Lost Horizon - Chapter 4: Into the Lion's Den: Berlin (PC iOS) - museum Pariser Platz Photograph Cafe Erika IOC disguise


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Chapter 4: Into the Lion's Den   deutsche flagge


So we made it and escaped the heat of Marrakesh and landed in the cooler Berlin. Sadly Professor Hayes wasn't as lucky as we were.
So here the Nazis are hiding the stolen Eye of the Dragon. Let's find it and then continue our travel to find the Piri Reis' map and with the help of the map the second artifact. But only one thing at a time.


lost horizon - in front of the museum in Berlin
At first we should enter the museum, as we are standing right in front of it in this new chapter in Lost Horizon. We find out everything is closed inside. So we talk to the workman about everything possible in the dialoge menu. We find out, that there is a reception from which we might get into the interesting floors of the museum. And we also get a  iteminfosheet about the olympic decatlon. As soon as we read it Fenton is very happy as he finds out that his old friend from college days Glenn is competing in the decatlon. So we are halfway into the lower floors of the museum already. But of course the game will put some obstacles into our way there, but fear not, this is what this great solution is written for.
So we take a look at the cardboard box we just put on the ground and take the cleaning stuff with us. We get a yellow  itemrubber glove and a sheet of  itemsandpaper. And because Fenton loves digging in the dirt we click on the rubbish bin to find some more interesting items. From this rather simple action we get the  itemdirty lid of the rubbish bin, a broken  itembottle neck and a  itemdried bouquet. We polish the rusty  itemlid shiny with the sandpaper and after we had a look at the devilsheep we can cut its  itembeard with the broken bottleneck.
After leaving the museum we take a look at the advertising pillar and find a  itemphotograph of a photocamera. We pick up the poster and take it with us. Now we better go to the stadium to find Glenn.

Olympia Stadium     up

We can't enter without the press pass from the IOC. So we have to think about a way to get a pass, but before that we  itemfill the rubber glove with Helium. And now we go to the IOC at the Pariser Platz.

Pariser Platz

lost horizon - pariser platz in Berlin
We find out that we went here for nothing as the IOC has closed already. But maybe it was not that useless at all to come here. There are a lot of tourists and other interesting people in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The man in front of the Cafe is a journalist and tells us, that he'd rather be in England and wants to write stupid storys about the royals. Well, his decision...
We pick up the  itemnapkin on the left table, examine it to find out the name of the Cafe (we need that later) is Cafe Erika and wipe the  itemketchup on the table with it. Now we have a look at the  itemdryed bouquet and find the  itemflorist wire. We use this florist wire with the balloon rubber glove and so we can tie the  itemballon animal to the pram. This frightens the kid inside so hard that it drops its  itemlolly. Now we steal the baby's lolly.


Back at the museum we fish for the shiny object in the abyss and get it. It's a  itemreichsmark.
We enter the museum and take a look at the doors. Now we can use the new hotspot, the doorknob. We smear the  itemketchup all over it and then press the picture of the photocamera onto it so we have a  itemprohibiton sign for photographs.

Pariser Platz     up

We have a look at Edison's jacket hanging on his chair and see he has a press pass inside it. So we try to convince him to give it to us but he refuses to do so, so we have to find another way to get it. After looking at the napkin we know the name of the Cafe and can make a phonecall from the phonebooth by using the coin. And who are we gonna call? Yes, Cafe Erika at the Pariser Platz. We lure Edison into the Cafe with the use of a small lie and while he is inside the Cafe we can steal his  itempress pass and his  itemglasses.
Now it's about time to talk to the photograph in the back of the scene. We talk to him until we can talk about the photography ban. To get him really pissed we use our selfmade prohibition sign with the lolly and stick it to the traffic sign. Now we talk to the photographer again and show him the sign. So he leaves as does his camera. But unlike him his  itemcamera leaves with us.

Olympia Stadium

lost horizon - in front of the Olympia Stadium
We still need a hat to look like the person on the press pass we just stole. If we look at the hat of the organ grinder we think about it and can talk with the organ grinder about the hat. So we give him the shine lid from the rubbish bin we polished with the sandpaper and get his  itemhat. Finally we stick together the  itemArgali beard with the lolly and our disguise is perfect. And so we enter the Olympia Stadium.


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