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Super Turrican

So, du hast also Super Turrican auf dem NES gefunden. Das Spiel hat so rein gar nichts mit Super Turrican auf dem SNES zu tun, sondern ist eher eine nette Zusammenfassung von Turrican und Turrican 2 und für das NES zusammengebastelt. Und es wurde quasi im Alleingang von Manfred Trenz, dem geistigen Vater von Turrican zusammengestellt. Programmierung, Grafik und Sound, alles von ihm. Nicht schlecht, was?
Jedenfalls gibt es hier eine ausführliche Lösung zum Spiel nach den paar Screenshots.

Wenn du dich für Turrican begeistern kannst, schau dir mal das geniale Fanspiel Hurrican an.



Okay, here, we go, hier ist der FAQ zu Super Turrican auf dem Nintendo Entertainment System, aka NES. Hier findest du alles, was du brauchst.

                           _____  ______
            ___...---._ .--     '-      '-__.----..____ ___  __
            \      ..\ \\  :  .   \   .   \ \  .__\    '.  '.\  \
             '--\  \\  ''  \      (\      (  \ ':''. '  '.       \
                 \___\__.\__\  \  '-.  \  '-._\.__.'__\.__\ \'.__.'
                             \._\'.__|._\'.__\            '''

_________________________________       __________________________________
     __________________________________/        _______________________________

                       ..---                       ---..
                         ')     FAQ/Walkthrough     ('
                           \.     NES Version     ./
                            |                     |
                            '-.  Version  1.01  .-'
                               '   25.06.2009  '
                                :             :
                            ___'   by selmiak  '___
                         ---_________     _________---

                           _________       _________
                               _______   _______

                  _______________        ___________________________
                ________________________/      ___________________

                                Table of Content

                       _ Startmenu ............. [.menu.]
                       _ Controls .............. [.cont.]
                       _ Items ................. [.items.]

                       _ Walkthrough ........... [.yeah.]

                       _ History ............... [.hist.]
                       _ Legalstuff ............ [.legal.]
                       _ Thank yous ............ [.thanx.]

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                ________________________/      ___________________

                           _________       _________
                               _______   _______

_________________________________       __________________________________
     __________________________________/        _______________________________
                               _______   _______



In the Menu for the Game Super Turrican you don't have that many choices, to be
exact,  you can only  choose from  the three option  which I will explain under
(I doubt anyone will read this but I'll add it for the sake of completeness, so
do me a favour and read this! COME ON!)

There you go, we have the first option:

           > Start Game

Here we go  straight into the  Action Turrican is.  Select this Option  and the
Game  will start.  Whatelse should there be!?!  A giant cupcake?!  No! Why not?
Because Cupcake is stupid!

           > Options

Here  we have  some more options  to  change the  gamebehaviour.  The following
Options are available:

                      >  LIFES
                      >  MUSIC
                      >  SKILL

                      >  EXIT


The default  Value of your  Lifes is 3, you can change it here and nowhere else
from 3 over 4 to 5.
3 is the default and for Pros,  while 5 is for Rookies and not so good players.

You can only  turn the music off here,  as the default setting  is on. When the
Music is turned off you can hear the soundeffects better, but who would be that
crazy to miss out Manfred Trenz's funkey tunes?!

This is  another thing to make  life harder for you.  The default  Value of the
Skilllevel is 2,  you can  lower it  down to 1 or pitch it  up to a high 4. The
higher the number is,  the more hits the enemys  will need to  die and the more
they will shoot at you.  While Skill Level 4 is really crazy 2 is a good start.

Guess what, you exit the  Optionsmenu back to the titlescreen!  Hah, you didn't
expect that, did you.

           > Highscores

Enter your name  after the  gameover screen  and you can see  how good you rank
under the best unknown standart Gameentries, that start with 10k Points and end
at 1000 Points. It shouldn't be that hard to get on that list ;)
You can  compete against your friends  and see how good you really are at Super
The only thing that sucks is,  that every time  you turn off  your game console
(or your Emulator)  your highscores  get deleted.  There is no  way to avoid it
except taking screenshots,  but don't count too  much on people  believing your
incredible scores, as there are a zillion 1337 ways to hack a screenshot.

_________________________________       __________________________________
     __________________________________/        _______________________________
                               _______   _______



There are only a few buttons so here you can find what you can do with these.

_______ ___________
>>>>    LEFT/RIGHT      Turrican walks in the direction you want him to move.
                        If you press B while moving you speed up.
_______ _____
>>>>    DOWN            Crouch. You can dodge shots and hide.
_______ _____________
>>>>    DOWN + START    Morph into the wheel.
                        If you are in wheelmode  you roll around  endlessly and
                        are in kind of a godmode.  You can kill enemies just by
                        touching them. But you can't jump.  You leave the wheel
                        mode by pressing up.
                        You have unlimited wheels and unlimited time for beeing
                        in wheelmode.
                        By pressing B you can drop Bombs.
_______ ___
>>>>    UP              If you are in the  wheelmode you  will return to Turri-
                        can's normal form.
_______ __
>>>>    A               Jump. The longer you press A the higher you jump.
_______ __
>>>>    B               Once pressed you fire one shot. Sadly there is no rapid
                        fire option. Well,  with the Laser  and  while  you are
                        constanly moving there is kind of a rapid fire.
                        If you are in wheel mode you drop bombs.
_______ _________
>>>>    B (hold)        If you press B long enough you start shooting the sour-
                        round shot.  A long laser beam sprays out of you weapon
                        and you can turn it around by pressing LEFT or RIGHT.
                        At  first  it is 3  laserball  units  long,  but if you
                        collect enough  of the Flash-Items  your sourround shot
                        grows in lenght.  Up to 7 laser ball units are possible
                        then there is no more room for them left on the screen.
_______ _______________
>>>>    B (hold)+START  This unleashes  Turricans  screen filling  mega weapon.
                        The form of this  attack is relative  to the  length of
                        your sourround shot.
                        It is available  once your  lifebar flashes.  After you
                        used it it takes some time to refresh.  It is refreshed
                        once your lifebar flashes again.
_______ ______
>>>>    START           If you press START just once you active the Energylines
                        you can shoot by pressing B.
                        Once actived  you shoot  8 Energylines  and then return
                        to your normal shot.
                        The number of energy  line packages is indicated by the
                        number in the lower right if the screen.
_______ _______
>>>>    SELECT          The game pauses. Resume by pressing A or B.

If you are playing this game  on an Emulator I would suggest  that you map your
Button for up and for jump on the same button, I prefer it to be the up button,
but that depends on personal taste I guess.

_________________________________       __________________________________
     __________________________________/        _______________________________
                               _______   _______



 Sign    looks like
  |_)     a 'P'           POWER
  |                       refills your complete Health bar.

  /_      an 'E'          SPREAD SHOT
  \                       collect more  of these Items  to power up this Shoot.

  __      Equals          LASER
                          Quiet an effective weapon.  But only shoots straight.
                          In this case the spread shot is better.
                          But the laser has rapid fire, which no other shot has

  (_)     Ball            BOUNCE SHOT
                          Bounces off the walls and returns as two smaller

  /_      Flash sign      SOURROUND SHOT
   /                      makes your surroundshot one step longer.
                          You start with 3 units and can go up to 7 units in

  (_'     an 'S'          SHIELD
  ._)                     Puts a  shild  around  Turrican.  It looks  like this
                          ( Turrican )
                          You cam get hit up the 5 times,  then the shield dis-
                          appears again.

  |       an 'L'          LINE
  |_                      You get one Energyline.  You know, the one with START
                          and then pressing B 8 times.

 \|/      Star            SMARTBOMB
 /|\      /Explosion      Once you  touch the  Icon all  enemies on  Screen are
                          killed. Immediately.

/ 1  \    a coin          1 UP
\ up /                    What about a nice Extra Life?

  /\      a grey          DIAMOND
  \/      rhomb           Collect 100 of them and get an extra life.

_________________________________       __________________________________
     __________________________________/        _______________________________
                               _______   _______



                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          _        _
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        | |  __  | |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       | | |__| | |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |_|      |_|
               ________________________   ______________________

  This Walkthough is written for Skill:2 . the default

You start out on a plain. Go some steps to the right and kill the walker.
Now a powerup  container  appears.  The first one  you see has  the spread shot
upgrade that you really want to have right now. Shoot the container and collect
the powerup icon.
Remember: While these powerup containers are spread  throughout the levels over 
the whole game  and you really  need and want  them they can drain  your energy 
when they touch you. So be careful with them.

