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Johnny Crash does Texas

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zwar auf Englisch, aber von mir ...

                        'M:..                MM
                    M'   MMMMM.               MMM.             .
                   MM     MMMMMM     MM       MMMMM.          MM
                 MMMM     MWMMMMMM  MMM       :MMMMMM      MMMMMMM
          MMMMMM   MMM'  'MMM   MM   M   MMM   M   MMM   M   MMMMM   MMMM
         :MMMMMM   M        M   MM   M    MM   M    MM   M.   MMM   .MMMMM
         MMMMMMM   M   MM   M   MM   M    MM   M    MM   MM   MMM   MMMMMM
        MMMMMMMM   M   MM   M   MM   M    MM   M    MM   MM.  'M'   MMMMMMM
       MMMMMMMMM   M   MM   M   MM   M     M   M     M   MMM   '   MMMMMMMM
      MMMMMMMMMM   M   MM   M        M         M         MMMM     MMMMMMMMM:
     MMMMMMMMMMM   M   MM   M   MM   M   M     M   M     MMMMM   MMMMMMMMMMM
    MMMMMMMM   M   M   MM   M   MM   M   M     M   M     MMMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMM
   MMMMM.  M   M   M   MM   M   MM   M   MM    M   MM    MMMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMMM
  MMMMM.   M   '   M        M   MM   M   MM    M   MM    MMMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMMM
 MMMMM     MMM.   MMM            MMM           MM           MMM    MM   MMMMMMM
 MMMM'    7MMMM   MMM    MMMM    MMM           MM.   MMMM    MMM   MMM   MMMMMM
 'M      MMMMMMMMMMM    MMMM     MMMM   .MMM.   MM.       ':MMMMM.         MMMM
  M      aMMMMMMMMMM;            MMM:   :MMM:   MMM:..         'MM    MMM   MM:
  M      MMM   'MMM     M       MMMM'   MMMM:   'MMMMMMMMMMMM.  MMM   .MM    M'
  'M            MMM    MMM   MMMMMM:   <         MMWMMMMMMMMMM  MMMM   MMM   M
   'MMM8       MMMM    MMM   MMMMMM'    M::..    MMMMM    MMMM   MMM    MMMMMM
     :MMMa     MMMM    MMMM  MMMMMM    .MMMMM.   .MMMM           :MM    MMMM'
      'MMMMM. ;M'     MMMMM  MMMMMM    :MMMMM:    MMMMM           MMMMMMMMM

                                  - Does Texas -


                            For your safety: This is a
                            game. All tricks seen here
                             are performed by Johnny
                            Crash. Don't attempt any of
                            these tricks in real life.


>                                                               FAQ/Walkthrough
>>                                                                 Version 1.10
>>>                                                                  08.04.2009
>>>>                                                                 by selmiak

____Table of Content__:::                                               [.TOC.]

__________________///                                \\\_______________________

             Table of Content ........................ [.here.]
             Preface ................................. [.pre.]
             The Controls ............................ [.crt.]
             The Menu ................................ [.men.]
             Do Texas ................................ [.dtx.]
             Highscorelist ........................... [.hghlst.]
             Highscore hunting ....................... [.hgh.]
             Point List .............................. [.pot.]
             Legal, thanks & Credits ................. [.end.]

__________________                                      _______________________

For those of you  who want  to jump  instantly  to a  chapter  I  did implement
a  search  function  into  this document.  Just press  Ctrl+F  to activate  the
searchwindow of your browser or word processor and then enter the number behind
the Item of this TOC all together with the dot and the brackets and hit search.
Sometimes you need to hit it twice,  but if you did enter the brackets and dots
too you won't have to press search more than twice.

