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Chapter 19
Blood Moon Boss Fight



After flying through space and avoiding some more obstacles you finally reach the platform below the Blood Moon. Oh, what an ugly beast this is. Now let's kill this final Boss too.

You should get on the glowing power pad here in no time and stay here for the complete fight as the enhancement to your kinesis and stasis you get from it is essential for the fight.

First, grab one of the floating markers with your enhanced kinesis and throw it into the yellow glowing eye of the moon beast. The eyes are the weakspots of the final boss. This is fun, isn't it?

But the fun gets interrupted by the moon not showing any more eyes after the first hit and rather shooting your platform with rocks that turn into enhanced Slashers and Twitcher. So make good use of your enhaced Stasis to slow them all down, and use enhanced kinesis to rip them apart and shoot them to finally get rid of all Necromorphs on your platform under the final boss.
Afterwards the Moon Boss grabs your platform with 2 huge tentacles to eat you alive. As you want to survive a bit longer shoot the tentacles. Then repeat the steps by shooting a visible eye with a maker, fighting off Necromorphs and slashing tentacles. All in all you have to shoot all 3 eyes of the Bloodmoon.

After that the Blood Moon sucks in Carver, so use your enhanced Kinesis to drag him and his platform through the guts of the Blood Moon. That should be enough for this beast.

Walk towards the appearing platform, climb up and finally push the button to reset the Necromoph menace.


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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) Steven      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2014-11-11 15:11:13

Just after you hit the platform there's a glitch that the platform disappears so you die. No problems with that because you spawn back on the platform after you respawn, but what on hardcore..?

I tried to complete hardcore twice but always on the end I fell through the platform so I died and had to start all over again. This isn't fair... So I am now at the last checkpoint for the third time, waiting for a bugfix or one time that the platform won't disappear. I tried it many times ("save and quit" before I actually die of course) but each time it disappears.

Does someone has a solution to avoid this glitch?

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