Now turn left  and jump up the  hill and avoid  the walkers  while you're going
uphill. Shoot them or jump on them.  The walkers are the only  enemies in Super
Turrican for the NES that you  can kill by jumping  on them  Super Mario style.
ALL the other  enemies will suck  away your health if  you try jumping on them.
Once you are on top of the hill  jump up and  5 Diamonds start  pouring down on
you. Now you know how that girl in star talers must have felt like.

Now come  down the  hill  and continue  going right.  You'll reach  a gap. Just
before the  gap there  is another  power up.  This  time  it's a surround  shot
upgrade. Collect it  and then slowly  make your way down the gap. Shoot all the
bats and once you reach the ground make sure to fight your way to the left.

There is a cave and some  bats are just waiting for you.  Kill them and collect
the surroundshot upgrade.

Continue exploring the cave. You'll reach a  wall blocking your way. Just shoot
it or if that  takes too  long for you shoot  it with your surround  shot. This
speeds up things here.
Once inside you'll find a  lot of walkers in here and  even more diamonds. Kill
the walkers and collect the diamonds.  Jump up to the upper  left corner of the
Here you will find your first hidden  powerup block.  Shoot it and it will spit
out even more powerups.  Mostly there  is a shield and  a laserupgrade  inside.
This is a good thing.
The shield can stand 5 enemies and the laser is a powerful weapon.

So go out and start killing the bats on the right side of the valley.

After that climb  up the hill  on the right side  and kill the bats.  Enter the
second cave and you will get a POWER powerup.  This refreshes your lifebar com-
pletely and there we go.
Climb up the hill and continue to the right.

Here it is raining. Raining hard. Hard like rocks. Rock like rock n roll. Avoid
the dropping rocks if possible, if not,you're in advance if you still have your
shield you got from the first cave.  But fear not, the first or second power up
flying around  right in the rain of rocks has right on time  yet another shield

Once you reach the tech-umbrella you  can stand under it and find some shelter.
On the top left of the techumbrella is another hidden powerup block, but it is
hard to  reach if  you are not  experienced  with Super Turrican,  because it's
still raining rocks around the powerup block.

From the techumbrella step down  till you reach some more turrets.  Crouch down
and kill them quite fast as it is still raining rocks. Jump over the small gaps
and avoid dropping down as there are deadly spikes down there.
Once over the gap get  close to the waterfall  and the rocks  will stop raining
down on you.
But don't drop down into the waterfall  as you'll be dead then. Just jump a big
jump until you reach a small island inside  the waterfalls surface.  From there
crouch down  and shoot the next turret.  Jump to the next island and from there
to the mainland.

Kill the two turrets  up there  and jump  down  this waterfall  (the second one
after all)  and keep close to the right wall.  You will land in a hidden secret
cave and  now you can jump to the left.  There is a walker and a hidden powerup

Continue to the  right through the cave  you just landed in.  Some walkers will
cross  your way,  kill them and  then jump up,  kill the bat  and jump over the
third waterfall.  On the other side there is another dry cave with lots if bats
inside  and the  first bounce  shot powerup.  This is not  that useful  in this
situation so I advice you to not collect it. It's best not to enter the cave at

Make your way up the hill and shoot  the turrets on your way. On the right side
there will be a huge techstructure.  Continue climbing the techstructure but be
aware that there is a walker dropping down and there are lots of turrets.

Once you passed  the walker you  are on top already.  Slowly take out the three
turrets and then collect the goodies.

Now use  the wheel  to drop down the  techstructure quite  unharmed. There is a
hole in  the ground and noone knows why.  Maybe Leonidas  kicks his visitors in
here. Maybe not.  And though the holes were rather small they had to count them
all.  Just step on solid  ground on the right  side of the hole and you're done
with the level and enter Level 1-2

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          _        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        | |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       | | |__| | __|
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |_|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

Walk to the right  and kill all the  jumpers and collect  all the power ups and
you'll reach another hill.
Climb it slowly and  take out the jumpers  while you will  find another powerup
container.  This one has a  POWER powerup  inside.  Collect it  and refesh your
lifebar, which is quite needed here. These jumpers are hard to shoot!

Just a small step further uphill there are 2 flybots waiting for you. These can
be very annoing, so just be fast and take them out.
There are more  of these flybots.  Just stay under  the techstructure and shoot
out from under there once none of them are nearby.
Once you killed them all jump on the techstructure and find the hidden power up
block between the two peaks.

Now it's time to drop down into the canyon to the right.
Down there jump over the spike to the left. As you can't kill the bouncing mine
morph into the wheel and roll under it.  Don't care about all the diamonds yet,
just drop down and roll all  the way to the left,  jump over the  obstacles and
roll again to the left until there is no where left to go left.  Turn back into
Turrican again and  jump up and shoot around.  There is a hidden power up block
but this time filled with diamonds only.

After  collecting these enormous treasures roll back to the  right and climb up
avoiding the bouncing mines.  Jump over the spikes  where you once dropped down
and jump downhill even farther until you are down with, uhm, at the waterfalls.

There are flashes coming down  and they hurt you if  they hit you, so it's best
to not stand  still in  one  place for all  too long.  Jump over  the first two
Now there is a bit of a tricky part if you never played a Turrican game before.
But this move will come in handy  the farther you proceed with this game. Stand
on the far right end of the small  island between the waterfalls right in front
of the third waterfall.  Turn into the wheel,  roll to the  right  and at about
halfway over the gap press up and jump out of the wheelmode to the next island.
Remember the flashes?  So be fast  with this.  But the next  holes are not that
wide, so you can just jump over them.
I have my problems with using A as jump button  and in this situation it really
sucks. If you are playing on en emulator and are havinf the same problem, maybe
this little trick I thought of helps you out:
Just map the  jump button to the up button.  With this button  layout I have no
problems playing Super Turrican... except for some mean enemies...

At the end of the  waterfalls waits  another lifebar  refreshening powerup con-
tainer... and cannons! A lot of cannons. Shoot the first one by not stepping on
the ladder but  jumping up sporadically  and shooting the cannon.  This is very
possible as the flashes stopped biting your ass.
Now climb one step up  and slowly  take out  the next  cannon by  waiting for a
cannonball flying by,  jumping up a bit,  shooting, dropping down,  climbing up
and repeating.
The next  cannon  is easy,  as you  can stand  safe under  it and  jump  up for
shooting it.  But after this  one it's  getting even worse.  Just kill the next
three  cannons  step by  step and  don't rush it.  This may be  annoying but is
better for your lifebar if you don't rush it.
After these jump up, zickzack and kill another cannon,  jump up again and there
are two more cannons.  These both  can  be killed  from  standing under  it and
jumping, just don't get hit by a cannonball, ya hear me!
If you  are an  experienced  turrican vet you can  try to jump  all the  way up
without killing a  single cannon or even being hit.  But this is for pros only,

Finally up there jump into the way and collect the diamonds. Drop down.
Stand on the higher part,  roll with the wheel to the right,  jump up and stand
on the grey block.
Now stand in front of the bouncing mine.  Just a bit but on the same level. You
can stand there  without  hurting yourself.  Then turn into  the wheel and roll
under the mine.
Collect some more diamonds and then roll under the bouncing mine again. Stay in
wheel form and kill the jumpers by touching them or just avoid them.
Roll under the next mine and drop down. Move to the left and watch out for some
more jumpers. On the upper level there is a powerup container with a power item
But don't pick it up yet, unless you really are in a bad health.
So just leave this power up for  a moment drop down from there while you are in
wheelform as there are even more jumpers.
To the right from down there,  there are spikes and one OneUp above the spikes.
If you roll to the  right you will  jump a little, even while in wheelform, use
this moment and jump out of the wheel and collect the 1up.  But only do this if
you have enough health left, as you will touch the spikes at least once.
Now is the time to collect the POWER-power up in the short corridor above.

Continue to the left. Roll under the 2 bouncing mines and stop at the left end.
Wait for  the two  jumpers to come down, then roll over the  ledge und jump up.
There are 3 diamonds up there.

Now you can drop down. Even more bouncing mines are in your way. Underroll them
and continue  rolling to the right.  Kill the jumpers or not,  and on the right
end there is the end of Level 1-2.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          _        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        | |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       | | |__| |__ |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |_|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

Just kill  the angry red gum.  If you move to the right  there are even more of
them, so you should kill 'em all.
This is  the place where the wheel perfectly fits.  Roll to the  right and then
wait, because there  is a 'P' powerup flying around before the narrow part, but
if you rolled all the way you won't need it anyways.
Just continue through the narrow part.  Rolling that is.  But not all that far.
You will be stopped by a wall and cannons again.
This time the best tek is to avoid these.  Just jump up the steps by staying on
the very left of the steps so that the cannons won't enter the screen.  If they
stay out of the screens they won't shoot anyways.

