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And here you have some interesting sites to visit related to the game:

Beyond a Steel Sky
Since the 25th of March 2019 we know that Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons are working on a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky called Beyond a Steel Sky!

beyond a steel sky beyond a steel sky beyond a steel sky

Download the game
directly at ScummVM

Official Beneath a Steel Sky Page
from Publisher and Producer Revolution Games

ScummVM news about the freeware release of Beneath a Steel Sky (2003-08-02)
Newsarchive of ScummVM

Comic by Dave Gibbons
The comic that was included in the original boxed Version of Beneath a Steel Sky and other funny trivia. The rest of the page is also very interesting.

The original manual that once came with the game as pdf.

Making Of
A lot of interesting things about the development of BASS. (Needs Flash!)

steelsky steelsky steelsky steelsky

ripped directly from the game (needs Flash!). Also interesting is the LINC Space Theme Tab for Guitar and Bass.

Enhanced Soundtrack
by James Woodcock

Jukebox Tunes
Clem's BASS Fansite
Make sure to check out the manual there!

Source Code
As the official page from Revolution Software is no longer available you can find a mirror of the source code for Beneath a Steel Sky and the License here now. It could also be the Source Code for the iPhone version. ( ibass_v1.0_src.zip )

if you love Beneath a Steel Sky you will love Technobabylon!


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