Day of the Tentacle

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Day of the Tentacle

Achievements / PSN Trophies

So this is the trophies page for Day of the Tentacle.

The Steam Achievements and the PSN (PS4 and PS Vita) trophies for the game Day of the Tentacle are exactly the same. You can find what they are and what you have to do to get these shiny trophies on this very page.
The game just throws most of the trophies at your head when you you just play through the game. All special and missable trophies have an additional explanation next to it. The order of the trophies on this page is the same as in your trophies list, so you can easily pick the hidden trophies in Day of the Tentacle from this list.

The longest and most complicated Trophy is the last one, the Chef Trophy, for which you have to cook the hamster in the microwave in Maniac Mansion. That's probably the reason you are here...

Trophy OCD
Get all other trophies in the game
platinum Trophy
Trophy Number One
Power Hoagie's Chron-o-John
Silber Trophy
Trophy Number Two
Power Laverne's Chron-o-John
Silber Trophy
Trophy Flush
Acquire a diamond
Silber Trophy
Trophy Yesterday's News
Defeat Purple Tentacle yesterday
Gold Trophy
Trophy Mental Patience
Play the whole game without skipping a cutscene

Never press and keep pressed the button button while a cutscene is running.
This is not for Maniac Mansion, in the included game you can skip the intro and as many cutscenes as you want.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy ...Take on the Words!
Sit through the end credits

Just wait until just the great flag is waving...
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Trespasser
Find Fred's basement workshop
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Yegg
Open the safe
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Cheat
Disqualify Harold
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Vandal
Deflate Oozo
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Fraud
Try to alter the contract with Booboo-B-Gone

Do this before you let Hoagie send off the contract
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Forger
Try to sign the contract yourself with the quill pen

So neither let Red Edison build the battery nor let Dr Fred sign the contract before you got this trophy
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Thief
Pick up 15 things that don't belong to you
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Kleptomaniac
Pick up 30 things that don't belong to you
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Rap Sheet: Adventure Gamer
Pick up 45 things that don't belong to you
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Master Plumber
Flush 50 objects through time

If you haven't gotten this trophy shortly before powering the 3rd Chron-o-John (can happen easily, especially with such a good walkthrough at hand...) just send all kind of items all across time!
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Moronic Drone
Get a job
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Only Hoagie Can Make a Tree
Create a cherry tree
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Only George Can Destroy a Tree
Destroy a cherry tree
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Windsock it to Me
Change the flag
Bronze Trophy
Trophy You Call That a Hint?
Try to wash the dirty car with the brush

It's all about the dirty car in front of the house in the present where the burglar tries his luck. So let Bernard do some cleaning.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Obvious, Really...
Make it rain
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Not Raised in a Barn
Close a door
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Novelty Enthusiast
Get all six novelty items
Bronze Trophy
Trophy WWSCD?
Climb through the chimney with all three kids

Just do it. You might miss this trophy! But normaly you don't.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Costume Quest
Clothe Laverne in the costume
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Chateau Eau Neaux
Make vinegar
Bronze Trophy
Trophy It's an Honor Just to Compete
Enter the human contest
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Can't Win and Chew Gum at the Same Time
Laverne tries the chattering teeth on her human during the human show

Just stuff the chattering teeth into the mummy's mouth before handing them over the George Washington and before placing the horse teeth on the mummy.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy It's an Honor Just to Compete But Winning Is Better
Win the human contest
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Alas, Our Lazy Speechwriters Didn't Cover This
Talk to Washington, Jefferson, or Hancock while they're outside

This works only once, exactly after you put the blanket on the chimney and before picking up the golden quill. As soon as you took the quill all 3 of them come in again and won't leave again anytime soon.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Behind Every Great Man Is a Quality Roadie
Red makes a super battery with only a little help from Hoagie
Bronze Trophy
Trophy That Should Have Worked
Hoagie uses battery with Chron-o-John instead of plug

Exactly how it is written. After charging the battery with Ben Franklin you get to the Chron-o-John and throw the battery into the toilet, whatelse would you do... So you don't automatically get this trophy when plugging in the Chron-o-John, this gives you a silver throphy already.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Coffee Achiever
Wake up Dr. Fred
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Of Course It Would Still Weigh the Same
Get a tiny sweater
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Don't Try This at Home
Microwave the frozen hamster
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Now You're Pushing It
Try to microwave the hamster again after he's thawed out

