 13th street to the bus and wait for Zak.

Also go to the bus and wake up the Busdriver with your Kazoo, enter the bus with Annie & Zak, use both Characters to pay and off we go to the airport.

Once at the Airport there is a sad goodbye for the two, but they are just pixels, so buy a ticket to London and from there fly to Katmandu.


In Katmandu we walk to the very right of the scene and see the pile of hay. Hey! Come on baby, light my fire, and fire up the hay. The guard will be coming there and screaming loud for help.
As he now is at the fire he has left his prison unguarded so we walk back to the very left of the scene in highlandish Katmandu.
See that nice Flagpole above the door to the prison. Take it with you as the prison guard is distracted by the fire and you are free to steal everything from him. You learn something new everyday.
Note: If you should try to pick up the flagpole without lighting the fire first the guard will throw you in the prison. Now you need Annie to fly to Katmandu and give her the lighter and light the fire (come on baby) with her and free Zak with the cellkey. But if you read this you should be doing fine and don't need Annie in Katmandu.

Back to the fact, now you walk up to the guardian in front of the temple and give him the book about enlightenment written by the guru he guards. So the guardian will let you enter the guru's place!
Enter the Guru's chamber and he will explain to you how to use the blue crystal and what to do with it and how to play with animals' minds with the use of the crystal and some other interesting gurutalk.
If he smells bad Karma on you you did build this up yourself, for example by killing an innocent twoheaded squirrel. But after some time the bad karma flies away, just wait and the guru will talk to you.

Now stick your cashcard in the yak's arse and you'll be on your way to the airport. From there you can fly over London to Miami.


Here we meet a bum who's just drinking the whole day long. He's missing something in his life, so let's give him the book we got from the devotee in San Francisco. He will be very happy with this and give up his drinking and you his bottle of whiskey.

Miami is out of order and closed for repairs, so we fly to the bermuda triangle because it's quite cheap from here, 99$ is nothing. So buy your ticket now and take off.

Bermuda Triangle

Just after the pilot finished his bad jokes, Zak and the pilot get beamed up to the space caddilac of THE king.
The pilot enters a combination of colors on these colorful switches that you better remember. Just push "space" once he pushed a button and note down what color he pushed.

there are 4 colors in this combination.

So the pilot asks you if you are comming or if you want to wait. Of course you wait on the right side of the screen at the door. Once the pilot is gone you push the doorbell.
The king's guard will take on you and bring you to the king himself. The king (himself) is not very amused to have you in his spacecaddy, so he wants to do do some bad things to you. You can chill his mood by giving him the fanclub card or the guitar (only if you still have it of course) and he will finally be pleased to meet a fan. His guard will bring you to the door now and enter another code. This one is not that important but you better note it down too.
Check back inside the spaceship and take a good look at the Lottomat at the very right of the screen and note down the Lotto numbers. They are very usefull in the future of the game.

Get back to the landingzone with the colorbuttons and enter the code the pilot entered. This is the first code you noted down. The pilot's code lets you spawn directly above the open sea of the Bermuda Triangle. The code the alien entered takes you back to your room in San Francisco.

After you entered the Pilot's code you will be falling towards mother earth. While you are falling you should open your parachute.

What a stroke of luck you have your floating cuission out of the airplane with you. Have a good seat on it. The animal in the background is not a shark but a dolphin who is very interested in the melodies you can play on your kazoo, so you can lure him near with the kazzo. Now do so and play a melody on the kazoo. Do it, you know just do it. In no time he's here.
Now it's time to practice what the guru told you, so use the blue crystal on the dolphin and within the blink of an eye you are the dolphin. How cool is that, eh. The bad thing is, the aliens get alerted once you use an artifact like the blue crystal, so dive down under the surface fast.

Swim to the very right of the screen and nibble away the seagras from in front of the opening.
The now exposed glowing object is very interesting. So take it, just take it, don't ask just take, I said TAKE IT! Now swim back to the surface and give the object to Zak.

Now there is nothing else to do than swim from left to right and the other way round. Wait for the alien to appear and take you into the mindbender. Here you will get your mind bend and all your objects from your inventory will be taken away and you will loose all your abilities. Finally you'll be thrown out on the street.

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