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Part 3 - The Yellow Crystal

San Francisco

On the streets of San Francisco you have to wait until the "put on" icon appears again on the screen and then you can put on the hat and the false glasses and get straight back into the phonecompany and take back the stuff the alienbastard stole from you. Your stuff is stored in the backroom of the office, you enter there through the door behind the counter.
As you are here now, just use your phonebill with the computer in the first room of the phonecompany and get your phonebill paid.

:alternate strategy: Get into Zaks room and open up the rug, use the monkey wrench on the boards and tie the rope to the door and climb down into the secret room and take back your artifacts. But you can't pay your phonebill that way, as you can't get behind the counter without getting arrested and ripped off again.

Get back into Zaks Room after you paid your phonebill and turn on the answering machine.
Now don't forget to play lotto as you are here, so go to Lou's loans in the 14th street and use the command "buy lotto sign" to play lotto. You are asked to enter four numbers, guess what, you enter the four numbers you got from the space caddy, this will higher your chances of winning the jackpot by... a lot.

If you haven't already cut and trashed the bread this is the last chance to do so, so if you haven't done so, do so, then continue with reading from here on. At that time you should also flush Suhsi into the trasher!

After all the womanswork is done with the sink drive to the airport and fly to Lima, Peru.


Enter the Jungle in Lima! All paths here are totally random so don't even try to remember where you came from or think about where you should go.
Just continue into the Jungle until you reach the platform with the birdfeeder deep inside the Jungle.

Put the dry breadcrumbs on the birdfeeder and wait for the bird to arrive. Guess what, exactly, you need the help of an animal again, so use the blue crystal on the innocent birdy.

As the bird you fly to the left eye of the gigantic Aliensculpture in the background and take the scroll with you. You have enough time to take a look inside the other eye but it doesn't matter you can't do anythere here. At least not now ...!

So, head back to the valley and give the Scroll to Zak and then switch to Zak. Now there should be enough time for you to get away from the alien.

Now there are three options for you now, the first is, to get caught by the aliens again and then getting stuffed into the mindbender again, the second is you just fly back to San Francisco, and once you are back in San Francisco you can collect your Lottery price from Lou's Loans.
I think the second one is faster, as you don't have to wait all the time in the mindbender, but I haven't actually compared the time it takes to do both paths. The thirs option ist to just continue without getting extra money with this out of plan route and take a flight to Kinshasa. From San Francisco it is best to take the route over London and Cairo to Kinshasa, but if you collected the money from the Lottery the price doesn't matter anyways...


Find your way through the random Jungle (again) and then enter the door to the witchdoctors hut. Give him the Golfclub and he will be very thankful and show you the dance that is said to "open the door to the head". Sounds cool, eh, but when you find out more about it you'll be even more surprised. Just like with the color combinations the pilot in the bermuda triangle did you note down the combination these dancers dance as this is another code you need later. Make an X inside the empty space into the following table and keep it for further reference. The best thing is to print out the table before making the x's, or your dad will get mad when he sees what you have done to his monitor.

medicine man middle dance right dancer

Maybe I'll add a function to save these values to your browser some time in the future, but for now you have to either keep this tab open for a while and continue playing until you opened the door on mars or you do it oldschool and take notes. On paper...
Now there is nothing left to do for you here so find a way back to the airport through the Jungle and make your way to Mexico.
The fastest way from Kinshasa is to Cairo to London to Mexico.


And again another Jungle!
Fight your way through the jungle and find yourself in front of the Temple! Now find your way around inside the temple. The best thing to do here is to use the map I drew and posted here:


With the map you will find your way to the statue with the crystalshard, I'm sure!

Once you're there let Zak be whatever he wants to be and switch to Melissa on Mars.


Take Melissa into the Van and open the glove compartement. Take the two Cashcards and the DAT Tape out of the radio and also the Ghetto-blaster called Boom box.

Give Leslie her CashCard and then walk past the youth hostel to the Monolith (from 2001?) and buy a token.

