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Chapter 5: Deep Behind Enemy Lines   deutsche flagge


After the relaxed ride on the train Fenton reaches the place where the Wewelsburg is located. Here we want to have a look at the Piri Reis' map through the  itemEye of the Dragon and find out where there is another artifact in this world. But it would be way too easy and way too stupid from the Nazis if we could just walk in there. Noone just walks into the Wewelsburg. So we have to solve some riddles again. The train station attendant also only knows that this is a restricted area.


At the rainy trainstation we first have a look at the info board to find out that a mine is under the Wewelsburg. We sure will get into the Wewelsburg this way. But how do we get into the mine?
If we look at the sign next to the dark door Fenton cleans the sign and we find out, that this must be the entrance to the mine.
After looking at the memorial cross we can chose and pick up one of the  itemcandles that are standing around the cross. We use the candle to burn the rope holding the handcar. This thing rolls off and we got rid of the train station attendant.
Now we can take the  itemaxe with us. With the axe we cut off the  itemlantern on the train on the right side of the screen and we also open the chain in front of the door to the mine with the axe. After we put the candle into the lantern we have a good  itemlightsource and Fenton dares to enter the mine.

Mine     up

It's very dark in here. So we follow the tracks. After a while the tracks turn 90° towards the bottom of the screen and after a short while they turn back 90° to the normal direction. At the next switch we follow the rails going to the bottom and after they end we follow the way to find a skeleton. There is a  itempot next to the skeleton that we rather pick up. Now we get back to the switch and follow the other rail to find some cobblestones on the gound and then follw these to find stairs that lead to the


Behind the curtain there is a  itemnutcracker and a  itemdirty mirror waiting to be taken away by Fenton. So we do so. We can use the nutcracker as pliers and unscrew the  itemhook in the wall here next to the curtain. On the right side of the chimney is a  itemhand drill we also take with us, before we go upstairs, deeper into the castle.

Working room

Fenton enters just right to hear how the Nazis are talking about categorizing the artifacts. So the Piri Reis' Map will be in the list too. So we should have a look at that list, but shouldn't get caught by doing so, as we all know what the Nazis are up to when they catch people doing stuff they don't want them to do.

To get closer to the info where the map is hidden in the castle we just pick up everything here that we can. This means we pick up the  itemboar pelt, the  itemgloves from the armor, the precious  itemcandle holder and some  itemtinsoldiers.
Next to the table with the tin soldiers is a door to the balcony, we go there now.

Balcony     up

Nothing is happening on the balcony, except for the rain, so we better hurry and use the hand drill on the  itemtelescope to unscrew it. We don't need anything else here, so we go inside again.


Back down in the workshop we put the tin soldiers we just aquired into the  itempot and put the pot on the fire. Soon the soldiers are  itemmelting with lots of bubbles, so what do we do with this mess?
We pour it into the  itemcandle holder. After it cooled down we use the hand drill again or the hook to get the tin out of the candle holder. It doesn't matter which tool we use for this task as both lead to the same result. We now have a precious coin-shaped  itemtin wafer. And we want to spend our new wealth right now so we enter the secret door again to reach the


We need the pot here again. This time we fill it with  itemwater from the rain barrel. We put the tin wafer in the sweet dispenser and receive a little  itemchemical bomb. We put the lemon sweet into the waterfilled pot and have some chemical  itemcleaning fluid which we use on the  itemboar pelt. With the chemically altered boar pelt we  itemclean the dirty mirror.

Working room     up

So we want to read what the Nazi has written on his paper. We silently put the hook into the crack in the wall and hang the mirror on it. Now we can use the telescope to look into the mirror and read what the Nazis soldier has written:
The Piri Reis' Map is in the crypt of the north tower.
So we pick up the mirror again and also unscrew the hook from the wall and exit onto the


We use the telecope to look around and especially we look at the town. Here we are very interested in the church, as old churches are always build in a destinct direction and so we easily find out which one of the towers is the northern tower. Sadly it is the one on the other side of the castle.
To get there we have to go back to the


We professionally extinguish the fire with the boar pelt. Finally we got rid of this stinky piece of fur. While Fenton looks at the chimney he sees the ladder rungs. As they are still very hot we use the gloves to climb up the chimney to the


It it raining here, so we won't stay long and rather exit into the

North Tower     up

Through the window we enter a room still above the crypt in which the Piri Reis' Map should be. So we have to get down, get down there somehow. But how? You will find out if you continue reading.
Here we start vandalizing old stones. That's easy and funny at the same time. we do so by drilling a hole into the stone slab on the ground. We put the hook we unscrewed from the crack into the hole and then let down the chandelier with the red crank wheel. The chandelier and hook stick together and so we pull up the chandelier again and tear out the stone slab from the ground. Finally we can climb down to the crypt.


We (have to) look at all lecterns here. It doesn't matter in which order we look at them, the interesting one is always the last one, after we read a lot about the morphogenetic fields and the history of the thule order and their interest in Shambala. So finally we can look at the Piri Reis' Map through the Eye of the Dragon and find out where the second artifact is.
It is located in India. Whereelse should it be? And we will find out how we find this last artifact in the next chapter of Lost Horizon, so go on playing or just turn the page.
If you want to know what ugly and not even remotely helpful maps Piri Reis painted, just take a look here.


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