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Hello there, here is a small collection of pictures and Infos I gathered while the Fangame Zak2:between time and space was made. Enjoy!

You can find the solution (in german) for Zak btas under the Link above here. On all other pages the solution button will link you to the solution for Zak McKracken and the alien mindbenders. That's quite selfexplaining, but I just wanted to have said it...

This is the current 'Cover' of the Game.

This is how the Homepage looks atm.

Zak with noseglasses in 3D.

Some Susi in a Bowl animations by Christopher.

made by Christopher (zak2:btas Team). You never know when it's released...

You can put this picture somewhere between newer artwork and old stuff, I don't know...

This is an older cover.

The loadscreen of the Techdemo looks like this..

Dunno how old this animation is. (... and why Zak looks so much like Al Bundy in it.).

This is how the page looked before the redesign. If you compare them both you see there is something going on.

And because it's sooo nice, here is a (hopefully not outdated) collection of the Characters in Zak2: between time and Space with the old graphics..
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