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Ground Level

Once you reach the ground level just and step out of the elevator Joey will do a good Job as a basejumper without a parachute. There he goes, crash boom bang, he missed the elevator and thought he could fly and now he's broken again and you get his internal Circuit board with all his personality on it and need to find a new shell for our retarded friend. Even if you wait for him in front of the elevator in Bellue Vue and talk to him and everything he will still miss the elevator and crash down as this is part of the game and can't be avoided. So get Foster's ass moving around and find out what the lower level is all about.

Walk to the left and talk to the Bouncer at the door to the club St. James. He will tell you, that you need a recommendation from an existing member to join the club.
So talk to Mrs. Piermont, she's the old lady that is walking around the pond with her dog all the time. Tell her she should recommend you, but she won't just do it. So talk with her about Overman and listen as the story gets thicker. Then about her sponsoring your membership for the club. She wants to meet you in her apartment so walk all the way to the far right and ring the bell and say Robert is here and then enter her apartment. All the other options you can say at her door don't do anything useful for you here.
Talk to the old lady and sooner or later she will phone the club. That takes some time, so long you can put the Video Cassette with Lamb's Pussys on Parade into the Video Cassette Recorder. Her dog will be attracted by the cat. While the dog is distracted by the car and away from his place you can steal some of his dog biscuits. Now leave her apartment to the open place on the lower level and do other mean stuff to the people around here.

Get back towards the Club St. James, but make sure you take the southern path along the pond. You will come to a rundown little hut with a closed door. Take a closer look at the door by left-clicking it. Once Foster mentions the lock of the door the lock also shows up to be clicked by you. You can crack the lock with your ID-Card. An old trick, but it still works in a fictional future.
Enter the hatch and pick up the secateurs. The secateurs are the only useful item in here.
Leave the hatch and finally go to the club you should be able to enter now.

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1) sky      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2013-11-10 10:51:22

Da fehlt ein Schritt. Ich habe die Schere, kann aber nicht in den Club. An der Tür steht Saal geschlossen. Termine in Link. Im Link steht aber nur daß ich im Club angekommen bin, kein Termin.

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