Climb up  there with  this tek and you'll be fine.  If you climb up all the way
there are 3 dimonds up there but watch out,  don't touch the fire of the flames
nor touch the spike.
But now it's time to move on to the left.  There is a flying pistol waiting for
you, just take it out with some nice shots out of you weapon.
Some more Powerup containers are to be found on the way to the left. At the end
climb up the platforms but watch out, don't touch the flames.
There are more of these angry red gums along the way, kill them, kill them!!!

Once you climbed up the flying platform  there is a hidden power up block above
the top platform. Collect them all,  and jump to the short platform in the wall
to the left. Jump up one more platform and kill the mines and red gums.
Now it's all your choice, which way do you want to go?
They all end up in the same way, so it doesn't matter all that much in the end.
But the best way to take is the middle one, and while you're in there, kill the
red gums slowly.  Once they're all  dead climb down a bit,  there are even more
diamonds. Remember, 100 diamonds are  one extra life.  But don't climb down too
far,  once you see the single floating platform stop it  and climb up again and
continue to the right.

Move under the first techumbrella here  and jump into the hole. There are a lot
of diamonds here and a hidden powerup block to the left.
Now you can jump out of the hole again and continue to the right just under the
techumbrella. There are a ton of spikes,  but at the very far right there are 2
extra lifes.  But you probably die on the way back over the spikes. So you lose
one life and get 2 that's +1.  But you have to restart back at the beginning of
the level.  And yes,  these two lifes are back again once you get there another
time.  So guess what... if you have enough time on your hands you can cheat the
game until you have 99 lifes.

Well, if you decide to continue playing jump down inside the hole and collect
all the diamonds on your way and continue to the right. You will face you first
boss battle, so just go ahead.
                                    ___     /  /
                                   /  /    /  /
                                  /  /    /  /
                      ___ ___ ___/__/ ___/_ /__ _ _ _____        ______________
                 ____| . |   | __| __| __| |  _| | |_   _|______/ _______
                / ___| . | | |__ |__ | __| | | |   | | |_________/
               / /   |___|___|___|___|_| |_|___|_|_| |_|
              / /            /  /    /  /
             / /            /  /    /  /
            / /____ _ _ ___/  /    /__/
           / |_   _| | | __|_/                                     ________
__________/ /  | | |   | __|                                      / __________
       ____/   |_| |_|_|___|                                     / /
.--{}''         __ _____   ___  __  __   _____ __ _____ ________/ /
               |  |     \ /   \|  \|  | |     |  |     |        |/
               |  |  |)  )  |) \      | |  ___|  |  ___|        |
               |  |     /\ (|  /      | |  __||  |___  |__    __|
               |__|__|\_ \\___/|__|\__| |__|  |__|_____|  |__|/
                                                           / /
     ''--{}.._____________________________________________/ /

The Iron first  wants to squish you,  just like it always wanted to do in every
Turrican  game yet.  It hovers above your  head and sometimes  crashes  down to
smash you to the ground.

So what do you do?  You roll around in wheel form until the ironfist decides to
smash down, then you jump out of the  wheel and shoot  at the  fist like crazy.
Once it hovers above  your head again  roll around again until the fist is busy
with its fistbusiness (like smashing to the ground) and you can shoot it again.

You should  use you special attacks  if the fist is too hard for you,  like the
energy  lines and  the megaweapon.  An explanation  on how to use  them in your
manual  and in  the controls section of this FAQ.  The surroundshot  is not the
best idea as it makes you stand still and this is what iron fist likes and then
comes at you and does what it can do best, it smashes you to the ground like an
ugly maggot!

Pros like  to shoot at the iron first when it is at the other end of the screen
and not even busy with smashing down.

Keep that in mind and iron fist should not be that much of a problem.

But beware the Level  is not over yet.  Move on to the right, drop down through
the hole and steer to the left as there is a spike below. At the end of the way
to the left is a hidden power up block  guarded by various mines  and angry red
gums. But the wheel will tell them who is king of the ring.

The way to the exit is down anyways. So go down. Use the wheel for best perfor-

Once down shoot at the flashing keycard thing. This calls the elevator. So step
on the elevator and prepare for a ride.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        _
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        |__ |  __  | |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       | __| |__| | |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |_|
               ________________________   ______________________

You're falling down deeper into the underground laboratory.

Once landed,  take out the  moving turrets  above your head.  If you don't move
around they don't start to shoot.  But watch out,  there is a powerup container
coming along its way and if it touches you, you lose some health.

Then start  moving to  the left.  Watch  out for all  the rockets  and the grey
blocks.  The rockets  start flying straight  after a delayed time  and the grey
blocks sometimes come straight at you.
At the left end move up,  avoid these rockets  and shoot the turrets.  Once you
reach the hidden block  that is filled with diamonds  you have reached the top.
Collect the diamonds and back up to where you dropped down from the start.

Find your way  down through the small maze.  Jump back one  step to trigger and
then avoid the rockets. Once they passed jump down. Or use the wheel. After the
maze go to the left  and there you'll find  another hidden block, with diamonds

Move to the right,  avoid the rockets,  drop down, avoid the rockets, shoot the
turret, move left and watch  out for the grey blocks. This time they are coming
at you.  The best thing to do here is to use the wheel, as then these block can
come as much as they want, they won't hurt you a bit.

After passing  these grey  blocks continue to the left.  Use the wheel  to jump
into  the water  as there are a lot  of piranhas inside.  Touch them  all while
you're still in wheelmode and kill them this way.
Before  jumping to  the next ledge to the left shoot  all the turrets there and
then jump  into the water again.  And again use the wheel for this.  Once there
are  only a few  piranhas left jump out  of the wheel and shoot them.  Climb up
while avoiding the rockets. Up there is a hidden powerup block.

Jump back down  and move back to  the place where  the grey blocks came at you.
Jump in the hole and turn into the wheel.  Roll through the stomping post, drop
down  and roll to  the left through some more stomping posts  and drop into the
water. Kill all the piranhas while you are still the wheel.
Climb out of  the  water on  the left side  and shoot  the turret and  the grey
blocks above.  But don't jump too  high or some turrets will appear  above your

Jump to the left and shoot your way through. Beware of the small blue platforms
with  the turrets  on them,  they have sharp edges  that hurt you  if you touch
them. As soon as you are at the place where there are three holes in the ground
and 3 turrets above  just drop down  with the wheel.  Move down down down until
you are in a flow of water.
Go with the flow until you see two flows coming together.  Here you can decide.
Either you go to the right and lose some health and gain  3 lousy diamonds from
the hidden block you can find there or you drop down already. I'd say the three
diamonds are not worth it, but if you want everything go and get them.
If not, just drop down and  roll with the flow again.  Once you are  at the far
right end,  drop down again  and once you dropped enough,  you'll find yourself
under water again,  surrounded  by piranhas... again.  But that's no  reason to
stop rolling,  stay as the wheel.  Keep rolling to the  left and drop  into the
waterfall and voila you're done with level 2-1.
In case you ask yourself what you might have missed, I can assure you, there is
nothing important to miss on the left  side of the waterfall down  there at the
end of level 2-1 of Super Turrican.

After all,  you could  have rolled  through 3/4 of  that level  and avoided all
dangerous situations, but on the other hand, you have to know the way and where
to go!

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        |__ |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       | __| |__| | __|
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

So  there  we go,  look at that,  you're  dropping  down again,  who would have
thought that. So watch some passages  passing you by and land in the hole.  You
can go back  up nearly  everything that flew by again.  But you can't reach the
upper platform  once you flew by  and the only thing you miss is a hidden block
with 3 diamonds.  And you keep a good health. So don't care about that and just
drop down like a wet and stinky sack.

So, finally your in that puddle.  Wait until the power up container is near and
open it. Otherwise it will drain your health once it touches you. And you don't
want that to happen, do you? Killed by a powerup container.  That would be very
ironic,  don't you think?  It's like tenthousand spoons  when all you need is a
knive. Well, if you have the bounce shit you can destroy the two rocketdroppers
from inside the puddele.  If not, wait  until  the two rocket-droppers  dropped
their rockets,  jump out  of the puddle to the right  and shoot  everthing that
moves.  Most likely you will find a 'P' item here. These are always helpful, so
collect it and continue to the right.  (You could also go to the left but there
are only a few diamonds  and lots of enemies,  so we're better off going right,

The  next  rocketdropper  can't reach you  (if you crouch?)  so wait for a good
moment and destroy it.  Right after this one  there are the  deadly grey blocks
waiting for you again. Trigger them and then run back and hide a level below.

