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Final Fight

Finally leave the controll room and enter through the door you opened through the LINC terminal and enter the cryogenic freezer room.
Left of the door to the right are tongs you need. Take them with you please and then plug Galagher's red Id-Card (with the unlocked virus helix on it) into the terminal next to the tissues. The computer reads his card, the virus loads into the system and crash the whole system. With the tongs you take a fresh tissue sample out of the tank and freeze the sample it in the huge tank with all the ice on it. If you are not fast enough the tissue sample rots and turns black. In that case just pick up another fresh tissue and freeze it in time. Then enter the next room.

Open the cabinet in the MIDDLE and examine it. Put Joey's Circuit Board in it and then use the Terminal next to it. Use the option 2 - Download Character Date and then option 3 - Run startup programm to upload Joey's personality into the android body. But Joey turns into Ken now.
All the other dummies here won't do no good. The one on the left doesn't work and the one on the right will just kill you, so the middle is the best choice here.

The new Joey will awake. Sounds creepy, eh? Well, actually it is creepy, because Joey has turned into a complete rubber jerk. You will have a nice conversation with the new Joey and call him Ken from now on.
Walk to the next room and you will find a door with two sensor plates. Ask this Joey Ken thing to put his hand on one sensor. Put your own hand on the other sensor simultaneously. Don't care about Ken for the moment and continue your way through the newly opened door.

Enter the hallway that might be an atery. Walk along the atery hallway like a piece of cholesterol, it is just one screen. At the end of the hallway you tie the cable to the pipe support and guess what, climb down the improvised ladder. That's what the ladder is there for.

You need to feed the frozen tissue that was corrupted with the virus to the hungry orifice down here and poison it that way. The orifice looks a bit like out of a Star Wars film, but whatever, it is now poisoned and gone. And now a secret door will open up and you better save your game right now for the last time.
Then you can do the Indiana Jones again and swing over to the door.

You finally meet your father you were searching for the whole time and everything in the story clears up and is explained and your father comes to a rather sad end. Once you can do something again ask Ken to take a seat as your father is thrown out by LINC. Then this adventure finally has reached its sad



That's it folks, the solution and the game is over. But you can still browse some more stuff here:

previous page - LINCspace in LINC    this is the end my friend!


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