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LINCspace in LINC

Leave the first room to the right and blind the second Eyeball again to walk on by without being zapped out of the matrix. You will come to the crusader that won't let you pass one last time. But you are logged in with Galagher's Linc ID and he has a nice program on his called called the DIVINE WRATH. Unleash the divine wrath on the crusader and you should be able to pass now and enter the room he has been guarding the whole time. Actually the whole game long.

Enter the room behind the crusader, the last room you haven't been in. You will see the small DNA helix rotating inside the crystal, but you can't pick it up yet as it is locked inside the crystal.

So what do we do now. Get back into the first room you always start your journey through LINC-Space and blind the eyeball there and head back to the room with the well in which you watched Anitas message and continue one door farther and quickly pick up the tuning fork next to the blinded eyeball. Be fast and do so before the eyeball deblinds. Here it is also useful to set the gamespeed to really really slow. You know how to do this by now, and while the game runs very slow getting the tuning fork should be doable.

With the tuning fork in your virtual pocket move to the room behind where the crusader was and where the crystal is again. With the groove of the oszillator you destroy the crystal around the Helix. After picking up the helix you find out that the helix is a virus that Anita deposited there for you.
Log out now, there is nothing left to do in LINC-Space, so just log out.

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