Lost Horizon - Chapter 4: Into the Lion's Den: Inside the Olympia Stadium (PC iOS) - Glenn locker room glue


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Chapter 4: Into the Lion's Den   deutsche flagge

Inside the Olympia Stadium

lost horizon - in the catacombs of the Olympia Stadium
But what do we have to find out here? Glenn isn't surely winning even though he is our friend and Fenton is the hero of the game. So we have to help him.
We get rid of the  itemdisguise and enter the lockerroom and pick up the  itemlaces from the trainers here. From the rubbish bin we also get a  itembottle of cleaner. And to top it all we also pick up a  itemcoathook from the right side of the screen. Let's hope noone will notice this. Now we use the coathook to open the ventilation grill and enter the passage through the ventilation shaft we just opened.

We end up in the equipment room. Here we take everything with us that is possible. For once the  itemmeasuring tape and the  itemping pong balls on the table, but we have to take a look at the table first. And after we had a look at the dumbbell shelf we have another new hotspot, the shelf foot. So we put the coat hook on the shelf foot, fix it with the shoelace and hammer on it with a  itemdumbbell. After some hammering the  itemcoathook is flat enough and we can use it as a screwdriver and open the metal panel on the cupboard with it to take the  itemsuit inside with us.

lost horizon - locker room of the Olympia Stadium
Back in the lockerroom we combine the  itemtable tennis balls and the bottle of cleaner and pour this deadly mixture into the rubbish bin. This stuff reacts chemically and what is left is some slimy sticky chemical sludge. Which is good.
Now we cut the  itemmeasuring tape with the bottleneck and from the  itemcut off piece we cut off some more  item25 centimeters. And so we stick this  itemshorter piece of measuring tape onto the rest of the real short measuring tape again with the help of the  itemsticky stuff inside the rubbish bin as glue.

We now leave the locker room and enter the arena. We see Erwin Huber jumping and see he's very successfull with this. So we better steal the official measuring tape and replace it with ours because now only Glenn is left.
To do so we distract the judges by going back to the catacombs of the stadium and  itemlighting up the dried bouquet by putting it into the sparkling light on the left end of the catacombs. This is the olympic spirit. We put this newly made torch into the torch holder and burn the wires above it. This distracts the judges and while they are away we can replace the measuring tape with ours. And so Glenn wins! This is how history is made.


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