Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
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Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu is a cool classic Jump 'n Run game for the Nintendo Entertainent System. The Controls are great, imho even better than in all the Mario games for the NES.

The Soundtrack is quite cool for the midi sounds of the 8bit aera, as are the graphics. You can even listen and download the Soundtrack @ Zophar's.

The Story is a bit usual, you are the good guy and have to rescue the girl the bad guy took away. Sounds familiar? Yeah, but it's great fun, let's get it on!

To help you find yur way in Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, I made some maps to guide you through the levels.
I hope I found all the Bells leading to the Bonuslevels. If you should discover a bell that I haven't discovered, drop me a line and attach an overworked map to your mail. Don't worry, you can even mark the bell with an ugly red dot or the like, I will find out what you mean, be sure of that! ;)

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