Now there is yet another rocketdropper waiting for you.  So be fast as there is
no way to hide.  And behind it there is a rocket attached  to the wall already.
One level  higher to the left is  a hidden block containing  some more diamonds
but the way leads to the right and there is another hard to kill rocket-dropper
and a  dropping stone above it that  hurts if it falls on your head. So trigger
the stone by cross  jumping between  these huge stairs  and step to the side to
dodge it.
There  are 3 of  these dropping stones  in a row and  the last one  can only be
dodged by  jumping up and going to the  left up there.  And there  you have two
rocketdroppers already shooting at you, so kill them too.

The 4 grey  blocks are easily  triggerd by  jumping inbetween them. Guess what,
there is a  dropping stone  above the hole,  a rocketdropper to the right and 5
rockets to the left.  The best thing  is to not  care about  the rockets to the
left and dodge the stone and rapidfire at the rocketdropper.

There is yet  another rocketdropper waiting  for you  to the right and a hidden
block with a lot of diamonds inside.
After this  use the wheel to drop down a  lot of levels until you end up in the
small hole where nothing can harm you. Phew!

To the left there are 3 rockets, a rocketdropper and some diamonds. Get them if
you are suicidal.  If not  continue to the right.  You do  so best,  by rolling
there,  once you reach the  step wait for the grey blocks to unleash,  and then
quickly jump up,  step one step to the right and morph into the wheel again and
roll on to the right.  Jump above the rocketdropper  and wait for me to say GO!
GO! Jump up there and destroy the rocketdropper.  Now you have to aim your jump
and make it through to the next level.  There are two rocketdroppers waiting by
the way so be prepared. On the next level there are rockets waiting for you two
on each side. After you triggered them jump up and trigger some more rockets.

Now you can proceed upwards.  Don't jump too high  or two more  rocket droppers
will be activated.  If you activated them or not run to the right and exit this

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        |__ |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       | __| |__| |__ |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

What's this?  No dropping at the beginning of the Level?  Strange thing, I just
got used to that, well, go slowly to the right and shoot all the spikeballs. Be
happy with your laser shot and don't collect the bounce shot.

Once you  passed all the spikeballs  there is  a new kind  of grey  block to be
found.  These mean grey blocks  (as I will call 'em from now on)  are triggered
once you shoot them.  They fly a little bit in the direction your shot goes and
then they turn around and come at you. It's good if they are near to the end of
the screen as the disappear into the void of bits and bytes of the game, but if
the are in the middle of the screen they are very dangerous.
So shoot them and hope they fly out of the screen. Maybe position Turrican in a
way  that they  actually are at  the right end of the screen  already  and then
shoot them.

Now  you will face a hole  where all kind of  trash keep s falling  from above.
Don't fall in there but roll over it and jump out of the wheel to the safe side
on the other side. There are some turrets, kill them already.
Right after  the two turrets  are 4 mean  grey blocks.  Shoots them  out of the
screen and use your surround shot  for the lower ones.  Destroy the two turrets
on the ceiling and move on.

If you wanr it all, take the lower path,  clear all the blocks  and turrets and
collect the diamonds,  then track back  to where you are now and take the upper

Once you jump  up to take the  upper path  watch out for  the massive amount of
spikeballs coming  at you and take them out.  Jump over the  hole you will find
2 hidden powerup blocks after the hole.  But the path ends  in a lot of rockets
and no way further.  So get back to  the hole and jump down while trying to get
only one floor down and to the left. If you miss the middle floor you will drop
down to the bottom floor and have to go back to the left and then climb back up
again, no problem here.  Down there are  more hidden powerup blocks in case you
didn't clean them already.
If you managed to get the  jump right get  rid of the mean grey blocks and move
to the left. There are 3 hidden blocks containing diamonds at all. Get them all
as there are no harmful  enemies around only one more  mean grey  block that is
not that mean at all if he's alone.

Now get back to the hole,  jump over it to the right.  Slowly move  forward and
trigger all the rockets.  Trigger the mean grey blocks too and then collect the
diamonds out of the hidden block right in front of the mean grey blocks.

Use the wheel  to roll through the  stomping posts. Drop down at the end of the
hallway and  move on to the right.  Jump over the hole  and prepare for another
boss fight.

                                    ___     /  /
                                   /  /    /  /
                                  /  /    /  /
                      ___ ___ ___/__/ ___/_ /__ _ _ _____        ______________
                 ____| . |   | __| __| __| |  _| | |_   _|______/ _______
                / ___| . | | |__ |__ | __| | | |   | | |_________/
               / /   |___|___|___|___|_| |_|___|_|_| |_|
              / /            /  /    /  /
             / /            /  /    /  /
            / /____ _ _ ___/  /    /__/
           / |_   _| | | __|_/                                     ________
__________/ /  | | |   | __|                                      / __________
       ____/   |_| |_|_|___|                                     / /
.--{}''         ___    ___ ____ ____ __ __ _____                / /
               |   \  /   |    |    |  |  |     |              / /
               |    \/    |  __|    |  |  |  )  |             / /
               |          |  __|  __|     |     |            / /
               |__|\__/|__|____|____|__|__|__|__|  ___ _____/_/_ ____
                       |     |        |   \|   \  /   |    \    |    \
                       |  ___|__    __| |) |    \/    |  |  ) __|  |  )
                       |___  |  |  | \ (|  |          |   _/  __|    (
                       |_____|  |__|  \___/|__|\__/|__|__|/|____|__|\_\
                                                       / /
     ''--{}.._________________________________________/ /

This stomping  Beast likes to  fly around and stomp on you  with its expandable
metal post. Some say the metal post is there for android reproduction, but that
is just an unclarified myth. It is mainly there for killing you.

The Mecha  Stomper's  main  weak point  is the orange  part  of its  metal body
between the two gray areas of the body. There is where you want to hit it.

The Mecha Stomper tries to prevent you  from doing so by one of his two attacks
at a time.

The first  attack is hovering up and down on the right side of the screen while
shooting straight to the left.
While it is doing this hide in the hole (not the bottomless hole of course) and
jump out of the hole while the mecha is going up and hit  it in between the gun
fire bursts.

The second attack  is the  one where the  Mecha Stomper  flies around the whole
screen and  stomps with its metalpost.  While you're in  the hole it can't hurt
you much,  but you can't hurt it either.  So either jump straigth up and out of
the hole and  try to hit the orange parts or move around the screen and jump up
and hit the orange part.  While the second option  grants you  more hits on the
Mecha  Stomper  it  can also  hit  you  more often,  as it moves  very fast and
sometimes unpredictably while stomping around.

So, the  safest way  (and  the longest)  is to stay  in the hole  all the  time
(booooring!) and crouch down while the Mecha Stomper and flying around stomping
with its metalpole  (or trying to suck  your brain out  or make you little baby
mechs, who knows)  and once it is hovering up and down on the right side of the
screen  use the  surround shot  and aim  at it constantly.  This will  take 3-4
cycles between the two attacks but it works.  It worked best  to face away from
the Mecha Stomper  and then surroundshoot over Turrican's shoulder at the metal

After you defeated the Metal Stomper  walk to the right side  of the Screen and
the Level is done.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        _
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        |__ |  __  | |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |__ | |__| | |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |_|
               ________________________   ______________________

Love in an elevator, who doesn't love it. Aerosmith know what's best.
So this is an elevator level. Make sure to collect  all the surround shot good-
ies, as you will need this a lot in this level.
And somehow  the wheel jump doesn't seem to work  on this level so keep that in
mind when trying some insane jumps.

Take the first elevator,  stand on the left end  of the elevator  and instantly
turn your sourround shot above your head. There are two waves of enemies coming
down,  you should take out  some with  this technique.  Once the elevator stops
wait until the two blue bad guys crossed the screen.
Then jump up  to make some  more enemies appear.  Then jump to the  left to the
next elevator in the middle of the screen.  Watch out for  another up-down wave
on the right  side of the screen once  this elevator stops. You can dodge these
by going to the left.
Then you can chose.  No matter which side you climb up,  this is  what you will
now see for quite some time.  Diagonally driving  blue enemies on the lower and
upper part of these white nodes.  And a vertically  shooting turret attached to
the bottom of the white nodes in the middle of the screen.

Take out the diagonally moving enemies with your surroundshot. Once you jump to
the middle a  right-left  wave of blue  enemies appears,  avoid them  by diving
under them and NOT standing on the middle elevator. Once they passed NOW is the
time to stand on the middle elevator.

This elevator  will bring you under  the next white node,  jump to the left and
take the next elevator up. Above the white node is a hidden power up block, you
can collect all the powerups  and just drop down back to the  left and take the
elevator up again to the next white node.

