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Visiting the Factory

Use the elevator to get back up again and wait for Lamb. As you are very generous at the moment, just give him the tickets you just traded in for the biker mag with the Tavel agent.
As he is ready for a vacation he will invite you to a fantastic and unforgettable event, to the thing you have been waiting for all your life, you will pay a visit to his factory, the pipefactory. Yeeehah!

So get in the factory and wait for him.
So get into the factory and wait for Lamb.
After he told you everything you need to know and never wanted to know you can finally go farther to the right and past the jerk watching over everything here and meet Anita again. So this is where she works now. Talk to her about that you need to get to ground level and that you need her jammer and after some talking she will be a nice girl and upload her jammer to your ID Card. You only have to give it to her to make this work. You can get some more useful information from her about a Schriebmann Port and you should ask her and get them.
This sounds like an interesting concept, I could use that too. Just to upload all my videogame solutions directly to the net and then also adjust my bank balance accordingly...

After you're done with talking to Anita and received the jammer from her get out of the pipefactory and use the ID Card with the LINC Terminal.
As you can bypass the Retinascan in the LINC Terminal with your newly obtained jammer you should make a profit of that opportunity. So use the LINC Terminal and log in to use Option 4 - Security Service. After the successfully passed Retina Scan choose number 2 - Special Operations and then go to 1 - file adjustments.
You are in control now and you can degrade Lamb to a D-LINC, just degrade his LINC Status (option 1) and clear his bank account (option 2). Easy and funny, once you have the jammer.
Now exit the terminal and wait for Lamb in front of his pipe factory and talk with him about the Tour through the factory. He'll send you to his friend Anchor to get an insurance. Wait until he tries to use the elevator and talk to him again. He has a serious problem, because he can't use the elevator. And because he can't use the elevator his Cous Cous might die, and as you are a nice person you will look for her, won't you.
So get down one level.

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YouTube Adventure Channel

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