____Preface___________:::                                               [.pre.]

Hi and welcome to my FAQ for Johnny Crash does Texas.  I got this game together
with and preloaded on my  Sony Ericsson Walkman handy (or cell phone  or mobile
phone or whatever you guys over the big pond would call it).  So if you stumble
across this FAQ you either  have the same  phone or you want  to know something
more about this game and  I don't know where you got it from,  but I don't care
anyways, let's rock Texas!

selmiak - June 07

I also made a website for Johnny Crash does Texas, check it out:

    > <

____The Controls______:::                                               [.crt.]

There is not that  much to say (or write) about the controls,  as you only have
one  button  to  control  Johnny Crash  in the game.  You need the  directional
buttons on your handy for the menu,but in-game you only use one button, this is
the button  on the center  of the  directional  buttons  or  alternatively  the
number button with the '5'.
You use this  button to shoot Johnny  out of the cannon  and then later to flap
with his hands to get some height.

In the upper  left corner  of the screen  is a power gauge,  that tells you how
much energy Johnny Crash has left. Every time you flap with your hands you lose
some of your power.  Once the Gauge is empty you will go down.  The only way to
reload  the gauge  is by  getting  struck  by lightning,  but this is explained
farther in the Do Texas Walkthrough.

In the upper right corner of the Screen  is a display  for the  points you have
earned  in the Level you are playing.  The points increase  by the distance you
fly and by the stunts you perform.You can also Score combo points for combining
stunts, but this feature is enabled later in the game.

That's all there is to know about the controls.
(You see this game is quite easy to control, but it develops some kind of depth
and that makes it so addictive.)

____The menu__________:::                                               [.men.]

                Choose between Career mode (Do Texas) and Highscore.

High Scores
                View your 5 highest High scores from High score flying.

                Set the sound and language settings or erase your career. The
                most  interesting  feature   is  the landscape  setting.  Try
                different settings and see what  you like best.  Each one has
                it's advantages and disadvantages.

                Tells you something about the game, but this FAQ is more help-
                Get back to your phone and call someone.

Enough of the talking,
Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

____Do Texas__________:::                                               [.dtx.]

Howdy Johnny! It's time for a vacation.  Ready to relax? Jump into a cannon and
perform  some crazy  stunts  to impress the  good folks of Texas!  Complete the
missions to become even more popular and learn whole new stunts.


[.Level 01.]
         Welcome to Texas
                                        Top Reputation Score: 3.000
                                        Setting: Day

Have a nice vacation in Texas Johnny!
First learn to fly. Key 5 or navigation key blasts you out of the cannon.
Pressing 5 or  navigation key while flying gains more altitude.  Follow the bar
at the top of the screen to see,  how much longer you can still fly.  Have fun!

Hit lightning to open the next level.

This short text above is the game's description for this level.  I will include
the game's description  for every level in this FAQ. And you should do what the
game tells you. In the first level you have to hit a lightning. This charges up
your flightpowergauge in the upper left corner.
Just shoot Johnny out of the cannon and once  you see the red ball on the right
side  of the  screen stay on  the same height  as the  red ball.  The  red ball
indicates the obstacle you have to hit to pass the level and perform the stunt.
The numbers are the seconds you are away from the lightning.

Once you fly  through the lightning you will see  Johnny being covered in stars
and flashing.  Then you know  you did perform the stunt correctly. Further more
your powergauge will reload and you can fly some more meters.

If you hit enough  birds and lightning  you will score the top reputation score
for this Level which is 3000 points. This should be no problem at all! When you
hit only one Lightning you should be able to fly more than 3000 meters.

After each  Level description  I will list all new obstacles and the Points for
them. Here are all the points for the first level.
At the end of  the FAQ is a complete List,  check there if that is what you are
searching for, here are only the new stunts and points for Level 1.

:Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Bird:           100
Lightning:      400
Windmill:       400

Cactus:         700
Windmill:       250
Barrels:        100



[.Level 02.]
         Stealing Trousers
                                        Top Reputation Score: 4.000
                                        Setting: Day

It's time for some serious action.  Make your first real stunt. Steal a pair of
trousers  from a cloths line.  Check the scrapbook after  the successful flight
to see your current reputation!

Hit a cloths line to open the next level.

