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On the ground level go to the right to the two guys in front of Mrs. Piermont apartment. Talk to the gardener that paints the flowers about everything. Then you talk to the boy next to the gardener and playing videogames about everything possible especially his game. And then talk to the gardener again about the flowers and the color of them! As soon as he realises he knows nothing about flowers and gardening you attack him with even more questions until he can't defend himself anymore and comes out as Eduardo, Anita's contact.

Now you should have motivation to check out a trial in the courtroom that is funny but irrelevant for the story. Because you have to enter the door to the courtroom all to the left, next to the club's entrance and watch and take part in the trial.
The whole courtroom experience is quite funny but I can't force you to stay longer than you want, you can quit very early on or play along. But you have to do start this to make the band in the Club St. James disappear and to be able to go on there.

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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