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Super Mario Bros.

So, who doesn't know Super Mario Bros., the game with the plumber from Brookly that saved the World from the Videogamecrash when it came out in 1985. The Crash was caused by E.T. for the Atari, so use a searchengine of your choice to find out more about E.T. and the crash and landfills in New Mexico for now, maybe I'll write something about that later...

Super Mario Bros. is a very addictive and fun game! If you like these kind of games and oldschool games at all you should definitely check out internallinkGiana Sisters. This game has lots of similarities to SMB (at least in the first 2 level) but it has imho better controls and is a very interesting piece of Video Gaming history, too.
There are also lots of other Jump n Run games for the NES. One is Super Mario Bros 3, which came out near the end of the nes era and is one of the best NES games. Maybe I'll write something about SMB3 later, but for now I want to recommend internallinkJackie Chan's Action Kung Fu to you. This game has very fluid controls and is just fun to play. Sadly nearly noone knows about this game. I hope this changes within this very moment!

And if you would only find this stupid text here you would be bored to hell so here they are, all the maps for all the levels in Super Mario Bros., the classic game for the internallinkNES

These maps are created by Nick Morgan and he licensed display to everyone who feels like hosting them, as long as his name is mentioned, so this is what I do, and I think these maps feel good here.
Oh how good they feel! Can you feel it too? I know you feel it, I know you need it, wow, it feels sooooo gooood! Yes it does! Oh, yes, indeed!

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gitti      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2017-05-25 11:33:30

na wie cool ist das denn :-)
alter NES-fan der 80 hat das NES-remake geschenkt bekommen .... ich liebe es!
thx für die karten.

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