Jump on the node and take the middle elevator. Prepare to jump early, otherwise
you will bang your head against the bottom part of the next node and won't make
the jump. Here you can only jump to the left,  so do that, in time so you don't
bang your head and drive up all the way next to the node. Now Jump on the node.

Jump on  the next  middle elevator  and quite  a lot  of waves  of enemies will
appear from the left and the right side.
Once these are gone you are under the next white node. Now you can chose again,
I'd suggest you take the left path, but in the end, it doesn't matter,  as they
both stop next to the next white node.  Jump on top of it, and watch out, there
are 3 turrets above this one. Just jump on to the left to the next elevator and
this one will take you out of the red background.

Green Background:
As soon as you see the  green background  jump to the ledge  to the right side.
But don't  jump too high.  You will then see the turret to the left  above your
head.  Take it out with your surroundshot. Then jump back onto the elevator you
just came with.  From there jump  up as high as  you can.  You will now see two
more turrets and can easily take them out with the surroundshot. The best thing
is to take out the turrets on the other side of the screen too, as you might be
falling back down and then it's a good thing when they are destroyed already.

Allright. Above you there is yet another elevator waiting  (still on green back
ground). Jump on it and immediately turn your surround shot above your head, as
there is a top down wave of blue enemies to follow up. Once the eleveator stops
shoot the turrets and jump to the left and use the next elevator to proceed.

Red background:
Back in the red,  this time it's  gonna be massive.  Jump on the left elevator,
point your  surround shot up and  try to  stand in the  middle  of the elevator
plattform. If you are standing close to the  edge of the platform your surround
shot may get  distacted  by the  small  white nodes everywhere.  Fight your way
through these lots of diagonally moving enemies.

Green background:
It's not easy beeing green,  like the most intelligent frog ever said,  so jump
on either one of the  elevators and  this time  point your surround  shot down.
Straight down.  There are some enemies comming  after you and once the elevator
stops take the next one,  again the left one,  as there are some enemies on the
right and you can easily avoid them this way.

When the elevator finally reaches it's  destination point  you now only have to
jump up and  a little bit to the right,  kill some turrets  and walk out to the
right side of the screens and we're done with this annoying level ;)

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        |__ |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |__ | |__| | __|
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

Welcome to level 3-2,  your welcome gift are three rockets  aimed in your face.
Run towards them as  you will still be invincible when you touch them.  Or just
roll under them in wheelform.

Turn into  the wheel  and jump  into  the hole.  Wait until  the next 3 rockets
passed and turn back into Turrican.  Kill the spider and the turret and move on
to the right.  Another spider comes along.  And another turret,  another spider
and 2 more rockets. These rockets can be dodged by walking under them.

Jump up and  trigger even more rockets.  Shoot the  one turret and then trigger
the rockets that are left.
Same for the next room.  The third  room with  rockets is the last one and once
you are high enough  a chandelier will drop down on you,  so you better jump to
the right or to the left.

The way continues to the left anyways. There are two spiders and one alien. The
easiest way to deal with the alien is to walk until you are on  the white floor
(not the white/green one) and then roll around as wheel and touch the alien to
As you might have guessed it,  this wasn't the  last time you  saw one of these
alien bastards.  Left to the white/green  platform is a  hidden power up block.
Get 'em all!  Now jump up the steps and  approach the right side of the screen.
There is another one of the aliens.  But he can't hit you with its sticks. Just
jump up,  shoot it and don't jump too high or you will be hit by the sticks the
alien throws.
Slowly  walk along  the hallway  while shooting  all the time,  there  are some
spiders  in the way  and another  chandelier will  drop down on  you if you are
unlucky. So avoid this one.
After the next drop there is  another chandelier  and even more spiders. If you
are slow  enough  and shooting all the time  they will jump  into your shot and
die mostly all the time. The surroundshot works for the chandelier.

Another turret  and just behind  it another chandelier  awaits you farther into
the level.  Kill the next  turret too  and just  use the wheel  and drop down 2

Walk to the left  and kill the turrets and spiders while shooting all the time.
Roll down into the  next hole and stay  on wheelform until the rockets are gone
and you killed the spider.

Jump to the right, and roll down into the next hole,  as there are just rockets
waiting for you and  if you are  the wheel they  are no problem for you. To the
right, there are more turrets, spiders and rockets, watch out.

While jumping up you can already see the  next sticktrowing  alien. Just barely
jump out  of the  hole and  shoot him while  you are high  enough but  keep low
enough to not be hit by his sticks. Got it? Fine!
Walk to the left end of the room and  shoot the turret  with the surround shot.
Continue climbing up.  The next alien  can  be shot  with  the  surround  shot.
Continue to the right  and watch out for  the spider that's already waiting for
your young flesh.  And again there is a chandelier,  some spiders  and rockets.
Jump up the stairs and kill the alien. Afterwards there are rockets to the left
and a chandelier above, so you might want to go to the right... fast. Just roll
there and kill all the spiders and stuff.

Once you passed all the rockets kill the turrets and climb up on the left side.
Now you can continue to the left side.  There are two turrets, a chandelier and
yet again two  turrets trying  to stop you,  but don't let them do so. Even the
spider and the two rockets won't stop you on your way up again, right?
There is another alien up there and two annoying spiders coming from the right.
Maybe you won't be  able to  shoot them  at once,  so roll around  as the wheel
(left edge of  the room down  there is a good  place to wait for them) and take
them out  before  they  can  hurt  you  all  too  much. There is  also  another
chandelier above the door  but it's way up high,  if you stay all low you won't
even recognize this thing.  But you want to recognize the hidden power up block
right above the hole  (and right under the chandelier...).  Just empty this one
and be happy  with what you get and continue to the right and take good care of
the spiders and the two chandeliers and the turrets. At the  end of the hallway
there is another alien waiting. Take cover behind the white ledge and shoot him
through the ledge. You can shoot through, but he can't. Good luck on that one.
If this doesn't  work you can  get as close as you want  to him and roll around
and kill him while in  wheelform and then drop down  or just drop  down without
even killing the alien.

Once you're down, there is the next alien waiting for you. Kill it and continue
downwards.  Because of the rockets you might want to use the wheel for the jump
Roll under  the chandelier and jump  down another step.  You can roll on to the
left until you drop down another  step and are in a huge room. Here is a hidden
diamond block,  collect them all,  kill the alien to the right,  and jump down.
One step down there is a hidden power up block,  so collect all the goodies and
then roll down and prepare to exit the level to the right.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        |__ |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |__ | |__| |__ |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

Shoot the two turrets  and then come down  and avoid the  obvious rockets while
dropping down  all the way. There are a lot of diamonds on the way, if you like
them get them but watch out for the rockets.
To the right is  another turret  and a hidden  power  up block under  the white

                                    ___     /  /
                                   /  /    /  /
                                  /  /    /  /
                      ___ ___ ___/__/ ___/_ /__ _ _ _____        ______________
                 ____| . |   | __| __| __| |  _| | |_   _|______/ _______
                / ___| . | | |__ |__ | __| | | |   | | |_________/
               / /   |___|___|___|___|_| |_|___|_|_| |_|
              / /            /  /    /  /
             / /            /  /    /  /
            / /____ _ _ ___/  /    /__/
           / |_   _| | | __|_/                                     ________
__________/ /  | | |   | __|                                      / __________
       ____/   |_| |_|_|___|                                     / /
.--{}''         ___ ___ ______  _____     _____  ______         / /
               |   |   |      |/     \   /     \|      |       / /
               |   |   |   ___|   |)  | |   |)  |   ___|      / /
               |       |   _| |  (|   | |  (|   |   _|       / /
                \_____/|___|  _\_____/__ \_____/|___|__ ___ / /
                      |     \|     |/    \|         |  |   | /
                      |  |   |   __|  |)  |         |  |   |/
                      |  |   |   __|      |__     __|      |
                      |_____/|_____|__|___|  |___|  |__|___|
                                                       / /
     ''--{}.._________________________________________/ /

This Boss is very easy.  So the name is misleading.  But I made it up and think
it sound cool.  But the UFO of death is really easy,  all he does is just hover
around and sometimes blast down with his beam and then hover around some more.

What  you do to  stop him is just  jumping on the side  of the  screen where he
isn't  and shoot  the hell at him.  Once he comes near  change the  side of the
screen and continue shooting like hell.
If he comes near while his flash beam is turned on you turn  into the wheel and
roll to the  other side (or maybe touch him  with the wheel,  as this hurts him
too) and jump out of the wheel and guess what, continue shooting.