Then enter the Youth hostel on Mars.

Also enter the Youth Hostel with Leslie

Use the token as a screwdriver and open the metal plate next to the door with the token. Girls can do that too! Take the burnt fuse and and replace it with the new one from the glove compartement.
Close the door to the Marssurface now and open the door to the rest of the youth hostel. Take a look around in there.
Now you can also take off your helmet. This way you can save oxygen and prevent the girls on mars from suffocation. (Only take off your helmet when the door to the surface is closed!!!)

On the one locker inside the Youth hostel on Mars is a little piece of ductape, take it with you. Inside this locker is a flashlight that you'll need too, so take it, TAKE IT!
There is noone (human) around you to be against it.
At the end of the room there is a ladder that belongs to noone so just take it and now it's Leslies turn, because she's got the better nerves.

Open the covers of the bed in the youth hostel and take the broom alien with you.
As you are a woman now do something useful and enter the pressure chamber, put on your helmet and open the door to the surface of planet mars. Now leave the Youth hostel and use the newly discovered broom on the sand in front of the Youth hostel to uncover a solar panel.

Put on your helmet and leave the hostel to the Mars surface. Walk to the right until you reach the gigantic head. Lean the ladder against the door and search for your notes on the combination the medicinman in Kinshaasa showed you with his dance.
Push the buttons on the door in the same order the dancers moved and you will open the door at once. Now take the ladder with you again and enter the Mars- face. Enter with Leslie too.

Nevertheless you go to the first big door with Melissa and lean the ladder against the pedestal. You strap the Vinyl tape on the DAT Disc and put it inside the Boom box. (yeah, you had to do it this way in a time where no CD Burners were available and noone ever thought about a DVD!) Switch the boom box to record and push the crystal sphere on top of the pedestal.

With this record you can open all three doors in the Marsface without having to climb up the ladder or having problems with broken crystal spheres. So enter the middle door in the gigantic marsface chamber and get the ankh there.

Now open and enter the last door in the great chamber and stick the ankh in the place it fits. Now turn on the projector and listen to the Skolarian's message telling you that they recorded this messages so many years ago, ... wait how do they know that you will see it this time past the recording..., no matter, they are aliens and know everything. And they want to help you defeating the other (the first?!) aliens, that's good enough for me, so pick up the keys on the wall and leave this place to the Mainhall and give the flashlight to Leslie.

enter the first big door.
Now I refer to my map posted here:

Go and find the room labeled "levers" and activate the machine. Once the levers are on top there is oxygen inside the Marschamber and you can take off your helmet inside the Face on Mars and breath fresh marsair. So, now I ask myself what this will smell like.

Now use the map again and find a way to the "maproom". Look at the maps and the signs on the wall. You'll need them later on at the sphinx.

Take off you helmet too and go to the second statue in the Main hall and take a good look at the Markings at the statue in the mainhall. Zak need these now!


Zak is still in the Jungle and standing in front of the gigantic Mexican statue with the crystalshard in it's hand and he's waiting for the symbol Melissa just saw. Use your yellow crayon and draw the symbols on the socket of the statue.

Now the statue will release it's grip and you can take the other half of the yellow crystal with you. The light turns off, but that doesnt matter now, you got the crystal shard, that's all that counts. Use the map again and you will be out of the temple in a second.

Run through the Jungle back to the airport and take a flight to London.


Here yo park ZAK and let him wait for Annie.

Fly to London with Annie.

Give the whiskey to Annie.

Get out of the airport and get the guard as drunk as you can and the switch off the electric fence.

Leave the airport and use the wirecutters to cut a hole in the fence. Enter stonehenge and stick that flagpole into the crypt.
Now lay both crystal shards on the altar and give the scroll to Annie.

Read the scroll out aloud. Kaboom, the two Crystalshards will blend together to only one whole crystal.

Get the Yellow Crystal and fly back to the medicinman in Africa.

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