Wheel of Fortune feat. Vanna White
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Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White (NES)


Da das Spiel eh nur Wörter auf Englisch von dir wissen will, sind dieser FAQ und die folgenden Seiten alle auf Englisch. Trotzdem Viel Spaß!

This Chapter of the Wheel of Fortune FAQ deals with the Solutions. I hope I got them all, if not, feel free to send me some solutions I have missed by mail, you can find my email address in the legal section of the FAQ. I will of course give you credit if you have something to add to the FAQ.

All the solutions here are sorted by Category.

Each category is sorted by number of words and then by number of letters in the word, then by number of the second word and so on, so even if you don't know the first letter you can have a clue what word it is about and find your solution here.

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