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Chapter 6: The Fall

Sluice Area

portal2 After a longer fall (maybe this is where the chapter got its name from...) together with GLaDOS on the potato battery you finally reach the ground and a raven catches GLaDOS. So follow the only way possible, once you can't go on normally there is always a wall that can be used to place a portal near. Sometimes a bit higher up. Isn't this Portal 2 walkthrough helpful in guiding you along here? Well, if you can't find the way though here on your own you are playing the wrong game. And you already came so far.... At the end you are standing in front of one of these huge pillars with the scaffolding around them and a wall with "Condemned Testing Area" written on it. Just opposite this wall is the concrete wall for the portal and left above this yellow painted wall on the pillar is the other concrete wall for portal number 2. Walk along the walkway and portal down and then follow the "Do not Enter" signs. Makes perfect sense. Follow the pipe here to reach the huge sluice door. Use the switch to get even closer.
And suddenly this walkthrough for Portal 2 is becoming really helpful again... to open the sluice door you have to push a switch in both of these small houses to the right and to the left of the sluice door in a short timeframe. Sounds impossible but now we have to start thinking with portals. Shoot the orange portal to the wall right in front of you so that you can reach it and then shoot the blue portal a bit above the stairs to the house on the left. Go through the portal and enter the house. Shoot the blue portal to the back wall in here, then walk out and shoot the orange portal above the stairs to the house on the right side, well, on the opposing wall. Go through the portal and then enter the house on the right. Place the orange portal on the backwall here too and then press the button, walk through the portal and press the other button and voila, the sluice door opens. The door it reveals also justifies the enormous size of the sluice door.


Tower Area / Pump Station Alpha

portal2 And now we are on the other side of the sluice and here is water. So we can't go any deeper. But who knows what the game has planned for us. So follow the walkway along the waterline towards the tower (that we will climb up later on) and up the stairs. Do you see the broken door where you can have a look inside? Shoot a portal inside and one on the wall out here and we are in. Pull the lever in the hallway and you are in a new room with new riddles.
Once you enter you see the elevated room to the right where Enter is written above the door. This is where you have to go. But getting there is not that easy. But I will explain it to you anyways. Shoot a portal somewhere on the ground on one of the concrete plates here, and the second portal goes way up there to the small quadratic concrete wall left above the tunnel opening. Jump into the portal on the ground and you are up there already. From up there you shoot a portal to the only small slope directly under the quadratic concrete wall up here. Then find the concrete plates on the ground under the walkway. Jump down onto them and while you are falling down shoot the portal under your feet so that you land in the portal. You are thrown through the old aperture science sign directly to the door you want to reach.
portal2 Here you can read about Cave Johnson in the old newspaper article from 1947 or something (everything looks very old down here) and find out, that you are probably in an old salt mine in Michigan and that Cave Johnson is the founder of Aperture Science and always and forever did weird experiments to and on people. But enough of the history, on with the Portal 2 walkthrough... walk through the door and jump over to the tower. Press the button and up we go. Take a look around. Up here is an entrance to the Pump Station Alpha and right across the area are some doors. There is a concrete slope above the left door, so shoot a portal on this slope and then you walk down on level on the tower. Here you can look down the elevator shaft, jump down and shoot a portal to the ground, right under your feet. This will throw you to the door to the pump station alpha.
If you portal over to the balcony with the 3 doors you will notice they have the word VITRIFIED written on them If you try to open them you can hear another message from Cave Johnson. And 3 more activated door with the word VITRIFIED on them give you a trophy, but these doors can be found at the end of the chapter.
In here you push the switch to activate the gel and then you portal up to the exit. But hey, the walkway is broken, but don't worry, you can just walk over the pipes full of gel to the exit. Strange that everything here still works, but on we go, right into the first test sphere...


