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LINCs secret Base

Look through the window that is covered with a grill. You will see a guy, or rather an andoid. Creepy isn't it. Well, go through the door leading somewhere to the back leading into another room. There is an iris in the middle of the room. Use the control unit to reduce the temperature (option 2). This closes the iris a bit and you can step on it. But you better set the gamespeed to veeeery slow (you know what to do) and then you can safely step on the closed iris and pull the handle hanging down from the ceiling. This loosens the grid above the iris and it will fall down in case someone steps on it.

Now leave this room and continue to the right in the hallway until you reach the medical robot that healed the vein. Just stuff Joeys platine into the slot on this robot and order him to look around and collect information. The slot is somewhere on the robot, just search for it.
Wait for Joey to come back and then talk with him about the infos he gatherd and talk about the nutrition tanks.

So you find out, that the androids will die without the nutrition fluid. Whatelse should you do, than order Joey to open the tap and let these bastards die and distract the android. Now wait for Joey to come back.
Once he is back you should hear a dripping sound from the opened tap, wait some time or look through the grill again to see if there is a little puddle from the tap on the ground. When and only when there is a puddle you can enter the room with the android fetus containers and the one grown killer android.
Normally he'd kill you, but now, if you followed all the instructions on this page, you will kill the android instead.

After the android is history you can cross the room and leave it somwhere in the back to another room with the cylindrical tanks. Only one door will let you leave here, it's the one in the back on the right.

You enter the control room now. Here you have to use your ID-Card to enter the LINC Terminal on the left side. Yep, on the left, don't step into LincSpace yet, this can wait a few minutes. Use option 2 to access the restricted Area and open the door with the option 1. Now leave the LINC Terminal and this room you are in.

Because you openend the door yet another android can come in to beat up Joey. After the fight it's your duty to take Joey's Circuit board with you again. You should also take a close look at the corpse of the Galagher Android and search for Galagher's red ID Card. With this one get back to the control room and use Gallaghers ID-Card on the slot on the LINC Node and enter the LINC-Space with all his stuff in your inventory now.

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