Lost Horizon - Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains: Crashsite (PC iOS) - Messerschmitt crash Kim stuck parachute plane argali sled gap


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Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains   deutsche flagge


So we hardly survived the crash landing. At least Fenton did. Kim is unconscious and stuck in the cockpit. So we better help her.
So let's pick up the  itemsled. Whereever it is coming from. The  itempropeller blade will also fit very well into our inventory. So we use the blade to open the crate. We get the  itemlid of the crate for this. If we click on the crate we'll pick up all the content inside the crate. There is a  itembroken record, a  itemfolding table and the  itemhorn of a grammophone inside the crate and now inside our inventory.
So, let's leave to the left.

There is a huge gap that won't let us reach the wreck of the Messerschmitt down there and get all the items waiting inside the wreck. So we have to find a way over there. It would work with the sled but there is not enough snow on the ground to slide over the edge. So we use the  itemhorn to pick up some snow from the snowdrift and pour it all over the ground. And then we  itemrepair the sled with the lid of the crate.
If we use the repaired sled on the furrow Fenton gains enough speed to jump over the gap.
So finally we're on the other side of the gap. We open the wing with the propeller blade and pick up the  itemwing hull. I don't want to know where Fenton keeps this!
We examine the cockpit and get a  itempilot jacket and  itembinoculars. The pilotjacket is not worth all that much so we cut it up with the shards of the broken record. We get a  itemlambskin and a  itemdocument with permission from this action.
Now we use the wing lying on the ground and push it over the crevasse to build a bridge to the other side of the gap. Here we send Fenton back to the crashsite and then to the north of it.

Now Fenton faces an Argali. The Argali doesn't want to move away or let Fenton pass. So we need to do something with this mean animal. So we use the wooly lambskin out of the pilotjacket  itemwith the sled and also  itemput the folding table under this thing to build a fake sheep. If we show this fake sheep to the argali it defends its territory and this ends bad for both the argali and the fake sheep.
So the only thing left is the  itemhorn of the sledge with a leatherstrap. Pick it up and look at it. Fenton will tear it apart and we now have the  itemhorn and a  itemleather strap.
And while we are at the cliff we also pick up the  itemincense sticks as well as the weird lumps, which actually are  itemargali shiat. Now we walk back to the wreck of the Messerschmitt.

Here we put the  itemArgali dung into the horn of the grammophone and  itemlight it up at the fire on the backside of the Messerschmitt. And so we also put the leatherstrap into the puddle under the wreck. The strap first gets wet and then freezes and finally we have a  itemfrozen leatherstrap. So we take it with us. Again I don't want to know where Fenton puts this long frozen thing or even the burning Argali dung. We leave this place and rush to the wreck of Fentons plane with the trapped Kim inside.

To get to Kim we lean the wing hull against the ledge and use it as a ladder to climb up to Kim.
So we already see there is a  itemparachute hanging high up on the right side of the screen. We use the frozen leather strap to push it down. As soon as we own the parachute we tie it to the cockpit and pull the ripcord to tear it open. So now we only need to wake her up. We just light an  itemincense stick with the burning Argali dung and wave it around in front of Kims face. She wakes up in no time. This must smell really bad!

While Kim slowly gets warmer we find out, that Wuang, her mapmaking father, sometimes used a secret writing to make some of the details of his maps unclear to people that shouldn't know. He didn't want everyone to know that he found an artifact on his travel to Khembalung together with Hayes.
Fenton and Kim are about to search for the Monestary with the aid of the map as a truck passes by. Of course they follow the truck and are brought to a german camp inside the snowy mountains.


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