Test Sphere 01

portal2 In the first test chamber, that is called 1953 01 you get to know the blue Repulsion Gel. This helps you with jumping real high. Get used to the blue Repulsion Gel, from now on you will find it quite often in this Portal 2 guide and in the game itself. So drop down on it and jump to the other side. From here you can see a wall above your head where you can portal to. So portal up there to the switch on the ground. Use the blue ex-pudding-gel to jump over to the push button on the other side. Push the button and you will get an oldschool companion cube. Get this cube and place it on the red switch on the ground and leave through the now open door.
We are now between two test chambers. But the way to the next chamber is broken, so shoot a portal above the sign telling you to go to the right and another portal to the pillar here around the corner. From up there go to the right and you can enter the second test chamber in sphere numero uno.

portal2 Place a portal above the moving wagon to your right and then use the blue repulsion gel to jump on the ledge behind the gel. Now place a portal on the wall here and look inside until you see the wagon move under it. Then you jump on the wagon of course and grab the vintage cube. With the cube in your hands you get to the ledge again and now you shoot a portal to the opposing wall and get there to the red switch on the ground where you can put the vintage companion cube. This opens another concrete wall which you can use to jump to the second part of this chamber via the blue gel.
Here you just have to jump against the blue gel on the wall and you will bounce from wall to wall to the other end of the room. Watch out, don't fall into the hole. Get the cube from here and bounce all the way back. And now be careful not to walk through the blue energy field with the vintage cube in your hands or it will crumble to dust. So put the cube on the red switch on the ground and the next concrete wall opens up. And from up there you can jump through to the exit.


Test Sphere 02

portal2 Welcome to test sphere 1957. Well, at the ende there is 1957 02 written on it, and because everything in here is broken already the 1957 01 is sunk to unknown grounds already. But this doesn't matter, we have to go through there. Jump down and find a way across the water via the broken things in the water. Once you are standing on the platform shoot a portal high up one of these pillars, there is only one part where it is possible, and use one of the walls down here to get up there. Up on the pillar you can see into the next test chamber, shoot a portal on the ground in there and one to the wall next to you and enter the test chamber.
Now we have to think outside the box a bit. Place a blue portal under the Repulsion Gel dispenser and press the button in front of it. The gel starts to flow. Now place orange portals on various places on the walls so that the blue gel is everywhere in the room. After this use the gel to jump up these stair like platforms two times.
Up here you can see that the passage to the exit was destroyed. So turn around and notice the blue energy field. Put an orange portal on the step in front of it. Once the gel bubble is through the portal place it somewhere else so that the gel hits the step when coming back. Now you can jump to the step covered in blue gel from up here and again jump up one more step and through the force field. Your old portals are gone, but nevermind.
Lay an orange portal on the slope behind the energy field and put the blue portal under the gel dispenser again. The gel will produce a nice gel stain towards the exit. Jump down from here and place a blue portal where you will land and you will be thrown through the air right to the blue gel stain and onwards towards the exit. Voila.


Test Sphere 03

portal2 This test chamber has the number 1958 27. The 27 is written really big. The big trick about this chamber is finding the button. The button is opposit the blue energy field you just entered through. High on the wall. So put the blue portal to the ground in front of the button and the orange portal there where the blue gel runs down. Once the blob of blue gel is through the portals put the blue portal to the wall opposite the water dripping down. The wall that is a bit off, small and fenced off. Now use the stain the blue gel made in front of the button to jump up to the button and of course press the button. The water flow will stop and the blue gel coming from the fenced off wall will make a blue gel stain right where the water would flow. So be quick and jump up the huge step before the water flow returns and washes away the rain, uhm, blue gel. Now enter the next test chamber in this sphere through the blue force field.
portal2 Here you put a portal to the slope and of course another portal under the slowly dripping blue gel flow. Now it takes some time until the wall up there is really dirty with the blue gel, but then we can go on. Use the portals to get up as high as you can in this room, there are even crates to step on up there. Once you are high up there put one portal on the slanted wall and the other portal on the ground, right where you are jumping now. Your momentum will catapult you out of the slope wall portal and onto the blue gel on the wall and this bounces you back and you are through a blue energy field and in the next chamber already. portal2 Just after you leave the blue energy field shoot the orange portal to the place where the blue gel hits the ground in the chamber you were in just a minute ago (or longer...). You can make good use of that now. Place the blue portal high on the wall just like shown in the picture here and it will spill the blue gel on the slope on the other pillar. Now you just have to place the orange portal on the ground deep down right in front of you and jump through it. You are catapulted to the blue gel and bounced back and onto a railway high up. Here you use the portals to get up to an even higher railway and from there you enter another new chamber.
portal2 So we are now in chamber 1958 28. Here you see a locked away Vintage Companion Cube. But even old cubes want to be free. So help this cube. Put a blue portal under the blue gel flow and the orange portal right above the vintage cube. Now the Vintage Companion Cube starts bouncing around because the blue gel is smeared on it. After some time the glass cage breaks and now you have to catch the vintage cube. After you got it carry it to the water and wash it, otherwise you wouldn't be able to put it down somewhere without the cube jumping away again. So put the clean vintage cube on the red switch on the ground. The elevator to the exit come down to you but you can't reach it yet. So place the orange portal on the ground in front of the elevator and as soon as enough of the blue gel has passed through the portal put the orange portal somewhere else. Now you can jump up to the elevator, but it won't move yet. Just shoot the orange portal above the red switch and as soon as the gel hits the cube again the cube starts jumping around again and the elevator moves up and you can leave this sphere.


