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The Pipe Factory

Go one screen farther right. Here you'll find the Elevator, that isn't working because the search for the saboteur is still on, a way to the wrecked helicopter you just crashed with and that got nothing for you besides some information about rivaling cities and saboteurs, so enter the pipe factory that supplies the whole city with pipes. Just a note, the whole city is build from the pipes from this factory, at least Lamb tells you so.

Here you can brabble and babble with the woman working here, she will be important later on. After talking with Anita she will be displaced by supervisor Lamb and Lamb will throw you out too as you distracted his workers. This is nice for the workers but not for the productivity which seems the only important thing.

Now throw yourself out and meet Lamb in front of the factory. You can talk to him but that's not that productive, so you better enter the factory again and go one screen farther.
Try to get into the storage room. This doesn't work as it is only for robots, so ask Joey to get in. He will find a fusebox. Well done Joey, for this you will get a new shell. Now stuff Hobbin's wrench into the gearwheels (that are located low on the screen between the overseeing mechanic and the door) to jam the cogs and then take back the wrench.

Go to the welding robot where Anita was working before. Use the wrench with the robot and then ask Joey if he wants a new shell.

Go to the entrance to the storeroom and send Joey in again to turn off the fuses. You can watch it all through the window.
After Joey burnt the fuses you can enter the storeroom and steal everything in here like you always do in adventure games. Kick the gateway to get to the stuff on the other side of the deep gap. Just click it to kick it. Take the WD40, and the key. Under the gateway is a putty, take this too.
As you step out you'll be stopped and checked and thus the sunglasses, the WD40, the key and eventually (if you got it) the sandwich are taken from you. Darn! And his comment about your sweater will only make sense to you later.
At least you got the piece of wax. Let Joey examine it! Yay, it is plastic explosive! GREAT!

Now leave he factory and walk on this upper floor as far left as you can. Pass the recycling plant with the dead Reich in the basement and go even farther left. There is the door we want to enter. The old man on his chair doesn't matter (as always) and talking to him is not interesting, so rather try to push one of the buttons on the machine on the right. This doesn't work, because the buttons are held back by some mechanism. With the wrench you can get rid of these locks. Unscrew the locks on both buttons.
So ask Joey if he perhaps wants to push the button on the right. As he does it (and as you are not standing in his way) it's now your turn to push the button on the left. The old man will now leave the room and you can take the bulb with you (switch off the switch before!!!)
Leave the switch this way and use place plastic explosives in the location the bulb was. Now switch on the switch and the cage will be blown open and you are able to regulate the energy. Use the right switch and then leave the left one as it is and go to the elevator on this level.

Do you see the red cable on the right side of the elevator screen? Ask Joey if he's in the mood for welding. So let him weld the cable.
Open the elevator with your (?) ID Card and enter the elevator. Okay, it is rather Reich's ID Card. Make sure Joey is visible in this screen when you step into the elevator, otherwise he will miss the Elevator.

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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) h      (hrmastick@gmail.com)
wrote on: 2019-10-17 23:12:40

if I escaped the recycling facility before getting the wrench how do I get back? (please email)
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2019-10-23 02:03:44

to the left of the furnace you escaped the recycling factory you find the normal entry to the recycling factory. Just get in there.

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