It may be possible  to just stay  in wheelform and hope that  the UFO  of death
will land on you and kill itself. But this will take a long time, just shoot or
die, this is Turrican.

Now continue to the right, take out the turrets and collect the diamonds. Climb
up the level and watch out for the rockets. Once you're up there are 2 turrets.
The exit is on the right.  But there is one more  hidden power  up block on the
left end of the big hall to the left.  If you want it go there  it MAY be worth
it, but I think not, well, if not exit to the right and  this rather short BOSS
level is done.

                     _   ___ _   _ ___ _          _ _        _
                    | | | __| \ / / __| |        | | |  __  | |
                    | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |_  | |__| | |
                    |___|___| \_/ |___|___|        |_|      |_|
               _________________________   _______________________

Have you ever wondered how Ripley  felt in the Alien movie?  Now is your chance
to find out. This fourth levelset is inspired by alien no question.

Drop down from the  ledge and shoot the turret.  Move on  to the right and kill
the one eyed alien.  Another turret  and another one eyes alien monster want to
be killed,  just do so,  and check out the  single extra container.  There is a
laser shot inside,  which is very helpful in this level,  get it and then climb
up on the alienheads.
Up  there you  will find  your  first alienegg.  This opens up and  small alien
monsters hatch from it.  Shoot it before  the small beasts  can hatch. Continue
through this walkway. There is one single extra container but it has the bounce
shot inside. If you died several times and your shot is bad get it, if not stay
with the spreadshot or the laser, just ignore the bounce shot.

Continue to the right and shoot  everything that moves.  Roll over the alienegg
and move on.  There are two single  extra  containers,  with a 'P' and a shield
inside, go get 'em and roll over the two alien eggs,  kill the turret until the
path splits.  Take the lower path,  roll through and kill the alien egg and the
one eyes alien and collect the diamonds.  On the right end of the lower path is
a hidden power  up container.  After you collected  what's inside  go right and
drop down to another alien egg.

Walk left and kill all  the alien  bastards and turrets.  There is  a long flat
part following up,  roll along, collect the goodies and kill the alien eggs and
Now you are on a place with lots of alienheads hanging around. But they are not
just for decoration,  they drain your  health if you  touch their teeth. Sounds
cool, but actually it ain't cool!  So watch out and  stay on  the upper part of
this section through the turrets  until you  reach a small way.  Roll along, as
there are some one eyed aliens and a lot of goodies at the end.
Now just roll down  until you  are in the  lower left corner.  From there fight
your way to  the right side through lots of turrets and slimy aliens. There are
3 hidden power up block nearby,  one is a little  bit back up the hill you just
came down and the other two are along the way to the right side.

If you made it farther to the right you now must climb up over the alien heads.
There are nearly no enemies,  but remember the alienheads  drain your health if
you touch the teeth.  In  the small  chamber  to the  left is a  hidden diamond
block. Destroy it and collect the diamonds and then continue climbing up.

Once you see this skeleton head continue where he came from and prepare to meet
some more of this kind.  They need 3-4 shots until they are dead. Watch out for
the alienheads hanging around everywhere.

Once you reached the end of the hallway morph into  the wheel and drop down and
watch out for  2 more of  these skeletonheads.  After you killed them there are
thousands  of these bouncing  grey dots  waiting for you.  But as clever as you
are  (you are clever, because you found this document and know how to use it!),
you jump over the last  border thing  and roll to the left,  drop down and then
roll to the  right  and  voila,  level  4-1 is done.  If you  should get  stuck
somewhere inbetween there just stay in wheelform until the screen is clear from
the thousands of enemies or you see a good moment to jump and then continue.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          _ _        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        | | |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |_  | |__| | __|
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|        |_|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

Right  above your  head is  a hidden Diamondblock.  After  collecting  them all
continue to the  right and watch out for the  ...uhm,  let's call  these things
alienbats.  If you  want a  few diamonds  climb up  all the way  just where the
alienbats appear  the first  time.  Be aware of  the drippings  and the maggots
climbing out of  the ledges  of the level.  Both can hurt you.  And these three
enemies are the only enemies of Level 4-2 of Super Turrican.

Then continue to the right and  kill even more of these alienbats.  On the next
ledge there is again a diamond container hidden.
After this there are two powerups.  The Bomb can  help you eleminate some alien
bats,  but the  spreadshot is  bad if  you have the laser already,  because the
laser has  rapid fire.  The spreadshot doesn't.  But maybe  it's just me, but I
like the laser better in this case.

Well,  now there is an even  bigger room above the next opening to the top, but
there are only some diamonds  and one powerup  container and  lots of alienbats
around,  so it's  rather useless  to go  up there,  except  you  are  suicidal.
Well, right above  the next ledge there is again a diamond container,  and it's
nicely filled.

Continue to the right and  roll through the  narrow opening  and kill even more
alienbats.  Take the lower path,  collect the  diamonds in the hidden container
and then track back and take the upper path. Roll through the opening and climb
up. There are more alienbats.  Right of the platform is a high pillar, above it
is a powerup container.  While there are 2 diamond containers up the steps from
where you are now, the way leads to the left this time.

There are  two powerup  containers  on  the way to the left,  watch out,  don't
collect a crappy weapon,  stay with the laser  if you like rapid firing against
these alinebats and then  it goes up through  all the alienbats, the slimy grey
drippings and the maggots crawling out of every corner. Up there go to the left
and roll through the small opening in the wall.

Behind this  opening just roll  on to the left.  If you see a  maggot twiggling
around just  stay in wheelform  and wait for the maggot to jump on you and die.
At the left end climb up one level and continue to the right.

There are diamonds hidden  in a diamond container  here and afterwards you have
to time an insane jump through 3 grey drippings from the ceiling, while no trap
has sprung a leak but you can climb up further to the ceiling.
Turn to  the right and dodge  even more  drippings  and some maggots  until you
reach one single square stone that you could use to step on. Step on it, as the
way further to the right will be a dead end sooner or later. Climb up there and
watch out for the drippings and maggots if you didn't already.
Step a few steps to the right  and you will be standing  below a big opening in
the ceiling.  Now be warned,  the alienbats  are back.  And there  is a powerup
container inside the big opening.  Then just  jump out and kill these alienbats

Move to the  left and kill  thousands  of the alienbats in a  seemingly endless
struggle to the left. Maybe  it helps if you roll all the  way as the wheel. At
the end of this  passage there  is a hole.  Jump down  into the  hole and  move
further down.  The wheel  will help you here. There  is a small passage  to the
upper-right inbetween,  and there  are diamonds  up there,  check it out if you
have enough health left.
Other than that,  once you are at the botton you must  make it to the left, and
there the exit finally is one level down to the left.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          _ _        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        | | |  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |_  | |__| |__ |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|        |_|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

The three rockets greeting  you are a  good start into  the level and what lies
ahead. But these can't hurt  you are you  are invincible for a  short period of
time at the beginning of every level

In this level you basically just drive up with elevators and once you reach the
end of one you jump to the next.  BUT there are also rockets in this level that
are after you. As you might think already... yeah, lots of rockets!

So jump on the first elevator and find out where it stops. Jump to the left and
find the hidden powerup container. If you are lucky enough there is a shield in
it.  If not,  bad luck,  and continue  to the next elevator.  Stand on it while
facing left and shoot all the time while driving up.
Jump to the elevator to the right.  Stand on the very left side of the elevator
platform and shoot to the right.  Then jump to the next  elevator on  the left,
face left and shoot to the left.  Once this elevator is at its peak jump to the
left. From there jump to the next elevator on the right.
As soon as you are standing  on this elevator walk back to the left and land on
the ledge where you just stood.  This has triggered at  least one or two of the
rockets that otherwise would hit you. Now jump onto the elevator again and this
time walk to the right. You drop down from the elevator and land on a pillar.
Standing there  you can watch the last rockets fly by.  Jump up to trigger some
more rockets. If you are go(o)d you can also use the wheel to roll to the right
constantly while on this elevator.  This speeds things up a bit. Then drop down
onto the last elevator again and jump off from it to the left.
If you screwed it up by now, here is hope.  There is a hidden powerup container
around here,  in front of the first alienhead and this one sometimes contains a
'P' Powerup.

Slowly climb up  between the  alienheads  and always jump  up a bit to make the
level scroll  and trigger  the rockets above your head.  Then there is the next
elevator in the middle of the level.
At first you want  to jump up between  the elevator and the platfrom above your
head to trigger the next rocket.  That's the only dangerous  one here. Now just
jump on the elevator and be as cool as ice,  drive up, and drop down, repeat to
trigger all the rockets at the end of the elevator and then go get the OneUp!

