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Once upon a time there were Marios and Gianas jumping around the computer Screens all around the world as an intelligent Japanese Gamemaker decided to bring something new to the gaming world.
In Metal you don't jump around like crazy and don't pile up little blocks to towers, but you infiltrate the military basis 'Outer Heaven' in South Africa by shooting and sneaking through the Levels.
The sneaking is a brand new element in games around 1987. Plus the enemies are cleverer than you average enemy. Once they discover you sneaking around they call for backup and try to take out Snake's ass alltogether. But this is not as worked out as in the newer 3D-MGS Games, what do you expect, but it's still fun!
Deep pittraps, keycards, informations and warrobots all add up to a great game.

So I took my chance and made some maps for this game. You can find them all here:
Somehow I don't like these maps all that much anymore. So once I have a lot of time on my hands I will work on them again and make them really pretty.

Cover (NES) Cartridge (NES)


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