Lost Horizon - Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains: In front of the german camp (PC iOS) - crevasse sign gate fire cigar


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Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains   deutsche flagge

In front (and under) the german camp

So what do we see here. The germans captured a british officer and Fenton Paddock wants to rescue him of course. Let's get it on!

We have a look at the yellow sign on the right side. Fenton won't even be able to read the word crevasse, because he will fall into it before. That's irony. For our luck Kim shows up and can help.

As Kim we pick up the  itemwarning sign. Further more we pick up a  itemnewspaper and a  itemrope from the truck. After we look inside the crate we have some more items, they are: a  itempot with the fitting lid,  itemsticky tape and a  itemgas burner. As soon as we have a look at the holes in the snow in front of the hut we find out where these hole are coming from. So let's get a cigar. Just put the sign on the holes, just like a pan and wait. Sooner or later we will catch a  itemburning cigar.
Finally we walk to the hole in the ground and give a lot of stuff to Fenton. Well, everything except the documents and the sign.

As Fenton we  itemlight the gasburner with the cigar. With the burning burner we can light up an incense stick and use it on one of the many ways out of the room. The smoke will be blown to the way which might lead us out of the crevasse. We pick up the lose  itemchunks of ice and enter the cave on the left to reach a pile of trash.
From the trash here we pick up the  itempocketknife and use it on the log from the warning sign. Look at this. A small  itemwood chip comes out. So we put the pieces of  itemice into the pot, close it with the lid and  itemseal it with the sticky tape. Now we also stick the woodchip in the pot. Now we want to cook this thing, so we put the newspaper onto the pile of junk and light it with the gasburner. We put the pot onto that and wait for the ice to melt and then cook and shoot out the woodchip to destroy the layer of ice in the ceiling. Before we continue we pick up the pot again.
And now we find out something really cool. The rope and the horn from the sledge make a good  itemgrappling hook. We throw the grappling hook to the crevasse and climb it up.


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