Shoot Johnny in a (ca.) 35° angle out of the cannon and get the first lightning
(still at the same height as in the level setting (day) before.  After you load
up on flash energy, descend down to only a bit  above the ground and there will
be sooner than later the clothes line.
After hitting the trousers  and taking a nice photograph for your memories (and
the scrapbook)  lift up a bit because  there is  a windmill  to follow  up soon
after the clothes line. If you manage  to fly through the windmill you'll score
400  Points.  After that  fly on,  maybe  get down  and catch  another  pair of
trousers  shortly  after  the  windmill  and  then fly higher,  catch some more
lightnings  and land  on a Cactus and you  will easily  get the  top reputation
score of 4000 points.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Cloths line:    500

Reputation 13%

(Your Vacation has had a smashing start.)
(the same Text  is displayed with 0% reputation,  but at this  time in the game
you are forced to  look at the scrapbook and see  your Reputation level for the
first time.


[.Level 03.]
         Vulture's Way
                                        Top Reputation Score: 5.000
                                        Setting: Day

Oh no.  Oil barons  want to rule in  Texas and  they didn't  like your trousers
trick. Amaze them by hitchhiking.
Collide with a vulture and fly with the beautiful bird for a while.

Hit a vulture to open the next level.

Start  as usual in  the day setting,  catpult  JC in a ca. 35° angle out of the
cannon and  catch the first lightning.  Soon afterwards there will be the first
vulture and the red circle indicates it. Once you caught it, or should I say it
caught you, you get dragged up in the air,  gain a good portion of altitude and
by that fly farther and get more points for your travelled meters.
After you come down  from the heights there  is another lightning and some more
vultures that  carry you  another  portion of the way  and you will  score 5000
points with ease.  If you get the  vulture flying  in the right angle,  it will
throw you  right onto the  next vulture.  You have  to do nothing  for this and
get another 600 Points.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Vulture:        600

now you reached the Rank 'Crazy Cowboy' with 22% reputation

(Local Farmers have begun to lock their doors in the evenings!  Your reputation
is growing.)


[.Level 04.]
         Oil Well Blackout
                                        Top Reputation Score: 6.000
                                        Setting: Day

Respect earned! Your vulture trick was great.  Now, keep up the good work. Show
some blind flying.

Hit an oil spray to open the next level

So, start as usual, hit the first lightning, catch the trousers afterwards, fly
through  the windmill,  catch the second pair of trousers,  and don't forget to
fly high after this, because there is a cactus shortly after the second pair of
Once the red circle appears get a bit higher than the red circle, because there
is another  lightning  to catch and then  get down.  If you don't get the first
oil spray then don't worry, as there will be another one very shortly after the
first oil spray.  Fly very  close over it  and stay close  to its  top but yes,
still OVER it. If you've got a lucky timing on your hand the oil will spill all
over you and you will be rewarded with another  Photograph for your  collection
of weird images starring Johnny Crash in his best mood.
After the second  oil spray lift up a bit,  there is a  lightning to strike and
just afterwards  a vulture to hang on.  If you nailed all the  tricks described
here you should have earned your 6000 Point by now.  So just keep on flying and
score another high score.
Sometimes it's  better to aim for the second oil spray,  as this one will spill
oil while you are over it (most of the times.)  Yes, this level depends on good
luck, but only a little bit.

With this  performed stunt  you have now  UNLOCKED the COMBO MODE  for the next
Levels! You can now hit  objects in a row  and earn combo multipliers.  This is
very  useful for the  following  levels,  as you need  more points  for the top
reputation score.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Oil spray:      700

Oil spray:      350
Barrels combo up!



[.Level 05.]
         Airplane Combo
                                        Top Reputation Score: 7.000
                                        Setting: Clouded sky

Yee-haw! A storm is in the air.  It's time for a combo collision! Hint: You can
do combos with all objects. Just hit as many things in a row as you can!

Hit two airplanes in a row to open the next level.

Welcome to the  second setting in  Johnny Crash, the clouded sky.  Here all the
stunt possibilities  you know from the  last levels have  changed and appear in
other locations.  So this makes  it a bit more  interesting.  So read on to get
Top reputation score.

Shoot Johnny Crash real high in the sky in an 75° angle and once you are at the
peak of  the  flying curve  get  down only  a little bit,  there  is the  first
lightning  to strike.  The second one  will  follow  after a few more  meters a
little bit below.  After  the second one  slowly rise up  and get the  next two
lightnings too.  After them there is  already the first plane you must hit. Hit
the  second one  and the  level is passed,  if you  hit  the vulture  after the
second plane and have already  got all the stunts I explained here you will now
have passed the top reputation score.

