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Part 5 - The White Crystal


Beam Zak to Egypt and activate the switch in the pyramide. Now you can leave the Pyramide without a problem and can move to the right foot of the sphinx. Here is another yellow marking, just use the yellow crayon to complete it so that it looks like the one found just minutes ago in the sphinxroom on mars, in which Leslie is standing at the moment, so, if you want to look again switch to Leslie.

Wait for the door to open and after the door is open, enter the Sphinx and follow the superb card that can be found later in this text because of the layout and the table of contents here...

or just walk through a walkthrough (with the use of this walkthrough I guess) on which you can see a sun above.
If you managed (however though) to get into a dark room in which you can hear strange sounds just leave as fast as possible, because this is the room of the guardian of the sphinx. The guardian is sleeping there and he has a very light sleep.

Once you reached the room with the 3 buttons do nothing until Annie arrived, so switch to Annie immedeately now.


Enter the same room in which Zak is in at the moment and read the Hyroglyphics above the buttons. Then, surprise, press the buttons as described by the translation of the Hyroglyphics and there you go, there is a secret map opening up behind the wall on which the mars pyramid and the face on mars can be seen.

Remember the markings, that are on the top right of the map and use the yellow crayon to draw the rest of the map on your recent map. To do so you first have to take a look at the map in the shinx and then just use the yellow crayon on the map an now you will be able to beam Zak to Mars inside the huge Face on Mars.


You are inside a room with three doors on Mars now. Use the middle one to perform the first Marsgrafitti in history and go crazy with your yellow crayon on it. Try to make it look like the sign in the sphinx in the end.
If you can't quiet remember how the sign in the sphinx looked like, just switch to Annie and take at look at it with her until you can remember or take some notes and then switch back to Zak and draw the sign on there with him.

Once you completed the sign and it was correct the door will open and you can leave through the doors. Just refer to the Mars Face Maze map I mentioned before in Chapter 3. Keep in mind, that the doors in front of you are labled 1,2,3 from left to the right and the numbers on the map are from right to left, which is logical, because you are standing in front of the doors and looking at them. Where the doors lead you is not that logical, but I'm sure you can manage to get the right one. But it is better to get the left one. Once you are in the maze just walk out to the main hall.

Meet with the girls in the Mainhall of the Marsface. Make the girls put on their spacesuits and helmets.

Now we need a spacesuit for Zak. We do this by using the oxygentank from the plane, the divingsuit from Lou's Loans and the fishbowl from sushi. Put on the stuff. Now you'll see, that the fishbowl is leaking, so use the ductape to fix the holes. Now you can go out with all three of them.

Now move them all to the spacebug and let them refresh their oxygen. After this move on to the monolith and buy tokens without an end. Make sure that Zak owns at least one token and Melissa and Leslie both own 2 tokens.
Now use a token with everyone of the three character on the Marstram and leave the landig side with all three of them, because you need all three over at the Marspyramide.
Now move to the Pyramide with all of them.

Use the broom Alien to get rid of that sandpile in front of the door to the mars pyramide.

Lock the door open by using the Bobby pinz sign in the gigantic keyhole. After this you all can enter (at your own risk).

With the girl, that doesn't have the golden key (most likely Leslie) push the sarcophacus' feet. This opens up a door and you can walk up the stairs with Zak and the remaining student.

Open the small box on the right with the golden key. Now position Zak in front of the white crystal and switch to the other student up there. The next action has to be done very fast, but I'm here to help you here too. Just use the keyboard to do the commands. Push the button with the student, then switch to Zak and pick up the white crystal. The button "b" on your keyboard is used to switch between characters, and the button "d" activates the command for "pick up".

Walk to the Tramstation with both of them and throw in your tokens to drive back to the Landing site.
Pick up the fuse you put into the youthhostel on mars and then put it inside the spaceshuttlebug. Enter the bug with both of them and once you plugged in the fuse start the bug with the controlls and Blast off to space for a save way home.

Beam back to mother earth and into the Pyramide in Cairo.

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