You can do this as soon as you thawed the hamster in the future. Just use it with the microwave again.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Oh Right, I'm Playing a Cartoon!
Make a skunk
Bronze Trophy
Trophy You Suck
Vacuum up a hamster.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Dialog Puzzles Are Hard
Get Fred to sign the contract
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Dude, It's Like, Cannibalism
Hoagie eats a Hoagie

Just leave Hoagie alone, don't make him walk, just stand around. After some time one of his 3 idle animations starts, burping, scratching his belly and eating a hoagie. Just wait for some time, maybe go cook some coffee.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Music Appreciation Award
Reach yesterday without turning the stereo off

After getting the fake barf from the ceiling just don't turn off the music in Green's room. You will also notive the music in the Lobby, but it's only Rock n Roll!
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Olive Branch
Return the stamp album to Weird Ed

You don't have to do this to complete the game, but you have to do this to get the trophy.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Energy Conscious
Turn off the television

After seeing the advertisement for the diamond on the TV in the room of the fat guy on the bed you turn off the TV again and don't leave it on four hours and hours!
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Games History Major
Play Maniac Mansion

The classic! Just use the computer in Ed's room in the present and start a game of the classic.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy We're All Brothers
Ask the IRS agents if they're related

It's the first dialog option with them. But because this is very optional you can easily miss this trophy.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Are You My Mummy?
Talk to Dead Cousin Ted with all three kids

Ted is found in every time. Hoagie can find him in the Lobby, Bernard outside the house in front of the door and Laverne has to do enough with him and can talk to him anytime.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy That Joke Never Gets Old
Squirt five different people with disappearing ink

Run around and use the disappearing ink item on 5 different characters and the like. Even Oozo the clown counts as a person. And there are also different characters in different times.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Missing Pink
Try to mix the red paint and the Booboo-B-Gone

An item combination in your inventory that you don't need to complete the game...
Bronze Trophy
Trophy And Then the Universe Explodes
Try to mix the decaf and caffeinated coffees

An item combination in your inventory that you don't need to complete the game...
Bronze Trophy
Trophy And Then the Universe Implodes
Try to mix the disappearing ink with Booboo-B-Gone

An item combination in your inventory that you don't need to complete the game...
Bronze Trophy
Trophy That Only Works with Alligators
Try to flush the hamster

This works with Bernard and Laverne until Laverne finally puts the hamster into the generator and it stays there.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy I'm Sure He'd Never Notice
Try to swap the textbook with the stamp album

This works before getting the stamp and afterwards. Afterwards you first have to give back the album to Ed.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy ESRB Violation
Laverne thinks about eating the cat

Use the fork with the cat as soon as the cat is in your inventory.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Voiding the Warranty
Try to put something metal in the microwave

You get the fork right next to the microwave in the kitchen of the present. Only the microwave in the present is useful for this.
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Most Annoying Guest Ever
Ring the front desk bell 100 times

Exactly how it is written. The game keeps count of your bellrings, so you don't have to do it all at a time...
Bronze Trophy
Trophy Chef
Cook the hamster in Maniac Mansion (Don't try this at home, kids!)

The long explanation is as follows:
Play Maniac Mansion on the computer in Ed's room. On the character selection screen take either Syd or Razor or both in you team, only they really do it.
Dave: Walk left, pull the doormat, pick up the key, use it on the door, get in. Enter the first door from the left, slowly walk to the right until you see Edna at the fridge (keep her on the right side of the screen) and run back to the left and enter the door again and Edna is gone. Get into the kitchen again, to the right, through the dining room into the store room and take the fruit drinks with you. Get back to the left until you are in the lobby, step outside the door. New kid: Syd or Razor, get to the mansion, let Dave hand you the fruitdrinks, into the mansion, upstairs, left, pick up the wax fruits, back to the hallway, through the security door, to the right, up the stairs. Feed the green tentacle with the wax fruits and then the fruit drinks (the order is important!), continue to the left, up the stairs, get into the 4th door from the left. Let Dave ring the doorbell, wait a second after Ed left his room, then get back to the hallway again, enter the 3rd door from the left (to the left of the room you were just hiding in), grab that poor hamster, get out, enter 4th door from the left again, watch the cutscene with Ed at the door, wait some time until Ed is back in his room (he is fast but you just don't want to meet him in the mansion).
Now get downstairs again and into the kitchen and you can finally put the hamster into the microwave and turn it on. And then continue and complete the whole game... but you have that trophy already.

See the following video for more information:

Bronze Trophy

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