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Splash the Dog

So we are finally inside the exclusive club now, so go and talk to anybody about anything just to get to know the people in this club. There are not that many people in the club anyways. After the typical club smalltalk bores you enough go to the door right of the band and look at the metal plate next to the door. As the door won't open naturally ask the bartender about the metal plate next to the door. Now we know that the plate only works with a fingerprint of the boss and your fingerprint probably are not the one it is working with so we can talk about this with another person later.

Leave the Club St. James and go back to the elevator. If you want to enter the door in the background the security guard will not let you pass. So we have to come up with something to distract the security guy. Let's become really mean and build a trap for the dog.
Put the dog biscuits on the plank next to the pond to arm your trap for the dog. Wait until the dog is near the biscuits, becomes happy because of the food and starts to bark. Then just pull the rope.

This funny action shoots the dog into the pond and distracts the guard and you can now enter the cathedral that was blocked by the guard before.

The door on the right lead to a ventilation shaft.
There is nothing you can do here but the view is so cool I just couldn't resist and take a screenshot and show it here in this Beneath a Steel Sky solution, so take a look into the depth of the shaft:


Get back to the clone army and in there take the middle door and you enter the Krypta or however this thing is called. It could also be an operating room or a morgue. Open all the lockers in here. Oh my god, what is this?! In the middle locker you find Anita's corpse.
Did she die because Lamb exposed her to the radiation. Or did she know too much? Is Lamb involved in all this? Let's find out.
Get back up to the top floor again. Lamb says he doesn't know a thing about it, so what can you do, you can't kill him just for that, can you?

You better enter the pipe factory now and go to the room right before the reactor. Open the locker in the middle and put on the protection overall. Now you are protected enough and you can enter the reactor. Use the control terminal and open the reactor door (by using option 2 dummy).

As long as you wear the protection suit everything is fine. Now enter the real reactor and you will find Anita's LINC-Card. Pick it up and leave the reactor again. If you are responsible in what you do close the reactor door again and then put on your own coat again.

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