Lost Horizon - Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains: Inside the monestary (PC iOS) - cable spaghetti dragon puzzle court yard dog


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Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains   deutsche flagge

Inside the monestary

We start with oiling the pulley with the oil from the egg. Now we pull up the pulley and tie the magnetic prayer wheel to it. If we let down the pulley we can catch the  itemtin from the table below. We can open the tin as always with the tent peg. We get some  itemmeat from this action but we don't want the meat and throw it on the wooden slab so that the dog gladly will help us reach the  itemknapsack. Again we lower the pulley and reach for the knapsack. As we open it up we see a  itemgasmask, a  itemcanteen, a  itemcompass and a  itemtorch.
The glass of the torch is broken so we repair it with the  itemglue and the otherwise useless  itemcompass. Now we aim for the kennel with the repaired torch and the dog is so interested in the light that he follows the light into his kennel and stays there. But he can still get out so we need to trap the dog inside the kennel.
So we use the baking powder (our luck that is was inside the lift!) on the  itemcanteen and it starts to react and foam is coming out of the canteen. We better close the  itemlid of the  itemcanteen and then throw it onto the snow on the roof above the kennel.

Let's go, Kim and Fenton climb down and search for the secret chamber.
The strange chest can help us light up the scene, but at first we have to unscramble this very ungerman cable spaghetti. There are 2 different difficulties for this minigame, but both have the same solution:
  • plug 1 - socket 1
  • plug 2 - socket 5
  • plug 3 - socket 3
  • plug 4 - socket 2
  • plug 5 - socket 4

If you don't get it, just look at this picture and connect the numbers
lost horizon cable spaghetti

Thanks to the light we now see the wall. As we examine the wall Fenton sees the ornaments. But he can't do anything by hand so we use the prayer wheel on the rightmost ornament to open it. And what is this? Another minigame. So, do you remember what Thomas told us? 2 dragons guard the chamber, the mother has double the age of the kid. This means that the mother is twice as long as the kid. So turn the stones until you see the correct image. The shorter dragon on the lower part goes almost straight on except for a small bow into the field in the complete middle while the bigger, upper dragon must be the mother and makes a slope over almost the whole playfield. The bow starts in the upper middle and comes back to there.
lost horizon dragon puzzle


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