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The Voodopriest is standing at the fireside, he's your stepfather and he's worryingly looking into the future and sees great danger coming at you. Your selfmade robot also sees, that something is comming at you. Helicopters appear and they land, armed soldiers approach you and explain that they are searching for someone.
You remember, that your mother died at a helicoptercrash and you got raised by a tribe in the gap. They gave you the name Robert Foster.

The soldiers do a DNA test on you and find out that you are the one they are looking for.
So they do the only thing logical, they extinguish the tribe that raised you, your family, and kidnap you from the gap and drag you into a helicopter (again) to take you to the city.
Of course the helicopter crashes (again) and you survive (again...). Hunted by the security guards in person of a mysterious Mr. Reich you find yourself in front of a picturesque junk press.

After this nice introduction I do not want to keep you on tenterhooks anymore, so here is what you have been waiting for, the long awaited Walkthrough for Beneath a Steel Sky... on the next page.

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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