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Prism is a small little game that makes your brain work. The graphics are not that good after all, but the gameplay is addictive as hell. Once you started it's very hard to lay the game down again. The soundtrack is very annoying over time but the levels are quite the opposite. The higher the numbers after the word level become, the more difficult the levels become, that's how a good puzzler works.
And once you're stuck with Prism - Light the Way you can have a look at my solution.
Once you finished Prism and you are interested, click on the Prism logo on top of the page to see other games I have written solutions for.
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And don't forget to listen to the Soundtrack for the game. It has become a whole CD, Ladies and Gentlemen, selmiak's website proudly presents:

Pink Prism - Light the way on the dark side of the moon ;)

Pink Prism - light the way on the dark side of the moon

Group 01
Level 1-8
Group 02
Level 9-16
Group 03
Level 17-24
Group 04
Level 25-32
Group 05
Level 33-40
Group 06
Level 41-48
Group 07
Level 49-56
Group 08
Level 57-64
Group 09
Level 65-72
Group 10
Level 73-80
Group 11
Level 81-88
Group 12
Level 89-96
Group 13
Level 97-104
Group 14
Level 105-112
Group 15
Level 113-120


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