From there  jump to  the left elevator.  This one's a short ride,  jump a small
jump to the contruction  on the  left and  stand there while  more rockets  fly
around your head. Jump up to trigger one more rocket, then jump to the elevator
on the right.  Again, with a bit of luck this is a drive up, no hit but trigger
all job. Stand on the right end of the elevator to minimize the risk of beeing
hit and also shoot to the right.

From this elevator you  have to use some momentum you  get from the elevator to
jump to the  next one.  From the next elevator  it's the same,  just jump up to
the next elevator.  And this is the last  elevator, as it ends in a room.  Jump
off to the far left from the elevator and wait for the boss to appear.

                                    ___     /  /
                                   /  /    /  /
                                  /  /    /  /
                      ___ ___ ___/__/ ___/_ /__ _ _ _____        ______________
                 ____| . |   | __| __| __| |  _| | |_   _|______/ _______
                / ___| . | | |__ |__ | __| | | |   | | |_________/
               / /   |___|___|___|___|_| |_|___|_|_| |_|
              / /            /  /    /  /
             / /            /  /    /  /
            / /____ _ _ ___/  /    /__/
           / |_   _| | | __|_/                                     ________
__________/ /  | | |   | __|                                      / __________
       ____/   |_| |_|_|___|                                     / /
.--{}''         _________ _____  ____  _____ _____              / /
               |         |     \|    \/     |     \            / /
               |         |  |)  |           | |)  /           / /
               |__     __| (|   |           | |)  \          / /
                __|___|__\_____/|___|\_/|___|_____/__       / /
               /     \         |     \|   \|   |     |     / /
               \__ \_|         |  |)  |        |  ___|    / /
               |  \  |__     __| (|   |        |  ___|   / /
               \_____/  |___|  \_____/|___|\___|_____|  / /
                                                       / /
     ''--{}.._________________________________________/ /

This Boss likes what all Bosses like to do. He likes to smash you to the ground
or against the walls.
If you are already standing in the left corner, like I suggested you can alread
fire at him.  If not,  get to the  left corner of the area ASAP.  Then shoot at
him. Do this all the time while avoiding his attacks at the same time.

If you have the  laserweapon just shoot or die.  If you have another weapon you
will have to mash the firebutton like crazy and guess what...  shoot or die. If
the boss  moves  up and down  you want  to to the same,  just stay  on the left
side of the screen, as the tombstone somehow avoids this part of the screen. He
comes close and hovers above your head sometimes,  so it's a good idea to avoid
jumping when he's above you. But you're save in this corner, so keep on firing.
Even the sourround shot works, but takes longer.

After the tombstone can stand on his own grave you  are free to leave the level
to the right. Don't fall into the hole you came from as this is now a trap.

                     _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        _
                    | | | __| \ / / __| |        | __|  __  | |
                    | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |__ | |__| | |
                    |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |_|
               _________________________   _______________________

Welcome to the machine world. This is the last levelset.
Because of the ugly colors  used in this world it's sometimes hard to see where
you can jump and what  blocks your way and what  is just background.  Well, the
primary goal is getting up. The exit is high above the starting point.

Right  above the  starting point  are two hidden  blocks,  one diamond  and one
filled with powerups.  But continue to the right until you meet the first small
steps  on ground level.  From  here jump  straight up  until you are  under two
turrets firing at themselfs but sadly not destroying each other.
Use your  surroundshot  and kill them,  climb up one step  and then do the same
for the next few turrets. After the fourth pair of turrets jump up and once you
see all  the walkers  just drop down again.  They will all be  gone once you're
back up there.

A little bit to the left is a hole with a dark blue and  black background. Down
there is a powerup block hidden. Collect all the goodies and then climb back up
and get back  right to where you just were.  From here climb  up and kill the 3
turrets up there.  Now jump over the grey pillar and climb up out there between
the turrets and driving turrets and walkers.
Don't touch  the flames  of the platforms,  they hurt you too.  After squishing
through the  small part  jump up one  step and  then don't  use the  small step
there,  but jump up  and drop down again  as there are  lots of walkers coming.
Once they passed  jump up and roll  to the right as fast as possible, there are
some missilethrowers up there.
You'll  end up inside the  structure  again and  see the  dark blue/black back-
ground.  Kill the one turret and find the hidden powerup container.  If this is
not  enough for  you you,  the next room to  the right  also features  a hidden
powerup container. Well, here, in the first darkblue/black room slowly approach
the  ceiling and  make the walkers appear.  Roll away and  try to kill  most of
them. Now they should be gone and you can climb up one level.

Destroy the  two turrets and  continue to climb up.  There are some hard to see
black stones in the way  but once you know how  they look  you can jump around,
jump up jump up and get down onto them.  Up there are more  walkers waiting for
you,  just drop down again and they will be gone.  Or shoot them, but it's hard
to get on the same level without being hit.
From here you have to jump on the small orange block and from there jump to the
left to the big orange block.  Destroy the turret above you and further left is
another turret. Kill it and then jump on this grey ledge.
Here you climb up again to another grey platform with flames underneath and two
turrets on top. After these there is a steel construction on which some walkers
are coming along.  Destroy the two turrets  on the orange  stones and use these
stones to climb up higher to another steel platform filled with walkers. At the
left end of the steel walkway three  missilethrowers are  waiting for you, kill
them  with the  surroundshot or even better,  lure them under the grey platform
and then jump over the spikes to the  right until you are in front of the third
spike.  Get close to it, wait for some walkers to walk on by and then jump over
the spikes and wheelroll all through this etage. You are back in the stucture.

Now destroy the turrets and continue climbing up. But watch out, here is a fork
in the level, and there is only one way to the exit from here on.  Stand on the
two big  orange stones  in the middlye of the  structure and  jump to  the
small orange  stone on the right.  From there jump to the  blue platform on the
right. Now morph into the wheel  and roll to the right.  You will enter  a grey
hallway that  looks like the background and is filled with  walkers. Roll along 
(maybe sing the katamarai damacy tune if you feel like it)  and destroy all the 
walkers inside it.
At the end of the steelstructure  stop rolling  of course and jump a bit around
the corner to make more walkers appear. Wait until they are gone and then climb
up on the steel structures. The two black steps help you up and lots of walkers
are coming again.  Shoot them or avoid them by stepping aside and waiting until
they fall down and kill themselfs.
if you see the long orange stones  climb to the right of them. There is another
long orange stone after that,  which leads you back inside  the structure. Walk
there and then just jump. You get sucked up into the next level.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        | __|  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |__ | |__| | __|
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

You start of just in front  of a hidden power up container,  so open it and eat
all the stuff comming from it. Then jump on the step, kill two walkers and roll
to the left.  Roll  over the  walkers and  shoot the  two turrets.  Between the
turrets, jump up and kill more turrets.

Then jump on the  small orange stone on the right and climb up to the next one.
From  here jump to the right.  If you don't make it,  remember, you can use the
rolljump.  From here climb up  in a crossing way,  right,  left,  right,  left,
right. (This game is by Rainbow Arts,  so it is no use  trying the  Konami code

From here kill the turret  and climb onto the grey ledge on the left. Shoot the
missile launcher and the  walkers inside here and then leave.  Jump out of this
place  to the  right  and land on  top of the  next grey  floor.  Shoot the two
turrets here. Now move up floor by floor and shoot the turrets on  the opposing
sites. Make sure you  stand at  the very right of  these blue platforms  so the
turrets can't hit you, but you can hit them with your surroundshot.
If you can't see  the turrets on  the other side jump  to the right to make the
screen scroll to the right too.  Try to land  on one of the  upper small orange
stones  and  back up  to where you  just  jumped from.  Then shoot  your way up
through the turrets.
A second tactic is to stand under the turrets and use the surroundshot to shoot
up and destroy them.  Make sure the turrets are flashing,  if the turret is not
flashing your surround shot isn't hitting it so turn the shot  around until the
turret you're aiming at flashes.

When you jump  on the 7th blue  platform you will see the missile throwers. Use
your surroundshot to counterattack  the missiles and then  shoot the  launchers
and then the missiles  again and then the  launchers again and so on until they

Clim up to the next blue platform. Shoot the turrets that are at the end of the
blue platforms and then face right and surround shoot over your shoulder to hit
the missile launcher.
There is another missile launcher just above this one and another turret on the
ceiling. To the right  of that turret is another hidden powerup block,  and the
way continues to the left of this turret with another part with the hard to see
black stones. Jump up there, there are no enemies distracting you in this black
stones part.