There are lots of lightning clouds up in the dark area of the screen and 2 more
combo-able  airplanes will come by shortly after the vulture.  When you run out
of flying power there are two more airplanes,  but most likely you will go down
before  reaching  them,  but if you  manage to  hit  enough  lightnings  it  is
possible to reach them too.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Airplane:       800
combo        2x 800

Now you reached the Rank 'Mr Chaos' with 42% reputation

(Fans from Dallas are coming to see you fly.)


[.Level 06.]
         Bed of Pick-up
                                        Top Reputation Score: 8.000
                                        Setting: Clouded sky

Farmers are  laughing at you.  Shut them up.  Chase a pick-up truck and land on
the truck's bed!

Hit a pick-up truck to open the next level.

As you are now in the same setting as in the level before do the same stunts as
in the level before at the beginning,  that is: launch at 75° degree angle, get
the 4 lightnings, smash into the 2 planes and catch the vulture behind.
If  the vulture  takes you  high  enough you should  be able to  catch  another
lightning and then slowly descent to land on the truck,  with a bit of luck and
getting all the stunts I mentioned here you should already have reached the top
reputation score.
But you can also stay up that high,  and collect more stunts and points and try
to land on the second truck (red circle, you know),  but be careful,  there are
some mean cacti around the second truck, you have been warned.  Get down before
the cactus gets you.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Truck:          500

Now you reached the Rank 'Duke of Destruction' with 52% reputation

(Your Vacation is turning onto a media event. The whole great state of Texas is
talking about you.)


[.Level 07.]
         Tornado Storm
                                        Top Reputation Score: 9.000
                                        Setting: Clouded sky

Storm warning! Locals plan to leave the state. Earn some extra respect.

Hit a tornado to open the next level.

Same  game as  the level  before,  shoot at ca. 75°,  collect the 4 lightnings,
smash into the  2 planes and you should catch the vulture behind.  If you catch
it you  will most  likely miss the  first tornado,  but you will  have gathered
enough points easily to have reached the top reputation score already, so let's
hit such a Tornado.  Just go down after the vulture ride,  there is another one
coming.  When you hit it just do nothing and you will fly directly into another
tornado.  From  there you  will not  hit the next  tornado,  but from  the next
tornado you will have the same  tornadoflightcombothing happening.  This should
be enough points for Top Reputation.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Tornado:        900



[.Level 08.]
         Oil Business
                                        Top Reputation Score: 10.000
                                        Setting: Clouded sky

Your amazing tornado stuff impressed the oil barons!  They want to meet you and
hang out with an international celebrity. Make a nice first impression.

Hit an oil derrick to open the next level.

You  know  the  drill from  the  last  few  levels,  shoot high,  collect the 4
lightnings,  catch  the  plane-plane-vulture  combo and  your  are  almost done
score wise.  Now just fly until  you  reach the  oil derrick and this  level is
If you  want to  wait for the  second oil derrick  just do so  (there really is
another one)  and collect points  like crazy while  waiting for the oil derrick
and the corresponding red circle to pop up.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Oil Derrick:    600

Now you reached the Rank 'Master of Mayhem' with 72% reputation

(Thanks to you, media from all over the world gathers in Texas to witness your


[.Level 09.]
         Cowboy World
                                        Top Reputation Score: 11.000
                                        Setting: Sunset

What a beautiful sunset! But the oil barons didn't like your oil derrick stunt.
Let the dust settle and spend some time on a ranch. Amuse the cowboys.

Hit a cactus to open the next level.

Hitting a cactus  should be no problem to you now,  but the score of 11k points
to reach the top reputation score is a bit of a problem,  but not if you follow
my instructions.

