Lost Horizon - Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains: Inside the secret chamber (PC iOS) - gate to shambala


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Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains   deutsche flagge

Inside the secret chamber

Fenton looks at the signs here, but he can't read it. So he asks Kim, if she can help.
She likes to help and so they both find out that there is another, a second key that opens the gate to Shambala, but you can find the place the key is hidden only if you look at Piri Reis' map through the eye of the dragon. Professor Hayes and Kim's father found the eye of the dragon, but Kim never saw this artifact, so Professor Hayes must still own it.
Countess Hanna von Hagenhild listend to all their conclusions and also tells us, that Hayes is in Marrakesh. But because she's rather killing her enemies than making new friends she wants to see Fenton dead.
So he flees and tries to rescue Kim from the countess. But everything goes wrong and he starts an avalange that buries Kim's truck. So he escapes the mountains and is very down on his flight to Marrakesh to find Professor Hayes. But we will find out about all this in the next chapter.


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