Once you are up there,  go either to the left or the right, at both ends a boss
fight awaits you. And you have to kill both bosses to make the make the door in
the middle open up.
                                    ___     /  /
                                   /  /    /  /
                                  /  /    /  /
                      ___ ___ ___/__/ ___/_ /__ _ _ _____        ______________
                 ____| . |   | __| __| __| |  _| | |_   _|______/ _______
                / ___| . | | |__ |__ | __| | | |   | | |_________/
               / /   |___|___|___|___|_| |_|___|_|_| |_|
              / /            /  /    /  /
             / /            /  /    /  /
            / /____ _ _ ___/  /    /__/
           / |_   _| | | __|_/                                     ________
__________/ /  | | |   | __|                                      / __________
       ____/   |_| |_|_|___|                                     / /
.--{}''         _________ ___ ___ ____  _____ _____             / /
               |         |   |   |    \/     |     \           / /
               |_____    |   |   |           | |)   )         / /
                 ____|   |       |           |    _/         / /
                 \______/_\_____/|___|\_/|___|___|          / /
                        |     \/     \|         |          / /
                        | |)  /   |)  |         |         / /
                        | |)  \  (|   |__     __|        / /
                        |_____/\_____/   |___|          / /
                                                       / /
     ''--{}.._________________________________________/ /

The Jumpbots always jump around,  as the name  would imply . To hit it you also
have to jump around.  But the Jumpbot sees this and increases  or decreases the
distance it jumps just to jump on your head.  As this is very unhealthy we want
to avoid that. So how do we do this?

Everytime you stand face  to face with the Jumpbot roll under it.  You then hit
it in invincible wheelform and hurt it and you are standing behind it.  Now you
can follow its jumps and shoot at it with rapid fire. Don't stop shooting.
If the  Jumpbot  turns  around  roll to the other side  of the  screen to stand
behind  it again  and repeat.  If you  know this,  the jumpbot is  very easy to

Once you got one Jumpbot down  go to the other side of the upper floor of Level
5-2 of Super Turrican and face the next Jumpbot and use the same technique.

After beating the second  Jumpbot enter the now open  door in the middle of the
level and you will exit level 5-2 to meet you nemesis in Level 5-3.

                    _   ___ _   _ ___ _          ___        ___
                   | | | __| \ / / __| |        | __|  __  |__ |
                   | |_| __|\ ' /| __| |_       |__ | |__| |__ |
                   |___|___| \_/ |___|___|      |___|      |___|
               _________________________   _______________________

This whole stage is just a Bossfight. You fight the final Boss.

The boss shoots slow but  harmful balls at you.  You can shoot them and as they
are still slow avoid them by jumping somewhere else. But you can't hit the boss
at the moment. Why that?
The boss is  hidden behind an energyshield.  So you have  to fire at the energy
field all the time to make it go away.  You WILL notice that the defense shield
is away, as the final Boss now  will attack you with all he's got.  Rockets all
the time, lasers, shockwaves  and other mean things.  And the really mean thing
about this epileptic ballet is,  they all come  at you in random  intervals and
are even harder to avoid than fixed patterns.

If you are a badass player you can try to avoid all the different things coming
at you and shooting the boss at the same time, but if you were, you wouldn't be
reading here...  so if you are searching for  an easy way to beat this guy just
read on.  It's  easier  than  you  have thought  and might  think and  even can
imagine.  If you haven't found out about this yourself I wonder how you made it
that far, but that's another story,  so here is how  you beat the final boss in
level 5-3  of Super  Turrican on the NES.  I will  tell you right now, no bull-
shitting you, the tactic is  really simple and everybody  can do it.  Even your
grandma could  do it if  she would care  about old and cool oldschool NES games
and pixels and stuff.  All the pixels in this game are  handpainted by the way,
by 20 tame  monkey that  are given a  paintbucket  and some  paintbrushes and a
computer  and the  order to paint  the Mona Lisa  with MS paint.  But it didn't
work out,  so instead this came out.  Wait, oh yeah,  the tactics for the final
boss, here we go,  just jump on his head, you will lose some health by doing so
and stand on the front edge, and now use the surroundshot. Point it down at the
boss, and if he's flashing in a nice orange color you hit him.
And the best thing ist, none of all the flying objects  he 'shoots at you' will
hit you if you are standing up there. Just relax and slowly kill him.

Yeah, finally this guy is down!

Now let the end credits roll!

                           !! Congratulations !!
                       You have liberated this world
                        from the forces of darkness.

                       Again, a world which was under
                        the shadows of the forces of
                           darkness has returned
                          to a place of light and

                      Everywhere life will come back
                        from the ashes of the past.

                          This world was saved but
                        there are lots of other which
                          need someone like YOU to
                            fight against evil !


                        Sooner or later the forces of
                             darkness will return
                               with vengeance !

                        Nobody knows of there will be
                         another brave warrior again.

                        We all should think about it !

                             But now the warrior
                               needs to rest !


                            Concept & Gamedesign
                                MANFRED TRENZ

                                Program & Text
                                MANFRED TRENZ

                                MANFRED TRENZ

                             Music & Soundeffects
                                MANFRED TRENZ

                                 Licensed to
                            IMAGINEER Company LTD

                       (c) 1992 by RAINBOW ARTS GmbH

                            Licensed by NINTENDO

                                   THE END

_________________________________       __________________________________
     __________________________________/        _______________________________
                               _______   _______



-->> 28.10.2006   started the guide with some ascii art on top and bottom and
                  wrote the menu chapter

-->> 05.06.2007   written Level 1-1 and stuff.

-->> 17.08.2007   items and controls section is done now

-->> 03.02.2009   written Levels 1-2 up to 1-3.

-->> 15.02.2009   written Level 2-1 up to Level 2-3

-->> 01.03.2009   written Level 3-1 up to Level 4-1

-->> 14.04.2009   written Level 4-2 up to Level 5-1
                  justified the whole text up to Level 5-1
                  will I submit this FAQ this year?

-->> 15.04.2009   written Levels 5-2 & 5-3
                  submitted the file as Version 1.00

-->> 25.06.2009   as always, I found some more typos that  I only find once the
                  file is online.
                  + added some more interesting stuff... 

_________________________________       __________________________________
     __________________________________/        _______________________________
                               _______   _______

                                  Legal Stuff

This guide  is written by  and copyrighted to selmiak  in 2006-2009 and was ex-
clusivly written for your personal use only.

You can download or print this guide but you  are not allowed to profit from my
work  in any  way.  As soon  as you  earn  money  with  my work  you  steal  my
intellectual property and commit a  crime which  I will not tolerate  and start
legal issue against you.

If you  want to host  this file on  another  webpage than or  or   please ask me  for permission  before.
I will most  likely give  you  the  permission,  as  long  as  the  file  stays
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For any glaring mistakes you want to point out or  additions you want to see in
this guide or paypal donations you think I deserve you can use my email:

                            faqs [at] gmx [dot] de

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                               _______   _______

                                  Thank yous

         My thanks go to the following individuals and/or companies:

        Manfred Trenz
                for creating THE Hero, Turrican! And for ripping off some other
                cool games and transporting them to the C64 and making my child
                hood so great (great like the Giana Sisters!)

                for saving the universe once again.

                for  motivating/annoying  the hell out  of me in 2008-2009 so I
                finally finished this guide.

        Andrew Schultz
                for starting the NES FAQ Completion Project.
                Otherwise I maybe wouldn't have written this.

        Devin Morgan
                for  maintaining  the  NES  FAQ Completion  Project website and 
                keeping things in shape.

        all other contributors to the NES FAQ Completion Project
                we can get this done!

        CJayC and SailorBaconAllen
                for and stuff and all and so on...

                for reading all this. Yeah, especially this part here ;)
                for writing this. And because I've written all this I can thank 
                myself as much as I want! Yay me! =)
                without him (or her, whatever), we all wouldn't be here.

           °._  |   :                   |
     ______|    : __°_/___      _____\___  _   ______/_  / 0000ooooooo...
         -------+--- /  -__-            +\----------/  :/
           /    |___/ ____   °--.      \| \    ____/   /            __
          /|____|  /|/__    ___  \  ___ \__\  [    \  /|___    ____/ /
    |  / /   ___| /   __\  /  /__ \/   \/\  \ \____/ /     \  /   / /
    .\/ /\  '---\/ /+  __\/  /---\/[--/-----]\/ /  \/   :   \/ [----\----]
    °/\ \_______/\/______/\______/\__/\__/\\_/\     \___|___/\____\_/
    |  \___  ___|/__[----] \            |   \_______///||[   ] [---]--->
          ____  /   ]----+----+         |    /   /     :
               /    [   ____ \____ _____|   /   /\     |
                    |         \       -----'  ( )[-----|---]:   :[]
                    |          °°oo..


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