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On this page you can find an overview of the most important characters in the game Beneath a Steel Sky and a short profile of the person as well as an image of every character.

Robert Foster

Robert Foster comes from the Gap, a wilderness out of the huge metropolitan town, called Union City, in this near future. His parents died in a helicop- tercrash. A tribe of wild, uncivilized (whatever that means) people have raised him.
The thing is, his name actually isn't Robert Foster, and that's the reason he's kidnapped out of the Gap and taken to town. So what else should happen, than the helicopter crashing again and Foster surviving again. At once the security man Stephen Reich is after him, but he will be history more soon than late.


Joey is a robot, build by Foster. He's kinda C3-PO for Anakin Skywalker. Just that it's Joey and Foster. At the beginning of the game Joey is damaged and Foster just carries Joey's main circuit board around.
But if Foster manages to stick the Circuit board into another soulless robot, Joey can take over this guy and talk stupid to Foster. Very funny sometimes. At the end Joey mutates to a jerk and is called Ken then.


Howard Hobbins works in the repair shop in the recycling plant. Foster can steal his sandwich. hehe. Hobbins will be punished very hard later because of the things YOU did. Well, in the end it turns out that he will get a good job. He looks kind of Irish to me, but that could also be, that in the Talkie version all english speakers with strong accent do the voicing, even though the game is set in a futuristic Australia, and this makes me thinks so. Well, he looks like an Irishman, and I say he is, but I have no proove on this. Hell, I would ask him if I could. And I would eat all his sandwiches all the time if I could.


Gilbert Lamb is a controller in the Pipefactory, in which also Anita is working. He's an asshole but he's very usefull for your aims. It's very nice when you can downgrade him to a D-LINC.
He loves his cat and shows her Videos titled Pussys on Parade. Does this make him a pervert. I think not, but he sure is pervert.

Stephen Reich

Stephen Reich is a Safetyman. First he's after you, then he's gone very fast! He has a LINC Status of 5 and lives in Belle Vue Gardens 2291. You will make your way through half of the game with his ID Card. He also has a pair of cool sunglasses!


Anita is a beautiful girl that works in Lamb's pipesfactory. The sad thing is she gets displaced to the Reactor and was a D-LINC before. She has no future. Anita is a hacker and she's on your side. She wants to help you to destroy LINC and hosts a virus for you in the Cyberspace of LINC. Now you only have to get it. But that is harder than you think it could be. Or something like that.

Dr. Burke

In the middle area of the big steel city is Dr. Buke's practice. It seems like he's addicted to the narcotic that he's sniffing all the time. It should be for his patients, but he uses it for himself.
Dr. Burke is specialized in plastic surgery. He can implant you a Schriemann- Port and he can also change and manipulate your fingerprints.
You can also talk to his patient with the opened stomach. heheheh!

Miss Piermont

Miss Danielle Piermont is a nice old lady, that always walks her dog. She has got some very god connections and can introduce you into the club in the lowest area. But before that you have to torture her dog. Only a bit ;)


So here is the big Spoiler, the socalled Plotkiller (at least withoit a spoilering image...), so don't read on when you want to find out by yourself! LINC is a virtual Programm, written and created by your father. He did spend more time with LINC than with you and your mother. Then LINC took control over your (Fosters) father and cLINCed directly into his brain. LINC controlls everything in Union City, LINC wants you as a replacement for your father, because he is too old now. If you take the job or you delegate it to someone else just standing nearby is your own choice. But be fast and think about where you come from.


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