Launch in a 30°-35° angle.  You should be catapulted  straight into a lightning
cloud and right after the lightning there is a tornado waiting for you.
After the power of  the tornado threw you into/over another two lightnings just
let go down just as you are and you will come close to 2 vultures.  Take a ride
with one (better both)  of them and after that ride there are various lightning
clouds at  different heights that will provide you with points,  there are also
planes and tornados.
So if you are aiming  for the top reputation  score you should go for the third
or fourth cactus. Just count the red dots.  After the second one vanished below
you go down a bit, there are 3 windmills that want to be combo'd and give you a
mad point boost. Then you should be in the 5 digits already and can concentrate
on going down. Watch out for the cacti.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

nothing new, cacti are placed on the map since the first level. This is just to
amuse the cowboys.



[.Level 10.]
                                        Top Reputation Score: 12.000
                                        Setting: Sunset

The oil  barons  are trying to  locate you  by using balloons!  Make a surprise
visit to a balloon.  Hint: The easiest way to hit a balloon is to use a tornado
to swing you extremely high.

Hit a balloon to open the next level.

So, maybe you realize, you are in  the same setting as the  level before again,
so do the same,  shoot in a ca. 30° angle out of the cannon, ride the lightning
and catch the tornado. Once you are up there get into the lightning and stay up
there until you hit the balloon.
After that go down quick and fly  through as many of the  windmills as possible
and stay down there afterwards.  You will make it to an oil spill and this is a
good thing.  Get covered in oil,  this lifts you up a bit,  so you can fly into
the lightning, most of the times  there is a bird right after the lightning and
thereafter is a tornado  (if you caught the lightning and the bird you will get
it in a x3 combo)  which throws you directly into a vulture.  Speak about doing
nothing  and  getting big  combos,  eh,  now  you should  have the  desired Top
reputation score.
After this there are  lots of lightnings to  charge up and tornados to fly more

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Balloon:        1000

Now you reached the Rank 'King of Texas' with 89% reputation

(You have charmed Texas and the whole wide world with your amazing tricks.
Texans have made you an honorary citizen.)


[.Level 11.]
                                        Top Reputation Score: 13.000
                                        Setting: Sunset

The balloon trick  was the final insult.  It's better to  straighten things out
with the barons. Have a friendly chat.

Hit an oil baron to open the next level.

This is where it gets interesting.  For the start, do the same as in the levels
before.  Launch up in an 30° angle,  get the  lightning and the tornado.  After
this go down,  an stay there  (catch some  vultures or not),  but make  sure to
crash straight into the first of the four windmills and if you don't move while
you fly straight  into the first  windmill you will get all 4 in  one combo and
get mad combo points.
When you enter the last  windmill press the action  button and rise up a bit to
catch the tornado and get the  5x900 points you know from the Level before. Now
you should already be in the close  range of the top reputation points and have
enough flight  power left to continue to  the oil barons  running around at the
There are 2 of them close together,  so if you don't get  the first one  sit on
the second one.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

Oil Baron:      800



[.Level 12.]
         BIG END
                                        Top Reputation Score: 14.000
                                        Setting: Sunset

Texas vacation has been wonderful. Crown the trip and make the last trick.

Hit a cow to complete your visit.

You are still in the sunset setting level,  so just do what you have learned in
the levels  before  (or what I have told  you and will  tell you again).  Shoot
Johnny  in an 35°  angle  in the sky  and  get the  lightning  and  the tornado
afterwards. Then dive down until you hover only a bit above the ground. Collect
the trousers from the cloth line and  then rise up  a bit to combo  through the
four  windmills and  when  you enter  the last  one  rise again(st)  to get the
tornado and the 5x900 combo. Now you only must hit enough lightnings to be able
to stay in the air  long enough to  hit a cow.  There are two  cows shortly one
after  another, and  you  must  only  hit  one  of  them  and  because  of  the
4x windmill/tornado  combo you should also have earned the top reputation score
by now.
Once you got stuck with/in the cow you completed the whole game.

:new Stunts and the Points in this Level:

cow:            900


You  managed  to  perform  all  the crazy stunts!  Increase your  reputation by
scoring over "top reputation score" for each level.

(This is what the  game tells  you  once you  finished the 12th Level.  But you
should by now already have the Top reputation Score in all Levels, if not, this
document  tells  you how  to get it.  Once  you  got  it you  get the  personal
satisfaction that  you've done it and the game gives you  another Screen (and a

You showed who rules in Texas. The nice people of Texas worship you.


