Lost Horizon - Chapter 4: Into the Lion's Den: The Reception in the Museum (PC iOS) - downstairs museum turbine Champagne


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Chapter 4: Into the Lion's Den   deutsche flagge

The Reception in the Museum

lost horizon - vestibule to the reception in the museum
And again we lost all our items. This means we'd better get some new ones for our inventory. What about that red  itembarrier? We pick it up but then place it in front of the entrance to the reception so noone is interrupting us here. We pick up the  itemchampagne bottle and the  itemglass next to it by examining the table. Now that we got it, if we take a closer look deep into the  itemchampagne glass we find a  itemcork stuffed inside of it. If we look at the  itemcork again Fenton will remove the  itemwireframe agraffe from it.
With the wireframe we just uncovered from inside the champagne glass we can unlock the wall cupboard to find a  itemmop and a  itembottle of acid. And this acid is really mean and good at the same time, as it helps us to open up the door on the right side of the screen as we pour it all over the lock.

And here we meet our friend countess von Hagenhildt again. It seems that only the Eye of the Dragon is here and stays here while the Piri Reis' map is on a castle near Paderborn. But we take care of this in the next chapter, now we are after the Eye of the Dragon. And the turbine here.
lost horizon - testing the turbine in the basement of the museum
Let's try to open the red box. But this doesn't work, instead we have a  itemhandle in our hands now. Revenge on things. What could be better.
So we climb back up the stairs and use the handle to open the display case. We get a  itempiton if we look inside the display case. And while we are here we also look into (click at) the cloak room to find a  itemscarf. So we combine the  itempiton with the scarf and tie this combination to the  itemmop. With this nice arm enlargement tool we get back to the turbine and use it on the large console to set the energy to the highest level.
After this we put the cork back into the  itemchampagne bottle and with a good aimed shot out of the champagne bottle we start the turbine with the small console. To stay on top of things happening we use the handle on the red box to finally open it and find a  itemfire hose. We tie the hose to the railing and the other end goes to the door on the other end of the room.
Inside here we find the Eye of the Dragon. In case you didn't figure, it's inside the briefcase. So let's get out of here and on to the Wewelsburg and the next page of the solution for Lost Horizon.

In the meantime the Nazis are threatening the gouverneur in Hong Kong. So he has to rely on Fenton. This means... on us... ZOMG!


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