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Chapter 17
A strange City

3 Artifacts
3 Logs
1 Weapon Part
4 Upgrade Circuits

So what is going on in the old alien city? Looks a bit like here... There are 3 boxes on the ground, as well as an Alien Artifact (1/3). After starting the Generator you can use the Bench to do whatever you need to do and then you can open the door.
In the next room are 2 MedPacks and 2 Ammo Clips to be found, also a Text Log (1/3). When you want to exit through the door the video plays and explains some stuff. After Serrano's interesting video log you can use the computer to see the symbols you have to enter into the door now.

Enter these symbols and you can proceed.
After Carver and Isaac spoke about their desperate situation you can get the 2 boxes from the left, then walk down the ramp for another box.
Danik comes on in your radio transmissions but won't stop what he is doing. So walk down another ramp and drop a Scavenging Bot at the Scavenging Point at the split. Then go to the deadend to the right, kinesis the Upgrade Circuit (1/4) over to you and get the box. Open the small container here to get some explosives. Kinesis the explosives over to the concrete block in your way and place it on the block. Then get away a bit until the block is finished exploding. Follow the path and meet Danik again. 2 Unitology Soldiers are on the lower path, kill them and kinesis their corpses over for some goodies if you want, then proceed along the path.
Open the 2 boxes along the path and grab the Unitology Artifact (2/3) next to the last box. If you followed this guide and collected all the artefacts, then this is the last unitology artefact and you will now unlock the Unitologist Circuit Set at the Bench. Good to know, then place 2 more explosives detonators in the blocking concrete blocks and make them explode without hurting yourself and watch the scene.

Mission Objective: Bring the Codex to the Machine

And we dropped down again, but at least Danik is out of reach.
Follow the path in this creepy place and you will run into another Alien Necromorph. Use stasis to slow it down, when the spawning Crawlers come too close kill them, otherwise shoot the Alien Necromorph and kill it. 4 stasis shots should be enough to freez it long enough to not spawn a single Crawler and get 2 limbs cut off.
Continue and you will come to fork in the path. To the left you enter an optional mission you might want to do now or never. Just unlock the console with the shortcircuit minigame and enter the now open door to play the Optional Mission 7: Artifact Storage. When shortcircuiting the door the nearby Audio Log (2/3) automatically plays.
You will come back here after the optinal mission is done, or just continue onwards now, up the slope. You come to another door where you have to enter alien symbols, this time enter the same signs as you did before, just scroll up a bit to see them in this guide or just look at the scribbeling on the ground in front of the door.
Enter the door, grab the 2 boxes on the ground and kickstart the generator to activate the zero gravity plates. Fly up, grab another Upgrade Circuit (2/4) on the way (close to the ceiling), get the 6 boxes and kill 3 Lurkers on the way. At the door you enter the exact same code once again.

On the open place there is a box at the back end and the path onwards is blocked by 2  heavy blocks in your way. You cannot just kinesis them away as they seem too heavy. But when you are standing on the round glowing pad your kinesis and stasis powers increase and you can finally move the blocks away.
And right after the blocks you can see an Upgrade Circuit (3/4) glowing on the upper parts of the scaffolding here, kinesis it into your hands. Continue down the path to find another box on the scaffolding and a generator that needs some kickstarting to use the Bench close to it. While starting the generator 6 Crawlers approach you, shoot them and then use the activated Bench. When doing so a new objective appears, well, why not.

Mission Objective: Activate the Alien Conduit

There is also a Compact Standard Frame Weapon Part (1/1) and another box around here.
Then call the cargo lift next to the Bench and ride it up. As soon as you step on the glowing pad here the Audio Log (3/3) starts playing and explains that you have to move these tentacles to make the machine do something. As the left symbol on the wall is subtely glowing we want to recreate this form now.

So stand on the glowing pad and move the 2 outer glowing balls to the top and the 2 middle glowing balls to the middle. That should do the trick.
Get to the panel behind the tentacles next to the lift and activate it with the Codex. While talking to Carver ride the lift down and get ready to fight. 2 Alien Necromorphs will appear down here to the left and to the right. They are annoying with their Crawler spawning, but killing them is a good idea as you will come back here later and don't have to deal with them then.
After you killed them step into the light and you will be flying to the heart of the city. Watch out for obstacles, don't crash into them.

At the other end you are in front of a closed door that wants you to input 3 alien glyphs, luckily the alien symbols to unlock the door are written above the door.

Enter these symbols and get into the door.
Grab the box, then walk to the left and don't go to the glowing pad yet, but continue straight on to find another Alien Artifact (3/3), then go to the pad. Stand on the glowing pad while fighting the horde of about 12 Feeders and use a lot of enhanced stasis, as the glowing pad is really helpful in that. One shot of stasis lasts a lot longer and only costs you one third of a normal stasis shot. To the right of the statue is another Upgrade Circuit (4/4).
On the other side of the statue is another power pad, stand in it while fighting 5 enhanced Slashers. You can use kinesis to rip them apart and throw their sharp body parts back on them. Fight them off, there are 3 coming from the front where the door is, then 1 from the left and the last one from the front again.

Don't miss the one box to the right of the way to the door, then get to the door and use the alien symbols above the door to enter. This is a new Alien Glyph combination.

To door leads to the next chapter, that starts instantly.

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