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Because the game is so great I couldn't resist writing an also great Beneath a Steel Sky Walkthrough! Everything you need to know about the game is in this Beneath a Steel Sky Game Guide, but before we start take a minute and read this introduction...

In 1994 everyone that enjoyed playing point and click adventure game was hooked on the Lucas Arts titles, in case there was nothing left, even Sierra games did the trick, but if you were a vivid observer you also saw a small masterpiece by Revolution Software called Beneath a Steel Sky. And this game is still worth being played today, especially if you love science fiction and good humor. There is not so much humor in it as in a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, but it is still really funny.
The adventures of Robert Foster in the depressing australian megacity of the future are sometimes really dark, but even more enjoyable through this. His trusted friend Joey is always with him, even though he is nothing more than a few circuits on a board, but he always has a cool line on the lips ready to fire it off, so you should talk to him really often. In case you are still in doubt if this game is the right thing for you, well, you are here already, so this game is the right thing for you.

After ScummVM became better and more popular at the dawn of the new millenium (and the world of old adventures like Loom for example wouldn't be the same without ScummVM) the nice people from Revolution Software decided by the end of July 2003 to hand the Source Code for Beneath a Steel Sky over to the people at ScummVM and so ScummVM was suited to BASS perfectly. The game runs flawless and even some bugs were removed. Furthermore Revolution Software declared the game as freeware and now you can download it from the ScummVM site. The same happened to Flight of the Amazon Queen too. Links to all this are on the Links page. And another note on freeware that is in the public domain, this doesn't mean, that the game is open source, but there is a place where you can legally download the sourcecode of Beneath a Steel Sky. In case you are into this, just look at the links on the just mentioned and linked Links page.
Also you find NEWS there about the Beneath a Steel Sky Sequel Beyond a Steel Sky.

So if you are stuck somewhere in the game have a look at my Beneath a Steel Sky Walkthrough. There is everything you need to know in it and even more! I converted the old .txt file into a html Version with better navigation and nice screenshots and even infos about every Items and every Item from the LINC Space in Beneath a Steel Sky can be found in this really complete solution.

Beneath a Steel Sky

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Beneath a Steel Sky
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YouTube Adventure Channel

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1) Sophia      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-12-03 22:46:34

Mega genial. Hab mir das Spiel Beneath the steel sky nochmal runter geladen. Bin damit aufgwachsen, es war auf meinem ersten PC mein Vater hat mir Suse drauf installiert. Danke!!!

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