Pump Station Beta

portal2 Even though you can read the nice word Exit right in front of you it is way too early to get excited for an exit. You better turn to the left and look at the pump station beta. 1971 is also written on it in huge letters. Here you shoot a portal a bit above the metal walkway going around the pump station beta building. Now enter the cave where the exit should be, if you want take a look around, but the portal to the pump station has to be placed near the entrance to the cave, there is no other wall that can hold a portal near.
Walk along the metal walkway until you enter the pump station beta. Here you use portals again to get to the walkway high up on the wall. Now look down from here and you will see two areas on the ground that can hold a portal. Shoot a portal on each of them and jump into the one near to the walkway. Now the portals are throwing you out, taking turns. When you jump out of the portal farther away from the metal walkway you just jumped from you will see a concrete wall that can hold a portal right above the pump for the blue gel. Shoot the portal needed to this piece on the wall and get thrown to the walkway at the bureau and control rooms. Here you turn on the blue gel for the next area and you turn on the orange gel too. After doing that the door to the next area opens up. You enter a wide area through this door.


Control Room

portal2 Sadly the ground floor of the control room has nothing of interest inside, so you need to get higher (and set the night on fire). Use portals to reach the metal walkway on the opposing side of the huge abyss. Up here there is also nothing of interest, so put a portal on the ground right in front of the metal walkway and the other portal on the slope to the right (seen from up on the metal walkway). The portal on the slope has to be on the right side of the pipe and on the highest possible position. Now jump into the portal on the ground and with the momentum from the jump you can reach the roof of the control room building without a problem. And here a door is already open for you.
Oh, what is this? The bird, that stole GLaDOS at the beginning of this chapter has its nest here and GLaDOS is in this nest, still attached to the potato. GLaDOS is still talking rubbish, but we pick her up anyways. She tells us, that Wheatley will destroy the whole Aperture Science lab complex within an hour if noone stops him, so we should plug GLaDOS back into the aperture main computer and she will let us go. Well, do we have a choice...?
Luckily GLaDOS is placed on the button controlling the elevator and as soon as you pick her up the elevator moves up. Now we have to get back onto the metal walkway again and place a portal high up on the wall directly opposit of the elevator. If you now jump into the portal on the ground the momentum will throw you onto the walkway leading to the elevator to another test sphere. And the next test sphere is already in the next chapter of Portal 2 and you can read all about the next chapter on the next page...

portal2 But let me tell you a secret before that (that also earns you 2 trophys). If you enter the room at the end of the metal walkway there is a door hidden behind a cupboard in the rear left edge. If you jump on the trash in front of it, the door opens up for you. Just follow the images you see when you click on the image to the left of this text here. In this hallway behind the door you can find the last 3 doors with the word VITRIFIED written on them. Try to open them and you will hear 3 more messages from Cave Johnson and you also earn the trophy door price. The other 3 doors you need are found at the beginning of this chapter around the tower.
And when leaving the hallway you enter a long wide open room, an empty hall with a live safer on the ground with the word BOREALIS written on it that nets you the Ship Overboard trophy. And now get into the next chapter!

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