____Highscorelist_________:::                                        [.hghlst.]

!!!  NEWS  !!!

>>> this is just in:
Bram de Beer and his friends scored higher scores than Courageman. Here is the brand new and much needed highscore table:

                         Johnny Crash does Texas

                     B. de Beer    ----    39.309
                 P. Brandenbarg    ----    34.681
                  C. ter Huurne    ----    32.258
                     Courageman    ----    32.090 
                        selmiak    ----    31.484

if you want to see these highscores with more style, come visit my homepage.
You can post comments there and surf around and have fun and stuff..

and... this  guy is to  be mentioned but he is  out of rating  because he's not 
aware of this very document:

  Some guy on youtube who scored 69.521

If you scored  more Points  just drop me a line  (and proof would be nice)  and
I'll add you here for all eternity that is Johnny Crash does Texas!
You can find my email in the legal section of this FAQ  somewhere below all the 
points stuff that is to follow near the end of the FAQ.

Proof for Bram de Beer and the other 2 guy in the top 3:

So you want to join in on the craze?  Fly the best  you can and beat the scores
above. If you need some basic training  to get you started read on in the high-
scores and especially the next chapter, the points section...

____Highscore_________:::                                               [.hgh.]

In the Highscore  hunt you just fly  without a real goal but  collecting points
and  performing  a lot of stunts.  You always play in  the setting  that is the
setting for  your actual progress in the story mode of the game. But it is only
the background and roughly the same stunt locations.
There are  also some stunts  already unlocked  that  would appear  later in the
story mode,  so do your best  and beat the highscore.  No matter if your own or 
the  world's best  highscores  for Johnny Crash does Texas  you can find in the 
section above.

   If you score below _7.000 Points_ you get the following screen:

Ouch! Chicken can fly better than that! Improve your flying or lose respect.

   If you score over _7.000 Points_ you get the following screen:

That was OK. Shake Texas with your upcoming flights.

   If you score more than _13.000 Points_ you are awarded with this message:

Yippe-ka-yee! That was a great flight. Well done! The great state of Texas
respects you.

   If you score more than _20.000 Points_ you are awarded with this message:

You're the greatest human cannonball ever seen!

Now beat my record of 31.484! (I only did this once,  actually this is the only
score above 30.000 I ever had... Enjoy!)


____Point List________:::                                               [.pot.]

To make it easier  for you here are two lists for the points that the different
stunts  will give  you  (without combos)  once in  ascending order  and then in
alphabetic order: (beware of the xexixixex)

Ascending points:


Bird:           100     (Level1)
Lightning:      400     (Level1)
Windmill:       400     (Level1)
Cloths line:    500     (Level2)
Vulture:        600     (Level3)
Oil spray:      700     (Level4)
Airplane:       800     (Level5)
Tornado:        900     (Level7)
Balloon:        1000    (Level10)


Barrels:        100     (Level1)
Windmill:       250     (Level1)
Oil spray:      350     (Level4)
Truck:          500     (Level6)
Oil Derrick:    600     (level8)
Cactus:         700     (Level1)
Oil Baron:      800     (Level11)
Cow:            900     (Level12)

alphabetic order of obstacles and the points for them:


Airplane:       800     (Level5)
Balloon:        1000    (Level10)
Bird:           100     (Level1)
Cloths line:    500     (Level2)
Lightning:      400     (Level1)
Oil spray:      700     (Level4)
Tornado:        900     (Level7)
Vulture:        600     (Level3)
Windmill:       400     (Level1)


Barrels:        100     (Level1)
Cactus:         700     (Level1)
Cow:            900     (Level12)
Truck:          500     (Level6)
Oil spray:      350     (Level4)
Oil Derrick:    600     (level8)
Oil Baron:      800     (Level11)
Windmill:       250     (Level1)


____Legal stuff, thanks & Credits__________:::                          [.end.]

Johnny Crash and Johnny Crash does Texas is (c) Digital Chocolate.
This guide is (c) selmiak. It may not be reproduced, sold or profited of in any
way. It may only be hosted on the following websites:

