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Now it's getting really cool!
We are in LincSpace now! In this Cyberspace you have some different commands and actions you can perform via the LinkSpace Navigation Bar that drops down from the top border of the screen.
When you point your mouse to a symbol on the navbar in the image above here you can find out what these different Icons can do for you. Or just have a look in chapter about the complete LINC Space inventory.

At first you pick up the ball, thats lying around there. But you are not going to play Pong with it now, as the ball contains compressed Data that you cannot read at the moment. That's also why you leave this room to the right. There is no other way to go to anyways.
You cannot reach the tuning fork in the background from here and you also can't mess around with the eye that watches every step you take (and also every move you make), so yes, leave this room through the door to the right as there is really nothing more to see or do here.

In the next room yet another eyeball watches over your every step (and move), but you also find a carpet bag on the ground here. Use the open order from your LincSpace menu to, guess what, yes, to open the Carpet bag. Within the bag you find a decompression program in form of the birthday suprise and also the decryption tool in form of the magnifying glass. Pick up the magnifying glass and the Birthday Surprise and use the decompressor to decompress the compressed Data and you will get two Passwords out of it. And you need them already in the next room, so this works out pretty well, don't you think?
So enter the next room to the right, as you cannot enter the room on the back as the eyeball will shoot you out of lincspace in no time if you dare to enter.

So in the red room that follow you use the Passwords to puzzle around and then continue. Hey ho, let's go:

There are 9 Password nodes there, I'll give them numbers from 1-9 when looking from top on it, starting where you enter the room.


The nodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 have a yin yangish Symbol on them, on which you can position your Passwords. Of course you first have to collect your password again before you can use it somewhere else again. So let's get it on.

PLEASE don't read what's coming up now, I just included it for completism but it's a thousand times more fun to solve this by yourself! But if you really need this nice riddle to be spoiled for you, click the plus button to expand and read the spoiler...

-green on 1

-red on 4

-green on 2

-red on 5

-green on 7

That's it for this funny interesting password riddle in the red room, now enter the next room and take the bust and the book that are just standing there with you.
The bust is now called Phoenix and the book is another crypted document. So now it's about time to use the decryption Programm (that once was the magnifying glass) to decrypt the three text documents you collected in your inventory and then log out of the lincspace, before your provider sends you your phone bill. Have you noticed how I avoided to mention a provider by name. The golden days without Popup ads...

But whatever, just log out and use the LINC Terminal right there on the right. As you just decrypted the documents on your Linc ID Card you can of course read them now. To do so, use the Security Service (option 4) and read the decrypted documents. You'll find out some really interesting things about your real background but not as much as you want to know. Now we still have to exit from the basement of the security police. To do so enter the Linc Terminal again and chose the special operations again. You are carrying the phoenix with you, and as you just found out from the last document this authorises you to raise you LINC status. To raise your LINC status press 4-2-2. After you did and upgraded you ID Card you are also allowed to take the elevator out of here.

Leave the Police Station and head for the ground floor, use the two elevators, the one on the second floor is in front of the junction to Lamb's and Reich's apartments towards Belle Vue.

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