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Johnny Crash does Texas

Johnny Crash does Texas
That's a fine and phat game for your mobile phone, or how we say for your handy. It was included on my handy by purchase, you can only love it or hate it, so eat it or beat it...
Enough of these contentless, but cool sounding jadajada? Good, play it or go back to where you came from. Well, while you are here already it might be interesting for you that I've written a solution for the game that covers everything about it. Take a look at these nice Screenshots on the right and then click on the link to see the solution and find out what you don't know.
Or why not pay a visit to the new highscorelist and see how you rank among the world's best JC does Texas players.
By the way, just leaving a comment under the highscore table won't get you on the list, send me a mail with a picture proof and you'll be on the list in no time...

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