If there are still some questions  left or unanswered don't hesitate to drop me
a line and ask,but please make sure that you have "Johnny Crash" in the subject
You can also write me,  if you found something  that should be in this guide or
you  found a  terrible  mistake.  Positive  Feedback  is also, as  always  very
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My thanks in this guide go out to:

- Digital Chocolate for making this nice little game.
- Sony Ericsson for loading it on my handy so that I didn't have to pay for
  playing it
- Gamefaqs for hosting the FAQ
- Courageman for correcting a lot of spelling mistakes. Check out his websites    and
- pytal for hosting my website
- Peter Jackson for filming Bad Taste, as I (somehow, with one eye) watched
  that Movie while writing this.
- Beck, for recording every single one of his albums, as I listened to quite a
  lot of them while writing this.
- God, without him, nothing is sacred.
- me, because I actually wrote this.
- YOU, because you actually read this.


Version 0.50 - 17.06.07
Started the guide

Version 1.00 - 18.06.07
Finished the guide in the Version you are reading right now.

Version 1.01 - 28.06.07
Deleted some spelling mistakes (all I could find by now, and I always find them
when the file is online, strange thing, eh?!)
Added more strategies/infos for various Levels.

Version 1.02 - 30.06.07
Added the reputation Percent for every Level.
Added the last words of the game.
That's it for now, this FAQ should be finished!

Version 1.03 - 17.12.08
Courageman wrote me a mail, corrected a lot of spelling errors and he did  beat
my highscore. Thanks for that, the spelling errors I mean :P
He also pointed me to youtube,  so I added a link to  the current highest score
video on youtube.

Version 1.10 - 08.04.09
Bram de Beer  wrote me a  mail with a new highscore sometime in march 09,  so I 
added it and also added a Highscorelist.
After I finally put up a highscore table on my website I update this FAQ now.

The highscore can be found here:

You can be on it if you try hard enough. Please don't send Scores beneath 30k!


