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In the Club

So you are in that bar again and the band is gone. What else should you do than turn on the Jukebox.

You can choose between
"You search, but find nothing"...
"as cool as you"...

Choose "You search, but find nothing"... and step away. After some time the song will get stuck and repeat and loop just a small part and this gets on Coston's nerves. So he will stand up and kick the Jukebox. While he's away doing his anger management you can steal his glass, that's saturated with his fingerprints. Luckylie his friend doesn't mind you doing this.
By the way, the title above this section has nothing to do or is in any way affiliated with half a dollar!

Now it is time for some bio engineering. Armed with the glass go to Dr. Burke. Give him the glass and he will explain to you how to replace your fingerprints with Colstons fingerprints. This is normal business in the future and especially for Dr. Burke. After you did stick you finger into the mean machine in Dr. Burke's pratice get back into the bar and press your thumb with Coston's fingerprints on the metal plate next to the door to the wine cellar at the end of the bar.

In the wine cellar step on the box under the grill first and just destroy it. Yeah, Rock 'n Roll. Or Foster is just too heavy. But so long you can open the the big crate in here called packing case with the crowbar. By doing that you rip off the wooden lid. So use this to strengthen the box under the grill. With the support of the wooden lid you can step on the box without hurting you or the box and reach for the grill.
But the grill is still in the way. Standing on the box you ram the crowbar into the grill to push a hole into it. And with the secateurs you cut off the grill completely so that even heavy Foster fits into the ventilation.
Finally you can climb into the subway though the ventialtion shaft.

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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