Wheel of Fortune feat. Vanna White
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Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White (NES)

Spiel und Regeln

Da das Spiel eh nur Wörter auf Englisch von dir wissen will, sind dieser FAQ und die folgenden Seiten alle auf Englisch. Trotzdem Viel Spaß!

This Chapter is split into some subchapters:

1) How to play

So it's your turn now!
Left and right lets you chose your action, which is either


You've got 16 seconds to chose. If you haven't decided after these 16 seconds the game switches to the next player.
I will now explain what these 3 different gamemodes are and how to play them.

1.1 SPIN

You can spin the wheel here by pressing the A Button while the different colors are flashing besides the wheel. The colors indicate the speed with which you will spin the wheel.

the colors are:
  • blue
  • green
  • orange
  • white
while white is the fastest and blue the slowest rotation.

If you land on an amount of money you now can select a consonant you think is in the phrase or word that is searched for in this round. If the consonant is in the word you earn that amount of money multiplied with how often the letter is in the word.
If the letter is not in the word it's the next player's turn.
Sounds easy, eh? It is, and it is even more entertaining.

But there is not only money on the wheel, to make it harder for you my dear wheel of fortune player, there are also some extras hidden on the wheel:

You loose all your money for this round. This is a bad extra.

So it's the next player's turn.

Only in round 1&2. If you somehow have to pass your turn you can use this extra and are allowed to spin the wheel again.
If you managed to get a freespin this is shown next to your name on your players place.


Buy a vowel here the same way you would chose a consonant. The only difference is buying vowels costs you money, but it's always 250 $ per vowel you buy, and it doesn't matter how many times the vowel shows up on the wall, you pay the 250 $ only once and maybe know a little more about the word everyone is searching for.
If your vowel is in the word it's your turn again, you can now either spin the wheel to guess another consonant, buy another vowel or solve.
How to solve the puzzle is explained just beneath here:


The cursor jumps from empty space to empty space and you have to fill in all the needed letters.
If you did fill in a wrong letter, don't worry, B backs up one letter and you can reenter the right one.
Once you are done acknowledge your input with Start.

2) The Rounds

Each play goes over 4 rounds and if you are good enough the Final Stage.
If you have enough cash and won enough Rounds you can play the final round.
If there is a draw between you and an opponent there is an extra round, but this happens very seldom.

If you manage to reach the final stage you have one riddle to solve in 60 seconds. The letters E, L, N, R, S and T are chosen for you and you can chose one more vowel and 3 more consonants.

These letters are the highlighted and turned around by sexy 8 bit Venna White. Now you have to guess/think of the right word in 60 seconds and one of the beautiful 8bit prizes will be yours.
To help you with that and the rest of the game read on to find solutions to all the riddles Vanna White wants you to solve after this short overview over the features of the different rounds in wheel of fortune.


max Cash: 1000$
FREESPIN is on the wheel

max Cash: 2500$
FREESPIN is on the wheel

max Cash: 3500$
NO FREESPIN on the wheel

max Cash: 5000$
NO FREESPIN on the wheel


To elaborate this here are the layouts of the wheel in every round:
This game is sometimes very random and the amount of money on the wheel seems to be placed randomly, but still in order. This means there is a fixed order, in which the dollars will appear but it is not defenitively said, THAT they will appear. But IF they appear, they have their fixed position in the array of the layout. All the values that MAY appear are in brackets and indented, all others are there on every round of the wheel...
LOSETURN will never appear on the first round of the wheel ever in round 1. After further investigation it seems(!) like the random layout only happens in the first round of the wheel when you start spinning it as Player 1. If you pass your turn to a computer Player 2 the normal layout for each round will appear. I don't know why this happens but if you have further details please contact me on that.


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