                                 MB         70MM
                          aWX,  MMMS   78MMMMr
                 ,  :;;i. 8MMMB M. M MMMM  MZ
                MMMMM2MMMMMMMi0MM  MMa    M
                  SXMB     ,MZ  M: M.   ZM.
                      MM      .        i0MMMMMi
            ,MMMMMMMMMMSi  ,i,::,..,       M@MMMM               rS82i
             2M           .i .M,   :,   2   iZMMM               MBr0MM:
           ZMMMMMX2 i;;X7   .MM:       0Mi     MMM:             M   ,M,
          aM        ..    rMMMMMMMMMMMS: S7. :   MMM            M,   MM
         M@ SMMZ@2aSXr  MMMa         MMB  ia   ,  .MMi          aM8   MM
         MiMMM   iXa  iMM   .:.....    MMS  . .:,.  MM           MMW  @Mr
          ZM:  .::2; MM;   ...   ...    2MM   .::   SMM          .MM7 ,Mr
         @MS     7r 7Mr          ....:. , MM   i.,    MM           0M  M7
         Mi  BM  ;  Mi  i,.     .,:;i   .  MM    iWMMMMM            M  MX
       MM.  MMr    MM2;               MMMMM2MM:  MM   MM.    7iSZMMMW  M.
       . 8M, rMM,iS MMMi  :7  .i;i   ZMM .M;SS , MM8.MM:  ZM  .      .  8   MMM
         MMMMMMS :MMM@MMM0 ;i  r0r MMMMMM,  iZ   MM  WMMM   X,   .,  ,..2.,MM7
          MM  0M ,        aS   XZXr      .Xr @B M@, ,MMMMM  :.,, :rr;;. r.rMM
         BMi   M, .   .   :;  .;;2Zr      ,:0MMMZ . MM   M   .7;:;i:::..iSMM
         MM MX @M:,   .,          ;aii : rS,BM      MM   M    .:::::i;:, rMM
         MMMM, @M   ZW   MM0  8MMMa.;MS .aZ7MM i 0M M@   M8   ,i:i,:;;:. ;M
           MZ.MMM  MMMM0   7MMM.  rMM0MM  a7MM ; MMMM:   MM   i;:r,,i;:  aM
           MMMB MZ MM  .MMMMMMMMMMM   XMM ,2MMaM0M0MM     M.   ;ir7rii  iMM
            Mr  MM .W0              r0MiM 2MMMMMMM;       MMM   .:i;r. .MM8
                 MM  8MMM7SSSSi,,XMMM.   aMM@  MMZ         XMM.   :,: WMMX
                 ,MMM   S@B7.;ZWMMX   ,MMMM                   MMX iiX MM
                    MMM   8MMM8,   ,MMMMM                     MM  :iS MX
                   MM8MMr        .0MMM MM                     M  ,,iS:MM
              2MMMM. 2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMr7 MM;                    M  ;,iX MM.
          2MMMMMM   M M i; :X7rMM07rXS  MM7Z                  M  :,iS.MM:
         MMM   M   M  MMXii:Xr2MX irSSi  MMMMMM               M  ,:i2r.M,
       7MM    WM  M0 ;;MM:7:, Mr ir;XMMM2     MMMM7           M  ::i7r MM
       MM   7 MM  M    aMi .MMM  ;SMM    , 7S    0MMM:        M  ,,.;S,MM
     ,MMM r88 MM MMMM8   ,  7:   aM   r2X;7i   :   ZMMM       M  ::,;X,ZM
  MMMMMZBMMMBMMM M  .MM.;,  SZr 8M  Xa7i:. :r2XS7;   rMM      M . .irX7 M
 MMM          M8 M     .:.MMMMMMM  X7,,:,,XSS7  .@MM@  M      M . .,rXS MM;
MMS   .       M  MM  .,ii,     B  :.,... ;XX.  MMMXSMMMMMM    M . ,::iS.MM
MB  ,:,aM;XMM MM ,M    ii,     M; :  .  ,Z7.  M0        7MMM MM , ,:iiS:.MX
M,  i,  X.M;, :M  iMW   . .   M  i,.... :2    M; :.       MMMMM ,  .:iSX MM
M   ;.r,r,M ;  M    MMM .   ,MM ,..,,,.., :0  M  :;;,,,.    MMW 7.::::X0;8M
M:     XS  Xi  MW     :MMMMMM8  :,, .,,.  2X 7M .  .,,       M   .,:iiXZi MM
M2  SM@BWWWBBMXMM              .      .,  0M  MMW7;i,,.     @  i :.::i7aZi0M
MMM MMMMMMMMMM0 M     :..,           .,,  aM  MM0MMBSS7;;r;:: :  ii::i72W. M
:MM 2MMMB 7W@  WMM    i..,.          .:.  8M   M; SM8B@@WZS;.   ,:i,;XXSWi M
 .MMMB7MM    .MMSMM   :..,.          .,.  7MM  MM:     .Z0ZX:i, ,i:,r7r2@i M
  MMr   MM    8MMMMM    :.          ,,,. .i MM   MMarXri     .:,:i:,i7X8S ;M
  MMB    MMW      MMZ   r,       ..,,,..  ,iiMM2 ,2MZX;;rr7;rr;i,,:,,:S2::MM
  MM      MMMMr     MMM2;;         ...   ,r7, iMMMMMMMMM7r7XXXS7i,,.. .: @M
  MM        :MMMMMMMM  XiXMMMMMMMa      :7X77ri    ,MMMMMMMMrr;i7, .ii;, MM
  MMZ           2BMMMMa         2MMMMMMMMZaSXXX7rr, MMMi SSMMMM;       ,MMM
  MM8              MM MMM;                 .. i77Sa MMM      MMMMMMMMMMMMM
   MMi             MM    MMM                        .MM
   MMM             MM iWMMMMMMM8.  , .       7aWMMMWMMM
    8.             MM MM    ,XS     ,2MMMMMMMMMX;i..MMM
                  MM   MMM    Xar            ;MMMMMMMMM
                ,MMMM    7MM@X. iMMMMMM@ZZZar:      MMMM

                    Copyright (c) 2007-2009 by selmiak


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