Wheel of Fortune feat. Vanna White
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Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White (NES)


The game greets you with a crowd shouting out the name of the game, Wheel of Fortune. This is technically impossible for the NES, but they did it anyways.
After the colorful 16 color image of Vanna White passed by press start and chose the number of players. Actually there are just 10 colors in Vanna, but her sigature has some greyscales inside. That's better than her hair having them.
You can play with up to 2 friends, making it a maximum of 3 players at once.

For a 2 player game Player 1 uses controller 1 and player 2 uses controller 2.
For a 3 player game Player 3 uses controller 2 and Player 1 and Player 2 share controller 1.

If you want to play alone, chose 1 player, and now you can either play all on your own or play against the Computer. Chose the level you want your computer opponent and continue. The different computer player levels mean just how good the computer 'guesses' and solves the puzzles, there are no different puzzles depending on the difficulty.
After that enter your name(s) (with a maximum of 6 letters per name) and then continue. You are now right in the game.

The game Wheel of Fortune - featuring Vanna White is based on the TV Series Wheel of fortune in which funny people try to make a fortune with the wheel of fortune. The TV Series is based on the school game hangman of course but now there is more money involved.

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